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Iberoamerican Observatory of Asia-Pacific

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The Iberoamerican Observatory of Asia-Pacific is the Casa Asia programme whose main objective is to facilitate knowledge of Asia and the Pacific to Latin American nations in order to contribute to closer economic relations, business, academic and cultural cooperation between the two areas.

To meet its objectives, the Observatory offers current and practical information on various areas of interest, especially economic and business through its website, updated daily, and its bimonthly newsletters.

Among its economic content, it highlights the current summary prepared every two months by the staff of the Observatory in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, articles Garrigues prepared monthly for the Centre and the annual summary of Asia-Latin American ties.

The programme in Spain organises seminars and conferences on economic issues in Latin America-Asia-Pacific relations and promoted the inclusion of them in various international events.

The decision to establish the Centre was made in 2005, the year he won the American Conference as an observer at the United Nations and the Ibero-American Secretariat started in Madrid. The Centre was launched at a ceremony presided by Enrique Iglesias, Iberoamerican Secretary General, in June 2006 at the Casa Asia Headquarters in Barcelona.

The Centre reflects the experience of the "Triangulation Spain/EU- Latin America-Asia-Pacific", developed since 2001 by Casa Asia and Casa de América. This programme gave way to the Centre by the need to expand its range of content and activities and to make its partners permanent.

Since its inception, the programme has been sponsored by BBVA, Fundación ICO and Garrigues and has organised its activities along with Casa de América and the Iberoamerican Department. Similarly, Casa Asia is a member of the Network for Latin America and the Caribbean on Asia-Pacific (REDEALAP), whose board of directors was invited to Spain by Casa Asia and the Carolina Foundation in February 2010.


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