The School of Bamboo, the intercultural education project of Casa Asia was born in 2003-2004 with the purpose to approach the Asian continent and the region of the Pacific to the school population. Our educational proposal has the following objectives:

  • To show the richness of the social, cultural and artistic heritage of the Asian continent.

  • To create and grow the interest in this continent and its people among students, as well as to get to know the countries of their Asian origin schoolmates.

  • To live cultural diversity as positive and enriching.

  • To educate in intercultural competences.

Our offer of activities is addressed to students of infant, primary, secondary, and special education, adult and non formal education.

Work methodology

To achieve these objectives, we propose that you work on the basis of small projects in which the Bamboo School offers you a certain number of activities that vary depending on the educational level and the specific objectives pursued. These projects propose cross-cutting work topics chosen according to the current school curriculum at each educational level and are always multidisciplinary.

Each project begins by collecting the knowledge and previous experiences that the students have on the subject in order to develop it later. After a short presentation of the topic to be worked on, a concrete participatory dynamic is proposed (non-competitive board game, traditional game, work with images, writing workshop, plastic workshop, a performance, a role-playing game?) That allows the students can delve into the subject while having fun. To finish, the impressions and opinions of the students are collected, conclusions are drawn and a small evaluation is made.

The Bamboo School provides some cards where the projects, ideas for subsequent work and the necessary materials that the school will have to prepare beforehand in case the activities are carried out in the educational center are presented.

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