16/03/2020 | News

Since March 16, we have been publishing interesting online content on our social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with resources from our own website and our YouTube channel and, in parallel, we have launched various initiatives to learn calligraphy Japanese Shodo through training video capsules or knowledge pills about Iran and the Persian culture, in addition to different recommendations. Starting next week, we will be publishing new content with other video capsules on storytelling, Asian wisdom or dance, with the same objective.

On the other hand, Casa Asia is readapting its regular programming and as of April 15 it will begin to program in online format workshops and face-to-face courses, and will also offer streaming lectures, until the usual activity can be resumed. Thus, the first online conference (webcast) will be given by the writer and editor Agustín Pàniker on “The three jewels: the Buddha, teaching and the community”, while the first course that has been scheduled will be on “Manga, reading made in Japan”.

They will be followed by proposals for other courses with Asian content, as well as languages ​​that all our users will be able to know first-hand through our own communication channels: website, social networks, newsletters and mailing. Lectures, webinars and online courses will be taught through related platforms, and in each case their procedure will be duly informed. Stay tuned and we will inform you of all the details and news.