07/04/2020 | News
Within the framework of the #stayathome campaign, from Casa Asia on this occasion we will take care of children offering a series of four Asian stories, aimed at the youngest in the family, but which are ideal to share with the whole family. This series of stories will be published every Tuesday on our social media through video capsules

Told by Gabriela Waisberg, these Asian tales will take us to ancient China by the hand of Mandarin and his wife, “The beautiful (but selfish) Mandarine”; We will continue in the empire of the center with the ancient legend of “The most beautiful flower”. Next, we will travel to neighbouring Japan to enjoy the “Legend of the cherry blossoms”, and we will finish our narrative tour in India, with the fourth installment: “The color of the birds”.

Gabriela is an art therapist and Gestal therapist and a fantastic narrator who captivates adults and children, like the ancient troubadours. She has been a storyteller and workshop owner in town halls, libraries, foundations and schools for more than 20 years.

Gabriela, who has collaborated with Casa Asia for years, has a prodigious memory, full of old stories, and is capable of transporting us in just a few minutes -the length of these stories- to distant times and geographies.