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The Asia Festival closes its tenth anniversary with public and participation success

The Asia Festival closes its tenth anniversary with public and participation success

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The tenth edition of the Asia Festival has concluded with a great success of the public with the capacity of venues complete in all shows programmed in the heart of Barcelona: Biblioteca de Catalunya, plaça Reial, MACBA, CCCB, plaça dels Àngels and plaça Joan Coromines. From Friday 16th to Sunday 25th of September the Asia Festival has brought together in Barcelona outstanding Asian artists, in their committment to make Asia known in all its variety of colour, sound and culture.

The festival has counted around 17.000 people at this edition. Generally, a public of all ages interested in discovering the richness and diversity of Asian cultures has shown great interest in their participation in all of the performances and activities that have taken place in the last 10 days. After 10 years of life, the festival has remained faithful in its purpose of approaching citizens the cultural and artistic diversity, as well as the lifestyle of Asian countries. For this, it has been consolidated as a unique platform in all the country devoted to contemporary and traditional stage arts of the region of Asia and the Pacific.

This 10th edition has addressed its look to Central Asia and, like every year, it has shown the diversity and richness of Asian cultures through a multidisciplinary programme aimed to all the public: live music, dance, theatre, workshops, games, demonstrations and cinema.

Turan -opening show of traditional music from Kazakhstan- came from Asia for the occasion, Mamer -cult singer-songwriter in the independent Chinese scene of Kazakh ethnic group-, Sorum -group mostly made up of women and based on traditional Korean music-. Pe'z -famous Japanese band that fuses jazz with pop-rock, funky, ska and Latin sounds- and Humera Arshad —one of the best known popstars of Pakistan stand out. In total, for 10 days more than 30 events have taken place among international shows and artistic initiatives and demonstrations of the Asian communities resident in Catalonia.

On Sunday 25th of September, the Asia Festival presented «A Day in Asia», the already traditional day planned to discover Asia with your family, which closed the 10th anniversary with more than twenty free proposals. All the activities were concentrated at the plaça dels Àngels, plaça Joan Coromines, CCCB and MACBA. This year, from 10am to 10pm, this space of the Raval neighbourhood turned into a yurta camp, the tents used by the nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. There, the public lived the life of the Mongol nomads through workshops and demonstrations of customs and traditions of Mongolia and other cultures of this region.

The performances of Mamber, famous singer-songwriter and cult figure of the Kazakh root Chinese independent music (attached to Peter Gabriel's label), which performed with his hand IZ at the plaça dels Àngels stand out. On the same stage, Humera Arshad performed, one of the most popular popstars of Pakistan. These artists are added to demonstrations of fights that are difficult to see in our country: the fighters of Ulan Bator that took part in the most important contest of Mongolia, the Naadam Festival and the fighters of the centre CVN Kalari Shangham, representatives of the most ancient martial art, kalarippayat, practiced for centuries in Kerala (India). The dances and traditions of the region of the mountain chains of the Philippines, with Bibak, the Bengali folk-rock of the band Tirthok and the music and dances of Bangladesh and south Asia by the Cultural Association Shur Rong completed the performances at the Asia Stage. Finally, the game workshops rooted in the Asian tradition, therapies and practices related to health, music stories and the screening of the film The Cave of the Yellow Dog helped people enjoy «A Day in Asia» with your family.

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