Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2017/09/18 17:00 - 2017/12/11 19:00
Course: "Introduction to Thai language"

Course: "Introduction to Thai language"

Discover a new revolutionary and efficient method to learn Thai language in the centre of Barcelona. At every session we will focus on vocabulary, useful conversations and guides students progressively to be able to communicate themselves as soon as possible. We will also get to know about Thai characters and tones, which are essential in this language.


Sakkarin Soongpankhao (Tailand), teacher of Thai language, translator and interpreter with master in International Studies at University of Barcelona, master in Public Administration of Political Science at University Ramkhamheang (Bangkok, Thailand) and International Relations of Political Science by University Ramkhamhaeng (Bangkok, Thailand).

Students will have, depending on availability, a classroom library at their disposal with bibliographic material for the course.


Date: 2017/09/18 > 2017/12/11


From the 18th of September to the 11th of December 2017, every Monday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Total duration of the course and number and length of sessions: 24 hours, 12 sessions of 2 hours



Venue: Casa Asia Headquarters
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
Sant Manuel Pavilion
c/ Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 167
Barcelona, 20, Barcelona

Ticket: 168 Euros.

Organiser: Casa Asia