• Authors: Juan Guardiola (Ed.), Deepak Ananth, John Falconer, Geeta Kapur, R. Siva Kumar, K.G. Subramanyan.
  • Spanish | Valencian | English
  • 978-84-482-5104-8
  • 40,00€ | Hardcover | 24.5 x 28.7 cm | 358 pp.
  • Juan Guardiola, Casa Asia, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM) | Valencia, 2008
  • Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, Generalitat Valenciana.




This publication contains the study carried out by Juan Guardiola about what he calls “Modern India”. Its intention was to contribute to the history of the artistic tradition of a little known country, despite the great number of creators who made themselves known in the contemporary scene as a result of the very widespread “dienalization” of art. As an exposition, the project was divided into an introduction and five chronological historical areas where is presented a journey through the colonial past and the global present in India. These are made from texts, documentary objects, archival materials and artistic proposals; interpreting the idea of India as a laboratory of creation and cultural transfer at a global scale. Juan Guardiola argues that this book aims to be a space for reflection about the cultural processes and practices of the Indian imaginary in the symbolic space of the western territory.

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