• Authors: Arcadi Calzada, Carlos Cruañas, Ion de la Riva, Carmen García-Ormaoechea, Raimon Panikkar, Agustín Pániker, Ana Pániker.
  • Catalan | Spanish
  • 84-609-4343-7
  • 15,00€ | Paperback | 23.8 x 29.7 cm | 211 pp.
  • Casa Asia | Barcelona, 2005
  • Fundació Caixa de Girona.




This album gathers images of more than forty artifacts and works of art which were part of the exhibition of the same name, as representative of the artistic and spiritual wealth of three great religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, and whose symbolism and beauty does not stop surprising the public. All of them have undergone different styles and historical periods between the second and eighteenth centuries, and invite to their contemplation and to a reflection aroused by their symbolic charge. Both this book and the corresponding exhibition are a tribute to the potential of some Spanish private collections. It is a project by Carlos Cruañas and Ana Pániker, which in the words of Raimon Panikkar and Ion de la Riva, refers to the efforts of modern man to comprehend sacred art, as a consequence of the ongoing spiritual crisis in both the East and the West.

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