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Casa Asia celebrates International Women's Day

Casa Asia celebrates International Women's Day

Today 8th of March International Women's Day is held, an important date around the world to vindicate gender equality and women's empowerment. Casa Asia joins the celebration of this day through three interviews with collaborators of this institution.

The Network of Asian and Spanish Women of Casa Asia has made an interview album with three collaborators of Casa Asia: Nadia Ghulam (Afghanistan), Deepti Golani (India) and Komal Naz (Pakistan). They are from different origins but currently live in Catalonia and are role models: women that have shown their courage and talent throughout their lives. Today they work tirelessly to transmit the values of their cultures, to promote interculturality and to improve the role of women, also becoming a spokesperson for all women from their countries of origin.

In this compilation their stories will be made known, as well as adding curiosities and personal details. They will tell us what they like the most, their impressions when they arrived in Barcelona or what their dreams and objectives towards the future are.

And owing to the day, tomorrow, Thursday 9th of March at 7.00pm, we organise a roundtable that will include the participation of women from Pakistan, Cambodia, China, the Philippines and Bangladesh, among others, to get to know about their vision of women's situation in their respective countries, what difficulties they have and how they experience it from Spain.


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