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The Media Library celebrates Sant Jordi 2016

The Media Library celebrates Sant Jordi 2016

Casa Asia's Media Library celebrates Sant Jordi 2016 recommending Asian Literary Routes: thematic guides that in an entertaining and didactical way lead and approach users to the literature of Asian countries, such as China, India and Japan.

These literary routes are a tour around the history of literature and they consist of a selection of novels, where you can find their authors, published works, genres, contribution to literature and their country. This information can be acceded in paper at the Media Library and in digital format at Casa Asia's website.

Albert Nolla, author of the Japan route classifies the stages of Japanese literature in 5 categories: Ancient and Classical Literature (7th-12th centuries), where Genji's Novel is highlighted; Medieval Literature (12th-16th centuries), Pre-Modern Literature (17th-19th centuries) where the most outstanding author of Hailu poetry genre is Matsuo Basho with works such as Narrow Road to the Interior; Moderna Literature (1868-1945) and Contemporary Literature (1945 until today), with authors as recognised as Yukio Mishima, Haruki Murakami or Banana Yoshimoto.

On the other hand, Laia Villegas and Deepti Golani, coauthors of the literary route of India, divide the different periods of literature in 4 categories: the classical period that includes: Sacred Literature (sruti), Epic Literature, Lyrical and Devolutional Poetry, teatre, stories and fables and treaty literature; the colonial period that appears as a result of the impact of the arrival of the English, leaving works as popular as Devdas or The Guide; contemporary authors and diaspora authors among those we find well known names such as Salman Rushdie or Sir V.S. Naipaul.

Finally, out of the literary section of China, Carles Prado, author of the Chinese Route, has classified it in 6 categories: the classics, made up of referents of Chinese traditional literature such as  Book of Changes or The Four Books of Confucius; Tang poetry; great novels, among which we find titles such as Dream in the Red Pavilion; Modern Literature; Contemporary Literature and Hybrid Literature, result of the Chinese diaspora where first, second and third generation immigrants can be found such as Amy Tan and Dai Sijie among others.

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