• Authors: Alfredo e Isabel Aquilizan, Jonathan Best, Santiago Bose, Gaston Damag, Patrick Flores, Luis H. Francia, Judy Freya Sibayan, Juan Guardiola (Ed.), Alice G. Guillermo, Manuel Ocampo, Marian Pastor Roces, Paul Pfeiffer, Neferti Xina M. Tadiar.
  • Spanish | English
  • 978-84-93636333
  • € | Hardcover + DVD | 17.8 x 24.5 cm | 444 pp.
  • Juan Guardiola | Barcelona, 2008
  • Casa Asia, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación, Ministerio de Cultura, Sociedad Estatal para la Acción cultural Exterior.
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Spain and the Philippines share a rich historical legacy, which has intensified the last years due to greater institutional collaboration and cultural exchange between both nations. This publication allows us to get closer to the history of modern and contemporary art of the Philippines, and invites us to reflect on the richness and complexity of our own collective memory. The volume is divided in two sections: on the one hand, the texts about art criticism from a perspective of postcolonial theory divided in three themes: “Art”, that gathers texts about the history of art in Philippines, “Identity”, which integrates testimonies of Philippine artists; and “Postcolonial Discourse”, a compilation of several articles written within this theoretical postulate. The publication includes a DVD that gathers a series of interviews with prominent Filipino intellectuals and an alternative guide of the city and culture of Manila by Jaime Gil. The book was presented in the IV Tribune Philippines – Spain held in 2008 in the city of Cebu, Philippines.

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