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Casa Asia's Media Library, multimedia information centre about Asia and the Pacific, interrumpts its public service. In order to return lended material, users can ring 93 368 07 38 or send an e-mail [email protected]. We will soon inform you of the service reopening.

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Nuevos materiales para la enseñanza del chino a hispanohablantes ANAYA-SINOLINGUA

Several authours

Publishers Anaya and Solingua have formed a department for the publication of primary and secondary education materials and some reading books.Books for teaching Chinese to Spanish-speaking childre...

Antología de la poesía moderna

The collection includes poetic works by some of the best poets in Kazakhstan. They are first published in Spanish, which can be considered a new milestone in contemporary world literature. This ant...

Antología de la prosa moderna

An anthology of prose works that immerses the reader in Kazakh culture and conveys the perception of the Kazakh world. This book is a window into the culture, connections and fun of Kazakhstan, a n...

Historias de fantasmas de Japón

Hearn, Lafcadio ; Lacombe, Benjamin

Lafcadio Hearn, born on the Greek island of Lefkada in 1850 and died in Tokyo in 1904, was the first great Japanese scientist of Western literature, for his ghost stories and his popular books. Tha...


Arora, Manish

Una carrera professional no és res més que una sèrie de contractacions on es produeix una mica de valor; és a dir, és una interacció entre capital i mà d'obra. Hi ha moltes menys restriccions per a...

Japón, España e Hispanoamérica : identidades y relaciones culturales

Almazán Tomás, David ; Barlés Báguena, Elena

Japan, Spain and Latin America: identities and cultural relations is a compendium of multidisciplinary studies that investigate the characteristics of the impact that throughout Japan has had in Sp...


López Cuartero, Marta

Haikulinario is born from the union of traditional Japanese poetry, haiku, with the world of cooking. Marta López invites the reader to be carried away by the seduction of the landscapes, by the cr...

Qué comer en Japón, hay vida más allá del sushi

Bonet, Berta; Bardolet, Jesús

Spreadsheet on the typology of Japanese food. All its dishes and specialties of its culinary culture. More than 250 types of food. More than 300 photographs that illustrate all your dishes. All the...

China fast forward

Vicente, Sergi

What do we know about China today? No, really: what do we know?Surely as little as when Sergi Vicente landed there in 2002 with some notions of Mandarin and the idea of ​​teaching English for three...

Confesiones de amor

Uno, Chiyo

Considered one of the most memorable love stories of Japanese literature, this novel addresses one of the most complex, and in many ways taboo, aspects of personal relationships in Japan: the marke...

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