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Libros de viajes Stefano Faravelli : Delhi y Tokio

Faravelli, Stefano

The Confluencias publishing house has the great honor to present the collection of travel journals by the Italian artist Stefano Faravelli (Turin, 1959), master of light and color. Formed at the ...


Richie, Donald

With a unique vision, the exceptional specialist from Japan tells us about his visit to Tokyo, a universal city, past and present, real and imagined.Tokyo, this changing city ... The more you loo...

Hong Kong Altaïr Magazine, la ciudad del mundo

Hong Kong, the world city includes 22 chapters that take us to this metropolis where constant change is the fixed standard, as the historian Patrick Mok explains. The Hong Kongese journalist Oliv...

Afganistán. Pasado y perspectivas de futuro

Castien Maestro, Juan Ignacio

2014 was a key year for Afghanistan. During that year the country saw the end of the international security mission led by NATO since 2003 (known as the ISAF, for its acronym in English). A point...

Guía de plantas medicinales, uso y combinación según el ayuverda

Frawley, David, Dr.

Guide to medicinal plants - Use and combination according to the ayurveda of Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Vasant Lad establishes a milestone in the development of Western herbalism by offering a new...

La Historia de la medicina china en su contexto y en relación con Europa

Sánchez de Mora, Rafael

Even in nowadays, the important contributions made by Chinese medicine are unknown to the rest of the world. This important work compares the scientific and medical developments of the two areas ...


Goldstyn, Jacques

Azadah, a little Afghan girl, is lucky enough to meet a German photographer. At the moment when her friend has to go back home, the girl asks her to take her with her, because she wants to discov...

El monstruo de Mongolia

Ganbaatar, Ichinnorov

In this traditional Mongolian tale, young Gonan pursues the fearsome monster Mongas to the steppe to avenge the destruction of his village. There, they decide to fight in a duel consisting of thr...

El círculo del destino

Mohanty, Raja; Rao, Sirish; Raut, Radhashyam

Garuda, the eagle of Vishnu, sees the lord of death approaching a beautiful bird. Garuda does not want him to die and decides to save him. But who can stop death? Who can dominate the future? Thi...

Issun Bôshi


There were once a couple of peasants without children who hopefully sang: "We want a child, even a small one, little one ..." His wish was fulfilled and Issun Bôshi was born, "he who is not talle...

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