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Japonismo: El arte de alcanzar una vida plena

Erin Niimi Longhurst

Thanks to the shinrinyoku (forest baths), calligraphy, ikebana (the art of floral arrangement), the tea ceremony and its relationship with food, the Japanese achieve fullness through the exercise...

Los sabores de la vida: cocina ayurveda para toda la familia

Plaschinski Minakata, Rose Marie

Los sabores de la vida is a book of natural and healthy recipes, based on the principles of ayurveda, the oldest system of healthy life of humanity. Respecting the spirit of teaching "Let food be y...

Pikunikku, Pícnic japonés

Monika Baudisová & Jordi Trilla Clot

Pikunikku is a unique illustrated book about Japan, aimed at both children and adults, whether or not they have slanted eyes. How is everyday life in Japan? How many kinds of are there? Are you ...

Ayurveda Esencial

Krishan, Shubhra

Ayurveda, probably the oldest healing tradition in the world, is based on maintaining the harmony of mind, body and spirit to enjoy the complete well-being. Ayurvedic health principles can easily...

Cancioncitas de rosa y azafrán

Grosléziat, Chantal y Fronty, Aurelia

28 songs, lullabies, couplets and finger plays from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in a varied and charming repertoire, full of fascinating sounds, which brings together both classical and traditi...

Mi amiga Kemushi

Mandana, Sadat i Dargent, Nathalie

Will the butterflies remember that, when they were small, they were caterpillars? This is the question of a friend of Kemushi the caterpillar, after observing how she endures with optimism the ha...

Contes de la Ruta de la Seda

Balsebre, Eduard

“Contes de la Ruta de la Seda” is a collection of stories originated in the lands of the old Silk Road. Eduard Balsebre, a philologist and blogger, has traveled much of the Asian continent and fe...

La historia de Pingru y Meitang

Rao, Pingru

Her name was Meitang and she was for him an anchor in a raging world. They met very young, love flourished slowly and they were destined to form a normal couple, like so many others. However, the...

Crónica de una explosión

Yan, Lianke

With the Yi River on one side and the Balou Mountains on the other, the village of Explosion was founded more than a millennium ago by refugees fleeing a seismic volcanic eruption. But in the pos...

Cuentos y leyendas de los Maoríes. Un pueblo de Oceanía

Mozziconacci, Cécile

Thousands of years ago the Maoris left the Polynesia in canoes to settle in New Zealand. In spite of the English colonization they knew how to preserve their culture and their rituals, which are ...

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