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The collection of Casa Asia Media Library, thanks to the integrated system of library management called Millennium, is automatic and it can be consulted in Internet. This online catalogue (OPAC) allows users to search for the material they are interested in by author, title, subject or to make combined searches. As well as searching by key word, idea or sentence, the system offers search suggestions and displays the digital images of the covers of the items.
The collective catalogue gives the option of creating individual profiles or personal spaces to manage your own lendings, reservations or to create lists among other actions. If you want to log in, you can access from here.

Casa Asia Media Library belongs to the Network of Specialised Libraries of the Catalonian Government (BEG), and also the Network of University Libraries of Catalonia (CCUC).

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Parallelly to the online catalogue, Casa Asia has created direct accesses of the most relevant sections of the collection, classified by countries and topics, with the purpose to make the search faster and more efficient.

Select in the drop-down menu the country you are interested in. After that, the results of the searches are displayed in alphabetical order. In this list you can make changes and add language and date filters among others.

Select in the drop-down menu the country you are interested in. After that, the results of the searches are displayed in alphabetical order. In this list you can make changes and add language and date filters among others.

Select in the drop-down menu the country you are interested in. After that, the results of the searches are displayed in alphabetical order. In this list you can make changes and add language and date filters among others.

Lectures delivered at Casa Asia can be consulted in different formats on our website.

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Casa Asia’s documentary heritage is made up of around 16000 titles distributed in books, films, documentaries, music, etc. This material comes from the acquisitions of book, film and music novelties, from exchanges or donations among institutions, private collections, etc. In addition, among this material you can find the institution’s editions such as exhibition catalogues, lectures, book launches and documentaries, etc.

Korea Foundation or Toshiba International Foundation are some of the international institutions with aid programmes for libraries where Casa Asia’s Media Library has taken part and received material on the region of Asia and the Pacific.

Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international institution of development financing that aims to help its member countries to reduce poverty and improve the life quality of its people. With its headquarters in Manila and established in 1966, it is property and is financed by its 67 members, out of which 48 are from the region of Asia and the Pacific and 19 are from other parts of the world. The main instruments of the institution for its purposes are loans, technical assistance, grants, advising and knowledge.


Korean Film Council

KOFIC was founded as an organism of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea, whose objective is to stimulate the growth and development of the Korean cinematographic industry through financing, investigation and professional training. It works to promote Korean films in international markets and to favour intercultural understanding through the exchange of films.


Korea Foundation

Korea Foundation is an organisation affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, created in 1991 to promote better understanding of Korea through the international community and exchange of activities between Korea and foreign countries in the world. Among the support and exchange activities the programme “Reference Material Distribution Program” through which the foundation provides with publications, audiovisual material and other reference materials to university libraries, investigation institutes, museums, cultural and artistic organisations, etc.


Japan Foundation

Japan Foundation was created in 1972 through a special provision of the National Diet, which became an independent administrative institution in October 2003. The mission of the institution is to promote international cultural exchange and mutual understanding between japan and other countries of the world. The activities of the foundation addressed to globally and efectively develop the international cultural exchange programmes includes the project “Studies about Japan and Intellectual Exchange” through which Japan Foundation gives support to studies about Japan abroad and promotes cultural exchanges between Japan and other countries of the world.


Japanese Literature Publishing Project

Japanese Literature Publishing Project is a non-profit organisation with the intention to spread Japanese literature around the world. Apart from other cultural activities, this institution focuses on supporting the translation of Japanese works into English, French, German, Russian and Turkish, to publish books and to make Japanese authors known abroad. Its origin goes back to April 2002 when the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan started up the project "Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP)" in order to promote the translation of Japanese literary works as well as its publication abroad.


Toshiba International Foundation

Non-profit organisation that promotes international exchanges and a better understanding of Japan, as well as extensively contributing to the international society and local communities annually providing with different kind of economic aid.


With the purpose to spread and preserve the collection Alain Daniélou, Casa Asia since 2012 takes part in the repository Digital Memory of Catalonia (MDC) of the Consortium of University Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC) with the purpose to allow the open access of digital copies of documents. The Media Library transforms existing digital resources of the collection Alain Daniélou into online accessible digital resources to guarantee visibility and accessibility, as well as its digital preservation.
The Phonoteque of Casa Asia is named after Alain Daniélou, as a tribute to the donation carried out in 2003 by Alain Daniélou Foundation and its president Jacques Cloarec of more than 50 hours of traditional music recorded between 1950 and 1970 in countries such as India, Afghanistan, Iran or Thailand, among others. His legacy is nowadays one of the main sources of Asian music in Europe. Thanks to the research and digitalization work led by Romà Escalas, currently the original collection for its preservation are placed in the Museum of Music and it is possible to consult them in CD format also at Casa Asia Media Library.
Alain Daniélou (1907-1994), essayist, musicologist, Sanskritist and philosopher, was teacher at the Varanasi University from 1949 to 1953, honour member of the French Institute of Indian Studies and director of the library of Adyar’s manuscripts, among others. His devotion to music turned him into the director of the Institute of Compared Musicology in Berlin and Venice until 1977.

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