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“Learning. Connected families” reaches Besós and Raval districts

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This school year, Casa Àsia and the Directorate of Citizens and Immigration' Rights of the Barcelona City Council have carried out the project "Learning. Connected families" in the neighbourhood of Besós and Raval. This project consists of forming languages partners of young volunteers who teach an adult or young member of their family who wants to learn.

“Learning. Connected families” is a Learning and Service project in which students from the mentioned centers give Spanish classes throughout the quarter to adults from the neighbourhood. The classes are structured as individual tutorials, and are done in the same time and space in a classroom of the schools. They are always accompanied by a person who acts as a team builder, also of immigrant origin, and who had to learn Catalan and Spanish in schooling here and therefore is fully aware of the difficulties involved in learning, especially for grownups.

The initial idea was to encourage students from the two centers of diverse cultural backgrounds and who have passed through the reception room or other similar services. And make them teachers of adults in their family, community or neighbourhood, who although living for some time in Catalonia, have not had the opportunity to follow a regular Catalan or Spanish classes.

At IES Milà i Fontanals, a group energized by Komal Naz, the participants are students who have already started the classes of Catalan and Spanish last year and some of the volunteers are their daughters. The majority of them have Pakistani origin.

At the IES Rambla Prim, a group energized by Amad Husain, the experience is very different. Since the students who volunteered, seven in total, are mostly from families of Latin American origin. Who arrived a few years ago to live here with their families, and that have had the support of the reception room of the school to learn Catalan. The adults, seven women and five men, are all of Pakistani origin. As the team builder, and aged between 18 and 67 years old. And also a minor also Urdu speaking, that volunteered and ended up studying Spanish with a volunteer.

The boys and girls volunteers at “Learning. Connected families” say they are delighted to be able to help other people to learn Spanish, just as they were helped here to learn Catalan when they arrived. They do it with patience and love, and enjoy being able to serve other people, while they learn to explain the concepts and empathize with the work of the teachers.

As for the adults who study, they are delighted to have a young teacher and also a language partner at the same time. Both are punctual, regular and committed. The older ones have the grandchildren at home, smaller ones, that help them to review what they learn from the project. All together, we look forward to consolidating the project in the two educational centers and replicating it on more neighbourhoods in Barcelona and in other Catalan cities.

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