22/12/2020 | News
The jury of the Casa Asia 2021 Awards, brought together last Monday, December 21 in Madrid, after evaluating the 52 nominations submitted for these prizes in their four categories, have decided to award:

Xulio Ríos, in the category of Culture and Society, for his work spreading the Chinese reality throughout his professional career and as director of the Observatory of Chinese Politics and IGADI. Likewise, for the role played in the construction of a sinology in Spanish language through projects such as the Ibero-American Sinology Network, the International Electronic Symposium on Chinese Politics and the publication Jiexi Zhongguo.

Fawzia Koofi, in the Diversity and Sustainable Development category, for her work in favour of the rights of women and children, for her political role for peace in her country, Afghanistan, and for her commitment to the education of girls and women.

Satori Ediciones, in the Economy and Business category, for highlighting in the publication in Spanish of works related to Japan that have been widely spread in Spain and Latin America, contributing from Gijón to fill a space where there is a clear bibliographic gap.

The University of Santo Tomás (Philippines), in the Education and Science category, for being a historical, academic and cultural reference, as well as playing a key role in education and training in the Philippines for more than 400 years, which turns it into the oldest modern university in Asia.

Casa Asia calls for this new edition of the Casa Asia Awards coinciding with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of its creation in 2021. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and disseminate the work of individuals and entities, both public and private, that have stood out for their work in the economic, social, educational, cultural or development cooperation, promoting dignity and human rights in the Asia-Pacific region, and/or contribute or have contributed to promoting knowledge, dialogue and relations between Spain and the Asia-Pacific region

The jury was made up of the following people: Javier Parrondo, Director General of Casa Asia, Agustín Paniker, editor and writer, Florentino Rodao, Professor of Asian History at the Complutense University of Madrid, Anna Terrón, director of FIIAPP and former Secretary of State for Immigration and Emigration, Gabriel Castañares, General Director of Policy Levers for Compliance with the 2030 Agenda of the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Taciana Fisac, Professor of East Asian Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Inmaculada Riera, General Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Joan Rosàs, Director of International Financial Institutions of CaixaBank, and Antonio Montes, Director of Strategic Development of Instituto de Empresa – IE Business School.

The following people from the Casa Asia team have acted as secretaries of the jury (with voice and vote in their respective categories): Menene Gras in Culture and Society, Gaelle Patin Laloy in Diversity and Sustainable Development, Amadeo Jensana in Economy and Business and Rafael Bueno in Education and Science.

This award was created in 2004. The winners in previous editions have been, among others, the philosopher and thinker Raimon Pannikar, the China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS) of Shanghai, the Department of Spanish of the University of Foreign Studies of Beijing, the Spanish Network for the Coordination of NGOs for Development, the Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art, the journalists Rosa Mª Calaf and Miguel Frau Rovira, the Jesuit Father Enrique Figaredo, or the Malaysian NGO «Sisters in Islam».

The award consists of a commemorative engraving and 1,500 euros per category, which will be granted at the awards ceremony in 2021 on a date and place that will be announced in advance.

Winners of 2021 Casa Asia Awards