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Iberoamerican Observatory of Asia-Pacific


Programme of Casa Asia whose main purpose is to make the knowledge of Asia-Pacific easier in Iberoamerican nations, especially in the economic, business and academic fields. It has been consolidated as the main virtual tool for spreading information and analysis about the always growing Asia-Iberoamerica links, through the website, which is updated everyday and of its bimonthly electronic newsletters.

It also organises events in Spain and collaborates with international events such as Iberoamerican Summits. The Observatory was presented in June 2006 in an event chaired by Enrique Iglesias, Iberoamerican Secretary General, and from its beginning it has counted on the sponsorship of BBVA, ICO Foundation and Garrigues. The origins of the project go back to 2001, when Casa Asia, together with Casa de América, begun to develop a programme about the Asia-Spain-Latin America relations, which continue being part of the contents of the programme. Within its framework, Casa Asia is member of the Latin American and the Caribbean Studies Network on Asia-Pacific (Redealap), collaborates with Casa de América and the Iberoamerican General Department and has carried out joint activities with institutions such as Carolina Foundation, Real Instituto Elcano and CIDOB Foundation

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The GovernAsia Programme aims at giving all the information about the situation of governance in emergent or developing countries of the region of Asia and the Pacific, through different mechanisms of action. The website places at disposal of everyone in an updated and innovative manner all the information about the main fields of governance: Institutional development, citizen participation, the State of Law, economic institutionalization and social development. In the first two years of work the analysis was focused on the Philippines, China, India and Vietnam. Bangladesh, East Timor and Cambodia have been added to these countries.

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Observatory of Central Asia (OAC)


The Observatory of Central Asia (OAC) was created in 2007 by Casa Asia, CIDOB and Real Instituto Elcano to make Central Asia known in Spain. OAC organises lectures, seminars, exhibitions and meetings of experts to approach countries of the Central Asian region to Spain. Likewise, through the news, documents and agenda of its website and the bimonthly newsletter OAC informs of the political, economic and social current affairs of the countries it covers: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia

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