24/01/2023 | News
Once again, Casa Asia collaborates in the Exporecerca Jove 2023 organised by the Magma Association with the support of universities, research centres, institutions and several entities, which will take place in March 2023.

Casa Asia takes part, on the one hand, promoting the participation of teenagers from Asian origin families in the sample and, on the other, encouraging secondary school students to carry out research on topics related to the Asian continent and the Pacific region.

With this purpose, Casa Asia awards prizes to the three best projects on these topics and two scholarships to participate in the exhibition with their projects for 2 students from an Asian cultural context.

From the Bamboo School, Casa Asia’s intercultural and inclusive education program, we want to encourage Secondary schools and their students to delve into the knowledge of the societies and cultures of Asia and the Pacific, many of them millenary and we can learn a lot from them.

More information: https://www.magmarecerca.org/ca/exporecerca

We take this opportunity to present Casa Asia’s RecercÀsia program that wants to encourage Secondary School students to carry out their research project on Asia or the Pacific, from any thematic approach. From the Bamboo School we offer support and guidance to students and tutors of secondary school research projects on the topics of our specialty: https://www.casaasia.es/actualidad/recercasia/