• Authors: Menene Gras Balaguer, Aurélien Le Genissel, Irene Pomar.
  • Spanish | Catalan | English
  • 978-8494169960
  • € | Hardcover | 21.6 x 21.5 cm | 109 pp.
  • Blueproject Foundation | Barcelona, 2015
  • Casa Asia.
A consultar

“Chen Zhen: In-between” is a catalogue that gathers images of the first personal exposition of this famous Chinese artist in Spain. The book contains the text “In-between” by Aurélien Le Genissel, who establishes the curatorial line in the exposition, and each texts by Irene Pomar, “The eternal misunderstanding”, and Menene Gras Balaguer, Casa Asia’s Culture and Expositions’ director, “The great void”, which help putting into context the artistic and personal journey of Chen Zhen (1955-2000). This Chinese artist is an indispensable figure to take into account in order to reconstruct his origin land’s contemporary art history. His career is marked by his leaving of China in 1986 and his establishment in Paris, where the great transformation of the artist’s art took place. This transformation was a result of a previous interior experience and of a deep loneliness he experienced in the beginning of his staying in Paris. The illness that took him to his death was, however, an incentive that boosted all his work. By a selection of 5 of the most representative installations of his career and a series of drawings and sketches, the exposition proposed a journey through the essential worries of the artist and the deepest knots of conflict, just like the ones that a big part of his work discloses.

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