05/10/2021 | News
The Director General of Casa Asia, Javier Parrondo, and the CEO of Política Exterior S.A., Josep Piqué, have signed a collaboration agreement today, within the framework of the events to mark the 20th anniversary of Casa Asia.

This collaboration includes the publication of a thematic block of articles related to Asia-Pacific in the November-December 2021 issue of the Foreign Policy Magazine, both in its printed and digital versions, the inclusion of annual articles on that region in 2022, as well as the joint organization of activities of common interest.

For Javier Parrondo, Director General of Casa Asia, “this agreement links us with a reference publication in Spain on international issues, and responds to a shared interest, since Asia-Pacific, as a new global geopolitical center of gravity, will have a greater presence in this magazine from now on”.

The three-year agreement was signed at our Casa Asia Centre in Madrid, with the presence of the publication’s director, Áurea Moltó.

Estudios de Política Exterior SA is an editorial group founded in Madrid in 1987. Política Exterior is its main publication and leads the international analysis in Spanish, through expert and plural voices from Spain and the international field. Estudios de Política Exterior SA also publishes the Informe Semanal de Política Exterior and Afkar/Ideas, co-published with the IEMED.