• Authors: Toyo Ito, Ábalos & Herreros.
  • Catalan | English | Spanish
  • B-38577-2002
  • 30,00€ | Paperback | 16.6 x 27 cm | 96 pp.
  • Casa Asia, Govern de les Illes Balears | Barcelona, 2002
  • Col·legi oficial d’arquitectes Illes Balears.




This book reveals the theoretical strategy that the Japanese architect Toyo Ito (1941) puts into practice by conceptually integrating the human being and architecture as parts of an inseparable whole, identified with nature. Concerning the Media Library of Sendai, Toyo Ito refers to this representative work of his as “a non-linear process in architecture“: “Creating is the act of discovering something unknown. To participate in this process, you don’t have to control it objectively from the outside, but you have to throw yourself into the current and make decisions in the middle of an invisible relationship. For this, we must eliminate the ‘wall of time’.” The exposition project (2002) that led to this book, one of the first realized by Casa Asia coinciding with its foundation, brought together several masterpieces of the architect, facilitating the journey through his works.

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