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Title Country Date
Project Presentation of the ONGD Semilla para el Cambio in Varanasi: “Education, Nutrition and Women” Spain 2013/06/05 19:00
Informative Conference about the Scholarship Programme “la Caixa” - Casa Asia to study an MBA in Asia Spain 2011/10/11 18:30
Cultural Tour: "India in BCN" Spain 2016/03/12 11:00
Meditative Concert of Manish Shrestha (Kathmandu-Barcelona) Spain 2015/03/05 19:00
Screening of the Indian Film: "Stanley's Tiffin Box" Spain 2013/11/16 17:00
Lecture "Mother India: A Trip to the Deepest Part of India" Spain 2012/03/28 19:00
Marathon-Premiere of the Film: "Gangs of Wasseypur" Spain 2014/04/25 20:00
Lecture "Environment in India: Alternatives for Sustainability" Spain 2016/10/25 19:00
Cultural Tour: "India in BCN" Spain 2015/09/19 11:00
Course of Bharatanatyam Spain 2012/04/12 14:52
Encounter: “The Art of India” Spain 2013/12/02 19:00
Celebration "Festival of Colours: Holi" Spain 2013/03/23 11:30
Book Launch: "Vint esmorzars cap a la mort" Spain 2012/11/06 19:00
Book Launch: “La Mirada Occidental. La India en los escritores extranjeros contemporáneos” Spain 2015/05/14 19:00
Lecture: "To Travel and Know India" Spain 2012/06/28 19:00
Course: "Introduction to Hinduism" Spain 2012/02/15 19:30
Workshop: “Encounter with Indian Spices” Spain 2014/04/08 10:00
Screening of the Documentary "Hijas de Orissa" Spain 2011/11/15 19:00
Course “India through Literature: a female look at India, with its authors” Spain 2016/11/16 19:00
Lecture: "Mythology in Postcolonial Indian Art" Spain 2012/06/07 19:30
Seminar "India: Past, Present and Future" Spain 2012/08/20 09:00
Documentary Launch: “El hogar de las niñas” Spain 2015/10/15 19:00
17th Technology Summit & Technology Platform Spain 2011/11/22 11:23
Book Launch: "La tradición del yoga. Historia, literatura, filosofía y práctica" Spain 2013/06/05 19:00
Cultural Tour: "India in BCN" Spain 2016/10/15 17:00
Diwali 2012 Spain 2012/11/10 11:50
Show: "Nīla Saṅgīta. An Indian Classical Music and Dance Evening" Spain 2015/06/25 21:00
Seminar: "Business and Investment Opportunities in India" Spain 2012/10/03 09:00
Casa Asia at LOOP "Cinema or Video: Strategy for Short Films" India 2013/05/25 18:30
Show: "Shuruwaat. The Beginning" Spain 2013/11/23 18:00


List of Results
Title Country Date
Hindu Modi wins the elections and will be the next Prime Minister of India India 2014/05/19 11:12
India: Opportunity Destination to invest in the ITC and Biotechnology Sector India 2017/04/20 15:37
Holi Mela 2014, the Festival of Colours India 2014/03/17 12:21
The "low cost" of the tablets India 2011/12/12 15:30
First Call for Spain and India in Renewable Energy All of them 2012/06/18 09:14
The Spain India Business Circle is created India 2013/01/25 11:16
India, the Greatest Democracy of the World, faces Historical Elections India 2014/04/07 09:24
Official List of Grant Holders of the 2010 Call of the Programme "La Caixa" to study a PGP in India India 2010/11/03 11:04
Dialogue among the Chefs Carme Ruscalleda and Sanjeev Kapoor at Casa Asia All of them 2012/06/04 09:01
The first Asia Business Breakfast is focused on India, one of the greatest business and investment markets in the world India 2013/06/20 14:17
New Delhi hosts the VI Spain-India Dialogue Forum India 2012/03/21 09:50
Pakistani Malala Yousafzai and Indian Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize 2014 Pakistan 2014/10/10 10:15
Casa Asia hosts the Biotechnology Spanish-India Forum India 2013/05/17 11:11
Literary Route of India All of them 2012/10/01 07:55
Brahma Chellaney: «India's new role in the world is to act as bridge between East and West» All of them 2011/02/02 15:54
Spanish cultural industries show their potential in India India 2011/12/22 11:19
Ramón María Moreno: "India must be a priority country for Spain" All of them 2012/08/24 10:54
If holidays give you rain, make a trip to India All of them 2013/02/21 10:54
A Hundred Monuments in India on Google Street View India 2013/10/08 15:31
The Mayor of Barcelona takes part in the Metropolis World Congress in the city of Hyderabad India 2014/10/08 09:52
Angels speak English India 2006/05/18 00:00
Women in India: A Simple Gender Issue? India 2013/03/25 09:58
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