Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2017/12/13 19:00 - 22:00
Roundtable: "Challenges and Future Perspective of Research in East Asia"

Roundtable: "Challenges and Future Perspective of Research in East Asia"

This roundtable aims to bring together academics from different disciplines specialised in different geographic areas of East Asia to share how East Asian studies have been developed in our country, where are we, what difficulties do we come accross as a transversal study field, as well as to debate with participating attendants on future challenges.

Welcome Speech:
Rafael Bueno, Politics, Society and Educational Programme Director of Casa Asia

Sara Rovira-Esteva, University Autonomous of Barcelona, President of AEEAO

Delivered by:
Mireia Vargas Urpi, University Pompeu Fabra, member of AEEAO
Albert Ruda, Faculty of Law, University of Girona, member of AEEAO
Àngels Pelegrín, Faculty of Economy and Business of University of Barcelona and Director of the Master in Culture and Business in East Asia, member of AEEAO
Montserrat Crespín, University Autonomous of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, Open University of Catalonia. Reseach Group ALTER, member of AEEAO
Carles Prado Fonts, Open University of Catalonia, member of AEEAO

Date: 2017/12/13 > 2017/12/13

Timetable: Wednesday 13th of December 2017 at 7.00pm

Venue: Casa Asia Headquarters
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
Sant Manuel Pavilion
c/ Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 167
Barcelona, 120, Barcelona

Ticket: Free admission with prior registration.

Organiser: Casa Asia, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of East Asian Studies