27/05/2020 | | Activities > Business and economy
The goal of this webinar is to equip business development, marketing and operations executives with basic knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about how to enter and promote themselves through digital marketing channels in China.

With more than 800 million internet users, China creates a truly unique digital market. That’s where new trends emerge, like tech giant Alibaba or the new Tik Tok social network. In this practical webinar we will discuss some of the main elements that make up the internet in China in its current form and we will talk about social networks and the unique search engines for the Chinese market. We will also mention a set of basic tools that can drive online marketing efforts and gain a basic understanding of local search engines and social media channels.

The seminar will be in English.

In charge of:
Natalia Witczyk, specialist in international SEO and technical SEO. As an SEO manager at Novicell she focuses her attention on the strategic and numerical approach in all marketing activities. She is an active member of the SEO community participating in conferences and organizing technology related communities. Her main interests are travel and languages, and she combines them to follow trends within international marketing and search engines such as Google, Baidu and Yandex, and how to take advantage of them to achieve measurable business goals. With Google Analytics IQ and Inbound Certificate from Hubspot, Natalia is committed to continuous learning and knowledge sharing within the SEO industry.

Wednesday 27th of May at 10.00 am
Open registrations.
Online. 24 hours before the event those registered will be informed on how to attend.
Free admission prior registration.
Casa Asia and Novicell