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A peaceful heart sees festivities in all villages. - Indian proverb

Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2014/10/25 > 2014/12/20
Film Series: “Imagine India Barcelona”

Film Series: “Imagine India Barcelona”

Casa Asia and Imagine India present a selection of films from the 6th edition of this festival in Barcelona, which has been directed by Qazi Abdur Rahim for more than a decade.
Next screening, 22nd of November at 8pm: "Flashpoint" and "Apur Panchali"
Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2014/11/24 19:00
Lecture: “Shinobi-no-mono. The Truth about Ninjas”

Lecture: “Shinobi-no-mono. The Truth about Ninjas”

The shinobi (name historically used to call the ninja) have been active characters in the history of Japan, a fact that has been wrapped in an aura of mystery. Over time several images of the ninja and their techniques known as ninjutsu have been created and popularised. A popularization developed first within Japanese culture, through novels and oral stories and, in the past few years, all around the world thanks to mangas such as Naruto.
Bp_economia_y_cooperacion Barcelona. 2014/11/26 10:00
Course “Chinese Outbound Tourism: New challenges for European Tourism”

Course “Chinese Outbound Tourism: New challenges for European Tourism”

The rapid growth of Chinese tourism could be a source of opportunities for European countries, especially for those economies highly based on the tourism sector. But an adaptation process regarding offer, services and attention to tourists is required.
Full capacity

Bp_politica_y_sociedad Madrid. 2014/11/26 09:00
Seminar: “Australia's Foreign Policy”

Seminar: “Australia's Foreign Policy”

Next 26th of November and within its Seminars on Foreign Policy, the University Pontificia de Comillas organises this event. Through three panels relevant aspects of Australia's foreign policy, its relationship with Spain and other countries of Asia-Pacific will be analysed, as well as structural elements that shape its foreign action, such as its economy, defence policy or political and legal aspects.
Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2014/11/27 19:00
Lecture: “Representation and Roles of the Female World in Hinduism”

Lecture: “Representation and Roles of the Female World in Hinduism”

This lecture is within the framework of the series “Female Worlds, Religions and Beliefs: Women Speak. Dialogues for New Gender Relations from the Spiritual Field”.

Bp_economia_y_cooperacion Barcelona. 2014/11/27 10:00
Seminar: “Catalonia-Japan Mobility Aids for Students and Researchers”

Seminar: “Catalonia-Japan Mobility Aids for Students and Researchers”

Japan is internationally known for its cultural production, educational level and high ability for organisation. Moreover, it also stands out on a worldwide level in the field of science and technology, for its investment in research, the excellence of its centres, universities and companies and for the international recognition of its technological brands.
Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2014/10/11 > 2015/01/31
Cultural Tour: "India in BCN"

Cultural Tour: "India in BCN"

Casa Asia and CultRuta offer an indian cultural route in Barcelona to make known the history of Indian immigration in Barcelona and how this community contributes nowdays to the richness that having a diverse city involves.
Next tour: 29th of November
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2014/11/27 > 2014/11/30
2nd Islamic Culture and Film Festival of Barcelona: “Visions of Islam”

2nd Islamic Culture and Film Festival of Barcelona: “Visions of Islam”

Casa Asia collaborates with the second edition of this display that gives other visions of Islam to establish bridges of dialogue and to strengthen coexistence. Two fiction films, four documentary films, two lectures and two concerts will be held in four days.
Bp_cultura Granada. 2014/11/07 > 2014/12/30
Exhibition “A Japanese Garden: Topographies of Void”, by Esther Pizarro

Exhibition “A Japanese Garden: Topographies of Void”, by Esther Pizarro

Casa Asia presents the exhibition project by the artist Esther Pizarro and curated by Menene Gras Balaguer, consisting of the creation of a Japanese garden, understood as a copy of natural landscape and the construction of a cultural identity. This project brings together the expression of a milennial tradition represented in the figure of a "Japanese Garden" and its validity in the work of architects and landscapists that have adopted as a role their aesthetic ideology, such as Tadao Ando, Isamo Noguchi, Toyo Ito, Kengo Kuma and Shigeru Ban.
Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2014/11/13 > 2014/12/19
Language and Culture Exchange: “BabelAsia - China Room”

Language and Culture Exchange: “BabelAsia - China Room”

Take part in BabelAsia, a meeting point for cultural and language exchange!

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