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Faith deceives people, but gives a special shine to their eyes. - Rabindranath Tagore

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Lecture: “For a World without Nuclear Weapons”

Lecture: “For a World without Nuclear Weapons”

Within the framework of the exhibition “Hiroshima-Nagasaki: 70 Years since the Atomic Bomb” (Born Centre Cultural-Ajuntament de Granollers), Casa Asia offers this talk with the purpose to reflect on the terrible destruction effects inflicted by nuclear weapons, an absolute evil able to lead the human race to its own extinction.
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Language and Culture Exchange: “BabelAsia - China Room”

Language and Culture Exchange: “BabelAsia - China Room”

Take part in BabelAsia, a meeting point for cultural and language exchange!
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Australian Film Series

Australian Film Series

Casa Asia and the Embassy of Australia present a selection of Australian films with the purpose to recover some titles that have become part of history, such as Lantana (2001), film that opens the series and despite being still very current, it represents a way of understanding and making films.
Next Screening, 31st of January: "Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla"


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Story and Cooking Workshops: "In search for spices on board of Nao Victoria"

Story and Cooking Workshops: "In search for spices on board of Nao Victoria"

The Bamboo School, intercultural education programme of Casa Asia, and Fundación Nao Victoria organise these story and cooking workshops with spices on board of Nao Victoria in the port of Barcelona.
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Cultural Tour: "India in BCN"

Cultural Tour: "India in BCN"

Casa Asia and CultRuta offer an indian cultural route in Barcelona to make known the history of Indian immigration in Barcelona and how this community contributes nowdays to the richness that having a diverse city involves.
Next tour: 31th of January
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Course: "Introduction to Thai Language (level 1)"

Course: "Introduction to Thai Language (level 1)"

This course is an introduction to Thai language divided in sessions that approach vocabulary, useful conversations, tones and characteristics so students can progressively communicate.
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Curs: "La Bhagavad Gita i el triple ioga"

Curs: "La Bhagavad Gita i el triple ioga"

En aquest curs durem a terme un estudi meditatiu de la Bhagavad Gita, un dels llibres més influents de tota la tradició hindú. Després d’haver-lo introduït, cada sessió emprendrà un comentari d’un dels capítols i n’extraurà una conclusió final. Durant el curs es tindran en compte les diverses interpretacions que aquesta cèlebre obra  aclamada com a síntesi de la filosofia perenne, ha suscitat al llarg dels segles.

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Take Part in the Intercultural Forum Theatre Classroom (8th edition)

Take Part in the Intercultural Forum Theatre Classroom (8th edition)

Casa Asia, Pla BCN Interculturalitat ― Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue Programme of Barcelona City Council and La Xixa Teatre organise a creative intercultural experience based on the principles and methodology of Forum Theatre with the purpose to share experiences and discuss stereotypes and rumours regarding immigration.

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Taller de lírica persa

Taller de lírica persa

Aquest taller està dirigit a totes aquelles persones interessades a conèixer la cultura persa. Dedicarem una part del taller a introduir la història de l'Imperi persa, un dels més antics i rics culturalment parlant.
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2015/02/27 > 2015/03/10
Workshop: "Filming in Barcelona with Abbas Kiarostami"

Workshop: "Filming in Barcelona with Abbas Kiarostami"

For 10 days, 50 participants will have the privilege of developing a short film led under the advice and supervision of renowned filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, one of  Iran’s most influential and controversial filmmakers and photographers, and one of the most awarded and acclaimed by the international film community.
Open registrations until the 25th of January

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Course of Introduction to Chinese Painting

Course of Introduction to Chinese Painting

In Chinese painting the expression of the feeling of emptiness and fullness is greatly important. Painters learn to capture their essence with their heart and mind, spreading it to their work through the four study treasures: paintbrush, ink, inkwell and paper.
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2014/12/18 > 2015/03/15
Chinese Lantern Festival

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