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Casa Asia's Media Library, multimedia information centre about Asia and the Pacific, interrumpts its public service. In order to return lended material, users can ring 93 368 07 38 or send an e-mail We will soon inform you of the service reopening.

Information for Media Library users
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Cròniques orientals

J.M. Romero

The "Cròniques orientals" of Josep Maria Romero are the snapshots of the traveler we would like to be. Pills of wisdom undivided by vanity, from that long-haired and high-flying look that treads th...

Diego de Pantoja, SJ (1571-1618), Un puente con la China de los Ming

Wenceslao Soto Artuñedo, SJ (Coord.)

A tribute to Diego de Pantoja on the 400th anniversary of his death. Born in Valdemoro (Madrid, Spain), he arrived at the Imperial Palace in Beijing, where he settled. An occasional exile led him t...

Tao. El camino

Michael Puett | Christine Gross-Loh

Why is a classical Chinese philosophy course one of the most popular at Harvard? Because this course will change your life. You will discover endless possibilities that you never thought possible. ...

Pinjar. El esqueleto y otras historias

Amrita Pritam

Gathered in this volume, are two of the most touching novels of one of the most famous writers of India, translated from the Punjabi to English by Khushwant Singh, memorable for his lyrical style a...

China: la edad de la ambición

Evan Osnos

After spending five years as a correspondent in China, Evan Osnos has written one of the books that best explains the complex reality of the Asian giant at a crucial moment in its history.The book ...

Man Zou: chino para curiosos

Izabela Kaluta

Do you like noodles? And the ice cream? And the kites? And the fireworks? Do you know that all these things were invented in China? China is the largest country in Asia and the most populous in th...

Japonismo: El arte de alcanzar una vida plena

Erin Niimi Longhurst

Thanks to the shinrinyoku (forest baths), calligraphy, ikebana (the art of floral arrangement), the tea ceremony and its relationship with food, the Japanese achieve fullness through the exercise o...

Los sabores de la vida: cocina ayurveda para toda la familia

Plaschinski Minakata, Rose Marie

Los sabores de la vida is a book of natural and healthy recipes, based on the principles of ayurveda, the oldest system of healthy life of humanity. Respecting the spirit of teaching "Let food be y...

Pikunikku, Pícnic japonés

Monika Baudisová & Jordi Trilla Clot

Pikunikku is a unique illustrated book about Japan, aimed at both children and adults, whether or not they have slanted eyes. How is everyday life in Japan? How many kinds of sushi are there? Are y...

Ayurveda Esencial

Krishan, Shubhra

Ayurveda, probably the oldest healing tradition in the world, is based on maintaining the harmony of mind, body and spirit to enjoy the complete well-being. Ayurvedic health principles can easily b...

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