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In this section you will find a selection of blogs by travellers interested in the area of Asia and the Pacific, with first hand information and advice in order to travel to the Asian continent. If you have a blog about Asia and the Pacific and you would like us to include it in this section, you can send us your link to [email protected].


Filipinas turismo

Filipinas Turismo is a complete Spanish tourism guide of this wonderful exotic country that has more than 7107 islands, and was a Spanish colony for more than 300 years. In the guide you can find information about their culture, gastronomy, languages, flights ...

Stories and Travels by Enric Donate

Travel and experiences blog in India and beyond, written by Enric Donate, traveler, translator and guide on classic routes and exploration expeditions to new destinations.

Turismo India Viaje Blog

Travelogy Índia és un blog dedicat a descobrir viatges fascinants per la zona d'Àsia i Oceà Pacífic. Arjun Singh ofereix a la seva web una sèrie de consells, suggeriments, advertiments i recomanacions específiques per a viatgers que vulguin fer del seu viatge a Àsia una experiència real i no solament turística. En quina època de l'any és aconsellable viatjar a Nepal, recomanacions per a dones que viatgen soles a Índia o què fer a Benarés, són algunes de les coses que poden trobar-se en aquest blog.

El Gato Chino

Javier is Spanish and lives in China since 2011. Two years after, he started his own blog "El Gato Chino", where he writes posts about his daily life, Chinese society and its culture, always from an humorous point of view. Moreover, he wrote “Viajar a China: la guía de viajes definitiva”, a Spanish ebook about travelling to China that you can download for free.

Paseando por India

Different trips around Europe and adventures in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, New york, Marocco, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and India.Now, twenty years after her first trip, Belen Martines embarks on a new adventure: six months in India to collaborate as a volunteer with a local NGO in the city of Udaipur. In this blog, this traveller shares this adventure she's living in India and Nepal.

Charlie On Travel

After growing up in England, Charlie Marchant decides to take a new life adventure after college: travelling. Now, Charlie is a freelance writer who shares her articles about travelling in an ethical and socially responsible manner, as well as sustainable and vegetarian travelling as a couple on a undergraduate and recent graduate budget. Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam have been her top destinations. And Asia is still one of her travel inspirations, as it's shown in her blog.

Images of Bhutan

Blog of a passionate traveler who was in Bhutan as a volunteer and fell in love with the country and its people. The author explains how firmly believes that tourism can and should help reduce poverty and contribute to sustainable development of a country. And as pointed Bhutan is taking the initiative and trying to prove that this is really the case. In his blog, the creator wants to share through pictures of his time there, but also inspire and invite anyone interested to go and find their own way through Bhutan.

Alba Luna

"I've been few days in Madrid now. Returned. After being six months by dancing Asian land, I'm back. Have been to deserts, beaches, mountains and landscapes of cement. Thousand places, thousand adventures." Alba Luna is a blog where the author shares the experiences lived during his solo trip through Asia in six months.

In search of nomads

Planning a trip to Mongolia and Central Asia from Castro-Urdiales (Cantabria) 4x4 is why we created "In search of nomads." This blog gathers travel arrangements that made ​​a couple of Cantabria, the routes followed and various useful information and curiosities for his expedition to Central Asia and the countries they want to visit.

La Caracola Intérprete

La Caracola Intérprete is a blog where the author writes about travel an Asian culture, japanese language and also the relationship between a spanish-japanese couple. This last part tells about a love story between a Japanese and a Spanish, explaining spanish's point of view about Asia and also the expereriences of a japanese person in Spain. This blog, as the author says, "wants to be a link between both cultures".

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