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Yotaru Hatamura: "To Prevent, to Creatively Think and Share Knowledge are the Keys of a Good Risk Management"

Last 29th of October, Yotaro Hatamura, former President of the Commission of Inquiry of the accident at Fukushima power plant, delivered a lecture at Casa Asia's new headquarters where he talked about learnt lessons after the accident regarding strategic planning and risk prevention. The event was organised by Casa Asia and the Japan Foundation.

Before his presentation, Montserrat Riba, Secretary General of Casa Asia, and Hiroyuki Ueno, Director of Japan Foundation in Spain, opened this event reminding attendance the celebration of the Spain-Japan Dual Year, which commemorates the 400 yeras of diplomatic relations between both countries.

After that, Mr Hatamura took the floor and began briefly presenting the tsunami episodes that affected the region of Tohoku in March 2011 and blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Fukushima Daiichi's power plant, located 220 km away from Tokyo.

Among the main conclusions drawn by the committee of experts led by Mr Hatamura, we highlight that the electricity company TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) had only forecasted accidents for internal reasons and wasn't able to anticipate a disaster for external causes. The company hadn't made reaction plans for a possible multiple accident that would affect more than a nuclear reactor of the plant, or plans to avoid the expansion of radioactivity.

Mr Hatamura pointed out that Japan began to develop nuclear energy in order to increase the efficiency of the energetic sector. Generally a power plant produces four times the amoung of energy that a hydroelectric plant generates. For this reason, Hatamura assured that "if in a near future Japan turned to energetic denuclearization, the country would have to get suitable technology to dismantle production equipments and to manage waste safely. Moreover, it would be necessary to continue accumulating knowledge for a return to nuclear energy".

With the purpose to design a good risk prevention and an efficient response to a collective emergency situation, Mr Hatamura insisted on the need to forecast probable scenarios, but also those that seen improbable and even those that are beyond what's imaginable. Everything must be taken into account and for this it is necessary to have a creative thought fed from multiple disciplines. Mr Hatamura insisted on the contribution to society of every citizen's creative potential.

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