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Dr. Scarantino: “It isn't possible to study philosophy only from a Western vision”

Dr. Scarantino: “It isn't possible to study philosophy only from a Western vision”

Last Tuesday 9th of October, Casa Asia in collaboration with Fundació Institut Confuci of Barcelona held a conference in the framework of the 13th International Ontology Congress devoted to China, a space where a group of experts displayed the importance of the philosophical contribution of the country, as well as the main conclusions of the 24th Philosophy World Congress carried out in Beijing in August of this year.

Fundació Institut Confuci of Barcelona facilities was the scenario chosen for specialists to give importance to Chinese culture in world philosophy that at the same time has been undervalued by the Western culture.

This conference counted on the participation of the International Ontology Congress Coordinator, Dr. Víctor Gómez Pin, President of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies, Dr. Luca Scarantino, the Chinese researcher of David Lloyd-Dan David Research Fellow, Dr. Jenny Zhao and finally the German teacher and researcher of Lehman College and the Graduate Center, Joseph W. Dauben.

The International Ontology Congress Coordinator, Víctor Gómez Pin, was in charge of starting the encounter and highlighted the interest of this congress this year because he was surprised at the 9.000 registered philosophers who attended this event whose main core was "learning to be human".

During his presentation, Dr. Luca Scarantino drew the main conclusions of the Congress. For the Italian professor the most important was the consensus of "It isn't possible to study philosophy only from a Western vision" because in his opinion Western schools have left thousands of years of Asian history aside, which he considers essential to understand the current world and added "Philosophy as we understand it today wouldn't be possible without Chinese history and culture”.

Scarantino affirmed that we are experiencing a time of changes and this transformation has brought as a consequence the need to reform philosophy's dynamis and he said that "We live in a globalised world and any change involves opening doors”.

On the other hand, the researcher Jenny Zhao carried out a tour around classic Chinese philosophy, where she displayed her main precursors and coinciding with Scarantino's point of view, she mentioned that "Many schools in the world are beginning to introduce the study of Chinese culture, but it is a slow path that still has a long path”.

The conference also counted on the participation of the German reseacher Joseph W. Dauben, who as well as valueing the mathematical and archaeological advances China had contributed to the world, pointed out the essential study of its culture, simply for the "need to understand its background". He also highlighted that the world is more and more multicultural where "if we would like to understand people around us it is necessary to know where they come from".

After the speeches, a debate among attendants took place. Other topics were approached and special emphasis was placed on the historical exchange of knowledge among both cultures.

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