• Authors: Alberto García-Alix, Ion de la Riva.
  • Spanish
  • 84-609-5412-9
  • 80,00€ | Hardcover | 27 x 37.1 cm | 150 pp.
  • Gran Sol | Barcelona, 2006
  • Casa Asia, Montehermoso, Comunidad de Madrid | MACUF



This book dedicated to Ricky Dávila’s (Bilbao, 1964) work gathered more than one hundred and seventy black and white photographs in which the city of Manila is portrayed. Children, prostitutes, boxers, peddlers or excluded people are the anonymous figures moving around urban landscapes and who the artist captures between the crowds of passers-by. Through the successive images which have been gathered, one can appreciate to what extent it is a question of identifying a city and a country, which preserves a great part of its traditions and culture, but hasn’t been able to escape the impact of the political, economical and cultural globalization, as well as the other countries of the region.

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