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VI Traditional Japanese Festival: "Matsuri Festival"

VI Traditional Japanese Festival: "Matsuri Festival"

On the 26th and 27th of May the 6th edition of Matsuri Festival will be held at Moll de la Fusta, in Barcelona. It consists of two days for Japanese culture with music, drums, dances, workshops and gastronomy, among others. The festival is conceived as a meeting point of Japanese origin Barcelona citizens.
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Pensando Butoh 2018

Pensando Butoh 2018

This festival will be opened at Casa Asia next Friday 25th of May with a series of talks and a performance with the dancer Yuko Kaseki. Moreover, the talks will be given by Marlene Jöbsti, Sua Urana, Albert Nolla and Yuko Kaseki; and on Saturday and Sunday different dance workshops will take place with Yuko Kaseki, as well as Butoh Jam sessions at different venues.
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Exhibition "Sumi-e and Shodo: Black and White World"

Exhibition "Sumi-e and Shodo: Black and White World"

On the 4th of May at 6.30pm, la Xarxa Dos Deu, in collaboration with Espai 210, Eixample District of Barcelona City Council and Casa Asia, opens this exhibition that includes works carried out by students of Casa Asia's Sumi-e and Shodo courses, given by Mihoko Ono, Japanese painter and poet, Fine Arts Graduate by University of Musashino (Tokyo).
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Those forgotten by those forgotten: Rohingya Minority

Those forgotten by those forgotten: Rohingya Minority

Igor G. Barbero, cofounder of 5W and Communication Manager of the Emergency Unit of Médicos sin Fronteras (MSF) and Blanca Garcés Mascareñas, Senior Investigator of the Area of Migrations of CIDOB, have analysed the current situation lived in Bangladesh after the last massive exodus of members of the Rohingya Muslim Community, at an event that has taken place on Tuesday 27th of February at Casa Asia Headquarters and in collaboration with Cidob.

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