14/04/2020 | News

Among others, the space for reflection #rethinkingthefuture, with which we want to share the analysis that our network of expert people, both from Casa Asia and external, on several current issues in the region.


“How will our relationship with Asia change after coronavirus?” (Javier Parrondo, Director General of Casa Asia)

“Beyond COVID-19: managing economic uncertainty in East Asia” (Guillermo Martínez Taberner, Economic and Business Senior Project Manager of Casa Asia)

“Towards a more sino-centric globalization” (Rafael Bueno, Politics, Society and Educational Programme Director of Casa Asia)

“Asia and the world economy in the current context” (Amadeo Jensana, Economic and Business Director of Casa Asia)

“Talibans and Red Khmers” (Emilio de Miguel, Ambassor for Spain in Thailand)

“The example of CEIBS, Çhina’s priorities and the global problem of coronavirus” (Pedro Nueno, Doctor in Business Administration by University of Harvard)

“COVID-19 and those forgotten in Asia: the Case of the Rohingya Refugees” (Yasmín Paricio, Politics, Society and Educational Programme Coordinator of Casa Asia)

“Global Asia and the cultural turn of geography” (Menene Gras, Culture and Exhibitions Director of Casa Asia)