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Eighth technical conference of the Port de Barcelona and Casa Asia

Last Thursday 11th of May the World Trade Center hosted a new technical conference jointly organised by Port de Barcelona and Casa Asia under the title “Marketing and distribution in China”.

The session included the participation of Tom Van der Heyden, specialist in Asian marketas and intercultural negotiation, with great experience in the sector. The conference, attended by around 20 representatives of local companies, aim to train companies of the port community with interests in the region of Asia and the Pacific.

What do we need to do to sell something in China?, is the question Tom Van der Heyden tried to answer in four steps.

In the first place, he carried out a contextualisation on the current Chinese reality despite its reduction of its growth rhythm in the past years, the Asian giant is still the greatest potential market of the world and perspectives are still good. But we also need to bear in mind that it is one of the most unreachable.

In the second place, he delimited 6 relevant sectors (raw materials, technology, agroindustry, environment, luxury and services and food security). Out of these he especially highlighted agroindustry or products aimed to optimise agriculture because China, despite having 20% of world population, only has 10% of fertile soil of the world. It is a complicated sector for homologations and registrations, but with great power for Spanish companies. Moreover, environmental companies in China are a great opportunity for the high levels of polution registered in the country.

The third step is to set the limits of the geographic framework of action, because given the dimensions of the country access is imposible on a national level. From the 4 levels of relevance where the country is regionally classified (Canton, Shanghai, Beijing and the centre), interesting cities for Spanish companies will be second and third level, with between 2 and 5 million inhabitants.

Finally, Van der Heyden emphasized on the subject of distribution and logistics. If connectivity with China is growing and is good, the problem is internal connectivity. Despite counting on first quality infrastructure, the features of the market make access to local distribution chains for certain sectors harder.

In conclusion, good preparation is necessary, as well as a well designed strategy and especially patience, entering the Chinese market could require around 3 years of prior steps and management.

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