• Authors: Menene Gras, Pilar Ribal, Dieter Ronte.
  • Catalan | Spanish | English | German
  • 978-84-15029-53-3
  • € | Hardcover | 24.6 x 32.7 cm | 87 pp.
  • Govern de les Illes Balears, Institut d’estudis baleàrics | Palma de Mallorca, 2015
  • Casa Asia, Centro Cultural de China en Madrid, Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur e.V. Bonn. Ajuntament de Palma, Casal Solleric, Fundación Banco Santander.
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This book contains the development of Ricard Chiang’s project “The tree and the shadow”, which could be seen as poetry rather than visual arts. The artist explores the esthetic experience originated from the relation between art and nature in his most recent production. Chiang gets up and goes to bed watching the sun that rises and dies everyday and his work is divided between the studio-workshop and the field. Additionally, he uses the sources he has at his reach to formalize a piece of work in which art and nature are inseparable. In natural beauty, he finds the reason of existence and artistic practice which he has been developing for over two decades, in the same place where he built his current home. This way he recovers his origins, through this spatial representation of the landscape, rediscovering the Chinese traditional landscape painting. Chiang communicates with the landscape to receive the soul or spirit that moves nature and the seasons and at the same time makes an appropriation of itself to represent the void in the sky, the earth, the water and the clouds.


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