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On May 18, the second edition of the Spain-Indonesia Forum will be held online from 9.30am a 11.05am Madrid / 12.30pm-4.05pm Jakarta. This forum, like last year, is organised by Casa Asia and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) of Indonesia, and has the support of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries, and the collaboration of their respective Embassies in Jakarta and Madrid.

The Spain-Indonesia Forum constitutes a platform for dialogue and cooperation whose main objective is to strengthen relations between both countries, as well as exploring opportunities for collaboration and promoting links between the respective civil societies.

This second edition consists of an opening session and a closing session, and two work sessions. The first session will address digital innovation as a tool to overcome the COVID 19 pandemic, whereas the second session will contrast the views from both countries regarding the Indo-Pacific region.

Casa Asia organises these forums with Asian countries (currently with the Republic of Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia) with the aim of promoting annual meetings between the delegations of both countries around issues of common interest.


9:30-9:40 Madrid (UTC+1)

14:30-14:40 Jakarta (GMT+7)

Dr. Yose Rizal Damuri  
Executive Director, Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Indonesia 

Javier Parrondo
Director General of Casa Asia

9:40-9:55 Madrid (UTC+1)

14:40-14:55 Jakarta (GMT+7)

H.E. Ngurah Swajaya
Director General for American and European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia 

H.E. Javier Salido
Director General for North America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Pacific, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain

 9:55-10:25 Madrid (UTC+1)

14:55-15:25 Jakarta (GMT+7)

Digital Innovation to Overcome COVID-19 Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted economies across the world, including Indonesia and Spain. The two countries have similar economic concerns and would benefit from sharing the lesson learned of how to rebuild their economy and society better two years in the pandemic. Support to build back better can benefit greatly the two countries’ tourism and manufacture industry sectors, as well as the micro, small and medium enterprises to regain footing. Digital economy and innovation policy have been seen as solutions to revive and recover some of the most crucial economic sectors. This session shares innovation taken by Indonesia and Spain to address the challenges brought by the pandemic, as well as exploring the possible joint-innovation going forward. 

Marta Nuevo Falguera
Political Analyst

Dandy Rafitrandy
Researcher, Department of Economics, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia

Raquel Jorge
Researcher, Real Instituto Elcano (Think Tank)

Widya Listyowulan
Vice President Public Policy and Government Relations, Traveloka, Indonesia



Rafael Bueno
Director of Politics, Society and Educational Programmes, Casa Asia 

10:25-10:55 Madrid (UTC+1)

15:25-15:55 Jakarta (GMT+7)

Indonesian and Spanish perspectives on the Indo-Pacific 

The new concept of Indo-pacific answers to the realization that the Indian and Pacific Oceans are deeply interlinked and face similar challenges. Until now, the term has been adopted by a number of countries worldwide, as could be seen by the various Indo-Pacific strategies published. Most of these Indo-Pacific strategies stress on the need for interconnectivity between the continents of the world. This session shares Indonesian and Spanish perspective on their version of the Indo-Pacific, highlighting possible cooperation and collaboration.

Emilio de Miguel
Ambassador on Special Mission for the Indo-Pacific, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, and Director of Casa Asia Centre-Madrid

Faizal Chery Sidharta
Directorate General for ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia

Javier Gil
Professor of International Relations, Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Dr Shafiah F. Muhibat
Deputy Executive Director for Research, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia 



Dr. Lina Alexandra
Executive Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Indonesia 

10:55 – 11:05 Madrid (UTC+1)

15:55 – 16:05 Jakarta (UTC+7)

H.E. Francisco de Asis Aguilera Aranda
Ambassador of Spain to Indonesia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain 

Widya Sadnovic
Director for European Affairs I, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia 

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Casa Asia and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) de Indonesia, with the support of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Spain and Indonesia, and in collaboration with their respective Embassies in Jakarta and Madrid.