Barcelona Coral Asia is an intercultural meeting project through music and singing promoted by Casa Asia together with Barcelona City Council’s Department of Citizen Rights and Diversity.

In 2012, Casa Asia led the creation of this project with the aim of giving voice to the different Asian cultural realities that live in the city. The purpose of the project is to generate a space for intercultural communication through music.

Made up of around 50 singers from diverse cultural backgrounds, the choir shares Asian diversity through a repertoire of Asian-language songs, a display of cultural and linguistic diversity in the city.

This project adds new songs thanks to the collaboration of its members under the direction of Carles-Josep Comalada, director of the Choral Singing of the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona with piano accompaniment by Vignesh Tolu Melwani..

For more information, if you are interested in joining the choir or if you want to invite us to a concert, contact Gaëlle Patin Laloy, head of the Department of Diversity and Interculturality of Casa Asia [email protected]