Bp_cultura Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona). 2006/06/06 02:00 - 02:00

Concert: "Group of Plectro Orchestras"

Laud'Ars organises, in collaboration with Casa Asia, the concert "Group of Plectro Orchestras", where the Tokyo Mandolin Orchestra will take part. Tokyo Mandolin Orchestra is one of the main associations of this kind that currently exist in Japan.

This orchestra has offered concerts all over the world, specialising in international tours where they make their music known to all kinds of public. Their repertoire is based on Japanese and contemporary music. Its director is the President of the Japanese Association of Plectro Orchestras.

Date: 2006/06/06 > 2006/06/06

Timetable: 9pm

Venue: Auditorio del Centro Miquel Martí i Pol Av. Barcelona, 83 Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona), , Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona)

Ticket: Free admission

Organiser: Laud'Ars, in collaboration with Casa Asia