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Exhibition: "Map of the sounds of Tokyo"

2010-08-07 19:44:00 +0200
Casa Asia displays the photographs of the film "Map of the sounds of Tokyo" with the purpose to support the recent incursion of Isabel Coixet in the Japanese culture. The fixed image crystallizes into the key moments of the film allowing an exploration of different aesthetic registers. David Coll contributes in these large-format 15 photographs a vision that completes the selection of notes, texts, fragments and audio of the film made by Isabel Coixet.
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Exhibition: "Map of the sounds of Tokyo" 2010/08/07 19:44 Casa Asia displays the photographs of the film "Map of the sounds of Tokyo" with the purpose to support the recent incursion of Isabel Coixet in the Japanese culture. The fixed image crystallizes into the key moments of the film allowing an exploration of different aesthetic registers. David Coll contributes in these large-format 15 photographs a vision that completes the selection of notes, texts, fragments and audio of the film made by Isabel Coixet. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/621/original/2009_12_22_mapas_sonidos_tokio.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/621.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Curs: "Coneixent el Japó a través del seu cinema" 2018/02/15 17:37 Pot el cinema explicarnos el Japó? Descobreix-ho amb el nostre curs "Coneixent el Japó a través del seu cinema"! De la mà de Casa Àsia, Cineasia i la Filmoteca de Catalunya. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/054/005/original/Curso_de_Cine_Japon_s_FINAL_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/54005.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Innova 2017:Connecting smart cities between Asia and Europe 2018/01/30 20:03 Vídeo-resumen del programa Asia Innova, celebrado en Valencia, Madrid y Barcelona,  a partir de las entrevistas realizadas a los ponentes asiáticos, y en el que se da respuesta a tres interrogantes: los retos comunes de las ciudades, cómo pueden cooperar entre ellas para hacer frente a estos retos, y cómo tienen que ser las ciudades del siglo XXI. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/053/720/original/Asia_Innova_8_LOW.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/53720.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Actuación y debate "Tagó: Filipinas en BCN" 2018/01/22 19:31 Casa Asia presenta “Tagó: Filipinas en BCN” el próximo sábado 27 de enero a las 19.30 h en el Centro Cultural Albareda, una actuación basada en una obra escrita y dirigida por Berjer B. Capati para aprender y reflexionar sobre la historia de la inmigración filipina en la ciudad de Barcelona. A continuación tendrá lugar un debate moderado por la antropóloga Gemma Ferrerons. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/053/591/original/Ruta_Filipina_Web_.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/53591.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Curso: “Un travelling por el cine asiático” 2017/12/15 10:03 En este curso las/os alumnas/os obtendrán las claves para ver cine asiático. Haremos un travelling desde el clasicismo de Kurosawa a los “live-action” modernos, al anime, pasando por el cine coreano y chino, la industria del cine en India más allá de Bollywood, y acabaremos fijando la mirada en el cine del Sudeste Asiático: Filipinas, Tailandia, entre otros. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/053/315/original/Un_Travelling_por_el_Cine_Asi_tico_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/53315.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asian Film Festival. Barcelona 2017 2017/11/17 09:58 Once again and together with Casa Asia a new edition of the festival specialised in Asian cinema is presented: Asian Film Festival.Barcelona (AFFBCN). At this fifth edition more than a hundred long films will be screened at three main venues: Girona Cinema, CaixaForum and Filmoteca de Catalunya, as well as at the following locations: Generator Hotel, Immigration Museum, Soho House of Barcelona and Singuerlin Library of Santa Coloma de Gramanet.
Interview with Patrick Burgess, President of Asia Justice and Rights 2017/09/22 11:24

Interview with Patrick Burgess, President of Asia Justice and Rights, during the seminar on Transitional Justice in Asia that shared experiences and lessons on various Asian contexts related to Justice and Human Rights in Myanmar-Burma, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, East Timor and Indonesia. The seminar was organized by the Institute for Integrated Transitions, Barcelona International Public Policy and Casa Asia.

Interview with Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, director of the National Institute of Ayurveda in India (NIA) 2017/07/28 14:09

Marma in Sanskrit means "secret." According to Ayurvedic medicine are the key points that are found on the surface of the skin, and are anatomically related to areas that link systems such as muscle (muscles, tendons, ligaments), skeletal, joint, cardiovascular and nervous system.

Entrevista a Pemba Chhoti Sherpa, protagonista del documental "Pemba torna a Goli" 2017/06/07 19:10 Con motivo deñlm estreno del documental "Pemba vuelve a Goli" (2017) en los cines Girona entrevistamos a Pemba Chhoti Sherpa, una sherpa del Himalaya, la etnia nepalí mundialmente conocida por apoyar a los alpinistas en los picos más altos de mundo. Aunque ella nunca ha escalado montañas. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/051/752/original/pemba_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/51752.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Encounter with extraordinary women owing to International Women's Day 2017/05/09 15:56 Owing to the International Women's Day, Casa Asia organises an encounter with women from different origins to get to know about their untypical careers, their vision on women's situation based on their personal experience with an intergenerational and intercultural perspective.We interviewed Komal Naz, intercultural mediator of Pakistani origin, graduated in Humanities. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/051/326/original/dona_day_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/51326.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Manuel Montobbio, author of "Ideas Chinas" 2017/04/19 17:35 On the occasion of the presentation of the book Ideas chinas. El ascenso global de China y la Teoría de las Relaciones Internacionales we interviewed its author, Manuel Montobbio, Diplomat and PhD in Political Sciences with extensive multidisciplinary training. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/050/942/original/entrevista_montobbio_9_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/50942.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Doing Business with China 2017/03/29 16:11

Bonds between China and Europe are being intensified due to the greater participation of the Asian country in global economy. Chinese investment in Europe and the number of European companies that well in China are growing despite difficulties.

During the conference "Doing Business with China: Negotiation and Intercultural Communication" we interviewed Zhang Ying to share with us her insights.

Interview about the TTP with Tomomi Kozaki 2017/03/16 18:39

The recent changes in the White House with the election of Donald Trump leave many political, economic and diplomatic issues hanging on an international level. For 2 consecutive days we will analyse the consequences of this new stage in the Pacific, with special emphasis placed on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

During the conference "Challenges in the Pacific before the new political and economic situation of the region" we interviewed Dr. Tomomi Kozaki so he could share with us his vision about the current situation.

Asia Europe Media Connectivity: Collaborating on Digital Journalism 2017/03/08 16:17 The international seminar "Asia Europe Media Connectivity: Collaborating on Digital Journalism," which met from 4 to 6 October to journalists and editors of media from both continents, concluded with the Madrid Declaration of 2016 and launched a Network Media Asia and Europe. This seminar was organized by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Casa Asia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and collaboration with the Elcano Royal Institute. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/050/414/original/CasaAsiaDec_1.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/50414.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Masaya Ishikawa, Researcher and Graphic Designer 2017/03/07 16:03

Casa Asia and the General Consulate of Japan in Barcelona held a lecture where the graphic designer Masaya Ishikawa, member of the creative Japanese group Euphrates and coauthor of the awarded Japanese TV series PithagoraSwitch, explained how he uses research to develop new graphic and design solutions.

Project “Learning. Connected families” 2017/02/17 11:44

This school year, Casa Àsia and the Directorate of Citizens and Immigration' Rights of the Barcelona City Council have carried out the project "Learning. Connected families" in some schools. This project consists of forming linguistic couples of young volunteers who teach an adult or young member of their family who wants to learn.

Interview with James W. Heisig, specialist in oriental philosophy 2017/02/02 15:38 Due to the recent publication of "Japanese philosophy in its texts", a key book to understand the philosophical culture of a country like Japan, Casa Asia and Editorial Herder organised a lecture. On the occasion of this event, we interviewed James W. Heisig, emeritus researcher of the Nanzan Institute of Religion and Culture in Nagoya (Japan) and author of the book "Philosophers of the Nothing". /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/049/934/original/Filosofia_Oriental_Web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/49934.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Ashish Kothari, funding Member of Kalpavrish, Indian Environmental Group 2016/11/23 10:27 Current economic development is affecting ecological sustainability and there are more and more voices that call out for alternative development models. Teacher Ashish Kothari approached different initiatives that can offer a sustainable and equitable future. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/050/402/original/Kalpavrish_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/50402.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Yuli Mumpuni Widarso, Ambassador of Indonesia (ASEAN) 2016/11/21 18:47 ASEAN Committee in Madrid (ACM) and Casa Asia jointly organise with Caixabank, Foment del Treball, Foro de Marcas Renombradas and Antonio Viñal & Co. Abogados a meeting with the ambassadors and high representatives of Southeast Asian embassies in Spain to analyse the business potential of the ASEAN region, one of the most dynamic areas of the world.
Casa Asia Film Festival 2016 2016/10/25 18:30 Casa Asia Film Festival, the Asian Film Festival in Barcelona, which reaches its 4th edition this year, will be held between the 4th and 13th of November in two different venues in the city and will screen around 80 films from 20 different Asian countries. The contest will be mostly held in Girona Cinema, but a part of the programme will be shown at CaixaForum. Extending screening venues is one of the novelties of the festival.
Training "in house" for companies and professionals 2016/10/07 09:37

Casa Asia offers a new training adapted service for companies and professionals that need to do business with and in Asia and the Pacific, the most dynamic market and the area of greatest influence and global economic growth. Therefore, there are more and more companies that add Asian markets in their internationalization strategies. Casa Asia's Department of Economy and Business, through its network of experts, organises these courses to provide knowledge, tools and resources so companies that want to approach the main Asian markets have more possibilities for success.

More information at:

Entrevista con Dr. Sui Khar, Myanmar 2016/09/08 16:57

During the visit of a Myanmar delegation for details on the Spanish transition to Casa Asia, we interviewed Dr. Sui Khar, the chief negotiator of the Chin National Front ( CNF ) with the government of Myanmar for bilateral agreements and secretary of JMC, Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Comitee.

Poemes que ens apropen, 2016 2016/09/07 19:42 Within the context of Casa Asia's project "Poemas que nos acercan" two exhibitions and poem readings of 2016 edition have been carried out, which this year are taken place in the neighbourhoods of San Antoni and Av. Gaudí de Barcelona. A way of "creating neighbourhood" among different social sectors and cultures.
Shodo Performance by Sachiyo Kaneko with Mireia Zantop and Pavel Amilcar 2016/05/10 19:22 Sachiyo Kaneko, a resident of Jiwar Japanese artist, musician Pavel Amilcar (Dyvina Misteria) and the artist Mireia Zantop conducted a performance of creative shodô large format with musical accompaniment of violin and percussion. An artistic and cultural mix open to all audiences that came alive la plaça del Diamant in Barcelona.
Jornada empresarial: España y Hong Kong, socios comerciales en las nuevas rutas de la seda 2016/04/25 18:44 Desde la CEOE se lidera una misión empresarial para participar en el Belt and Road Summit el próximo día 18 de mayo en Hong Kong, que incluye la participación en la conferencia, encuentro con potenciales inversores asiáticos así como una agenda de trabajo de un día. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/046/634/original/Ruta_Seda_Marc_Moline_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/46634.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
10 ediciones del Teatro Foro Intercultural 2016/04/25 18:02

Casa Asia, the Department of Citizen Rights and the Deparment of Immigration of Barcelona City Council, together with a Xixa Teatre present the performances and intercultural debates of the previous editions of the Intercultural Forum Theatre Classroom with the purpose to discuss issues regarding stereotypes, rumours and intercultural coexistence in the city.

Entrevista a Juzhong Zhuang (ADB) 2016/04/19 19:01 Interview with Deputy Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), el Dr. Juzhong Zhuang, during the presentation of the financial report "Asian Development Outlook 2016" (ADO), published annually by the multilateral financial institution based in Manila. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/046/574/original/zhuang_juzhong_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/46574.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Masood Khalili 2016/02/23 12:37 Interview with Masood Khalili, philologist, poet and diplomat, following the recent publication of his book with Alianza Editorial: "Whispers of war". /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/045/680/original/massod_khalili_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/45680.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Breakfast with Ambassador Australia - Executive Forum 2015/11/25 16:50 Australia's ambassador in Spain, Doña Virginia Greville attended the breakfast briefing organized by Executive Forum and Navantia. During his speech, Greville has referred to the economic stability of his country and has encouraged Spanish companies to bet on investing in Australia. The Director General of the Casa Asia, Ramon Mª Moreno, has welcomed the ambassador to the audience with special emphasis on "the excellent bilateral relations" between Spain and Australia today, desatacando that the latter occupies a position key in the Asia-Pacific.
Casa Asia Film Week 2015 2015/11/04 13:04 Approaching a new edition of the Casa Asia Film Week (CAFW), the festival with the best Asian cinema of the last years of the hand Cinemes Girona and Casa Asia. The event will take place from 11 to 15 November and will be shown in the halls of the c / Girona, 175 of Barcelona a total of 52 films from 20 Asian countries. The main objective of the festival is to offer a contemporary portrait of Asian societies of the 21st century.
"La reemergencia de China", curso de Red de Casa en la UIMP 2015/10/16 13:35 La Red de Casas del Ministerio de Asuntos exteriores y Cooperación organizó el curso "Un vistazo al mundo de hoy y el posicionamiento de España. Un análisis desde la Red de Casas", que se lleva a cabo en la Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, en Santander, del pasado 31 de agosto al 4 de septiembre. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/044/465/original/20150904lrdc_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/44465.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
"Asia, un mundo en trasnformación politca y social", curso Red de Casas en la UIMP 2015/10/16 12:41 La Red de Casas del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación organizan el curso 'Un vistazo al mundo de hoy y el posicionamiento de España. Un análisis desde la Red de Casas, que se lleva a cabo en la Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, en Santander, del 31 de agosto al 4 de septiembre. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/044/462/original/20150908uimp_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/44462.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Casa Asia recibe el Premio ACCA 2014 para un proyecto expositivo itinerante de videoarte 2015/03/30 13:45

El pasado miércoles 18 de febrero, la asamblea de la Asociación Catalana de Críticos de Arte otorgó el Premio ACCA 2014 de Promoción del arte catalán en el extranjero a Casa Asia, por su producción "Languages ​​and Aesthetics of Spanish Video Arte: Ten Years of Critical Practices", comisariada por Menene Gras Balaguer.

Entrevista con Mariam Mana, periodista y activista afgana 2015/03/27 13:40 Mariam Mana nació en Kabul, donde reside actualmente,  pero debido a la guerra creció en Irán hasta los 17 años. Estudió Ciencias Políticas en la Kateb-University en Kabul, compaginando sus estudios con el trabajo de periodista, oficio que ejerce desde los 18 años tratando sobretodo temas sociales, culturales y políticos. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/042/183/original/mariam_mana_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/42183.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Literary Gathering between the East and the West 2015/01/22 09:49 Owing to the Liber Fair of Barcelona, Casa Asia, in collaboration with People’s Literature Publishing House and the Literary Agency Sapere Critico, organised a gathering between Ge Fei and Yan Geling. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/041/187/original/encuentro-web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/41187.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview wit David Loy, writer 2014/12/09 15:40 David Loy is teacher of Ethics, Religion and Society at University of Bunkyo, Japan. He has been Zen practitioner for more than 20 years until he became a teacher. He is author of many articles and of the books Nonduality, The Great Awakening and Money, Sex, War and Karma. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/040/882/original/david_loy_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/40882.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Entrevista a Kevin Latham, profesor y experto en turismo chino 2014/12/03 17:25 Interview with Dr. Kevin Latham, Professor at the School of Oriental and Africa Studies (University of London) and author of How the rise of Chinese Tourism will Change the Face of the European Travel Industry during the Course “Chinese Outbound Tourism: New challenges for European Tourism” /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/040/819/original/kevin_latham_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/40819.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
XVIII Festival Asia 2014/11/18 15:44 El Festival Asia, organizado por Casa Asia, ha contado un año más con el apoyo de la Diputación de Barcelona y la colaboración del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, la Japan Foundation, el Centro Cultural Coreano, el Centro Cultural Chino, la Fundación Instituto Confucio de Barcelona, las embajadas de Tailandia, Indonesia, Uzbekistán, Irán y Filipinas, Melià Hotels International, Air China, YouMobile, las asociaciones de las comunidades asiáticas y de los espacios CaixaForum, Francesca Bonnemaison, Ateneu Barcelonès, Conservatorio Municipal de Música, Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau, Macba y CCCB, entre otros. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/040/591/original/FA_2014_DEFINITIU_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/40591.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Entrevista a Agustín Pàniker, editor y escritor 2014/11/12 17:46 La Sociedad de Castas, por Agustí Pàniker, es un esclarecedor texto explicativo y reflexivo, donde se aportan infinidad de novedades para el lector o la lectora ya familiarizados con el mundo índico. Ineludible para aquellos que quieran ahondar en la sociedad, la religión, la política o la historia de la India. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/040/489/original/panikker_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/40489.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Casa Asia Film Week (2th edition) 2014/11/03 11:45

Casa Asia Film Week (CAFW) returns to Barcelona. From the 12th to the 16th of November Cinemes Girona will host this contest with the best Asian cinema of the latest years. More than 40 films, mostly unknown, will allow to get to know the current cinema that is distributed outside commercial circuits and, at the same time, to make a realistic portray of the Asian societies of the 21st century.



Cultural Tour: "India in BCN" 2014/10/29 16:53 Casa Asia and CultRuta offer an indian cultural route in Barcelona to make known the history of Indian immigration in Barcelona and how this community contributes nowdays to the richness that having a diverse city involves. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/040/321/original/ruta_india.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/40321.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Entrevista a Bernie Villegas, economista filipino 2014/10/09 16:14 After the financial crisis of 2008, the Philippines has become one of the most dynamic Asian economies. During the years 2012 and 2013 the growth rates were 6.8 and 7.2% respectively, which turns it into one of the countries that offer better prospects for foreign companies.
Exhibition: "The Tree and The Shade" by Ricard Chiang 2014/10/08 16:34 Interview with Ricard Chiang, author of the exhibition "The Tree and The Shade" for Centro Cultural de China en Madrid together with Casa Asia and Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/040/072/original/Exposicion_de_Ricard_Chiang_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/40072.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Aula Teatro Forum Intercultural 2014/09/29 13:52 Casa Asia, the Direction of Immigration of the Barcelona City Council and La Xixa Teatre organized twice in a year a forum theater with workshop situations, intercultural coexistence that provide food for thought and help to break the rumors and stereotypes about immigration.
Asia Festival 2014 2014/07/24 12:58 Mercè Festival in Barcelona will count on shows from Asia thanks to Asia Festival once again, which holds its 13th edition. From the 18th to the 24th of September, the Festival will offer a programme for all kind of public, with proposals that reflect diversity and dynamism of the Asian artistic scenario with contemporary and traditional musical proposals and of stage arts. Write it down in your diary and have a look at the programme Are you going to miss it? /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/039/406/original/WebSpotFA2014.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/39406.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition “A Japanese Garden: Topographies of Void”, by Esther Pizarro 2014/07/17 12:37 Casa Asia presents the exhibition project by the artist Esther Pizarro and curated by Menene Gras Balaguer, consisting of the creation of a Japanese garden, understood as a copy of natural landscape and the construction of a cultural identity. This project brings together the expression of a milennial tradition represented in the figure of a "Japanese Garden" and its validity in the work of architects and landscapists that have adopted as a role their aesthetic ideology, such as Tadao Ando, Isamo Noguchi, Toyo Ito, Kengo Kuma and Shigeru Ban.
Project "Poems that bring us Together" at Barri Fort Pienc de Barcelona 2014/07/17 10:37

Casa Asia's Bamboo School, l'Eixample City Council, Traders' Association Eix Fort Pienc and Fort Pienc Library have organized this project that through poetry has brought children, teachers and traders of the neighbourhood together in March and April 2014, enjoying poetry, building the neighbourhood and contributing to improve social cohesion.

Interview with the chinese writer Mai Jia 2014/07/08 11:32 Mai Jia (Jiang Benhu's alias) was born in 1964 in Fuyang. His time at the Fine Arts Academy of the People's Liberation Army highlighted his literary talent and gave him propaganda tasks. With the publication of El Don, his first novel, in 2002, he achieved immediate success with 600.000 sold copies and 17 editions, and won the most important literary awards in his country. He is currently one of the most successful writers in China.
Interview with Samhita Arni 2014/07/01 10:48

The Indian Europe Foundation for New Dialogues (FIND) and Casa Asia organised an encounter with the Indian writer Samhita Arni to discuss literature in modern India. When she was eight, Samhita Arni started writing and illustrating her first book, The Mahabharata - A Child’s View, which was on to be published in seven languages editions and sold 50,000 copies worldwide. This time she is presenting her latest novel, The missing queen, a speculative-fiction mythological thriller, that has been published by Penguin (Viking) and Zubaan.


Official Presentation: “Guide for the establishment of Chinese Companies in Catalonia-Barcelona” 2014/06/26 16:10 Invest in Catalonia and Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with Casa Asia, have made this guide that doesn't only give relevant information to Chinese companies that would like to be established in Barcelona-Catalonia, it also allows us to define our position within this changing economic environment.
Interview with Pawan Agarwal, Adviser of Education and Culture (Government of India) 2014/06/04 11:59 Pawan Agarwal interview during a visit to Casa Asia of a group of Indian education experts during the panel "Education and cities'' under the Indian III Leaders Program organized by the Spain-India Council Foundation, which sought know the objective reality of university education in Catalonia, as well as establishing relationships and links between academic institutions of both delegations. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/038/431/original/20140530LideresIndios_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/38431.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with the indian writer Siddarth Shanghvi 2014/05/30 14:03 The Indian Europe Foundation for New Dialogues (FIND) and Casa Asia organise an encounter with the Indian writer Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi to discuss literature in modern India. Specifically, we will analyse how sex and gender issues are approached in a changing society such as the Indian.
Hong Kong Film Week 2014/05/20 17:38 During the nineth edition of the Hong Kong Film Week in Barcelona, a selection of 6 titles will be screened. Casa Asia, Cinemes Girona and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office of Brussels collaborate to continue with this series that offers the most representative film production of the latest Hong Kong cinema, made by directors such as Heiward Mak-Hei Yan, Jin Wong, Adam Wong, Longman Leung or Vincent Chui, among others.
Interview with Iranian artist Mojé Assefjah 2014/04/17 13:18

Interview with Iranian artist Mojé Assefjah about his solo exhibition at the Gallery + R of Barcelona, ​​in which Casa Asia collaborates .

More about the exhibition aquí

Zhuang Juzhong, Economist Deputy Head of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2014/04/15 12:38 Interview with the Economist Deputy Head of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Dr. Zhuang Juzhong, in the context of the presentation of the financial report "Asian Development Outlook" (ADO 2014) in Casa Asia (Barcelona).
Jung Chang, author of de Empress Dowager Cixi 2014/04/10 18:53

Casa Asia has interviewed Jung Chang, author of the acclaimed novel Wild Swans, after writing his new book Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China, a recently published book about the life of Empress realizes that not only his political brilliance, but also moves the reader to the corners of his splendid Summer Palace and the harem of the Forbidden City in Beijing.


Ramón María Moreno discusses elections in India 2014/04/09 10:07 Ramón María Moreno, director general of Casa Asia, answers key questions about the general elections in India, the world's largest democracy, on issues such as political stability, corruption, the economy and the challenges that faces the country during this century.
Casa Asia and Matador Madrid at Theatre Night 2014 2014/04/03 10:28

Scenarios of what's beautiful and sad: Japanese Garden as text and landscape. This multidisciplinary proposal evolved around the fact that Japanese gardens can be considered the equivalent to a haiku in three dimensions, without stopping being a space of knowledge and representation of an archetypical world.


Asian Film Series: “New Korean Cinema” 2014/03/19 11:14 Casa Asia and Girona Cinemas present, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre of Madrid, the new Korean film series, which will be held between the 22nd of March and the 10th of May at Girona Cinemas. This display rescues eight films produced between 2002 and 2013 that stand out for their antropological value as they are symbols of their cultural identity.
Inauguración de la exposición “1986-2014. España en Europa” 2014/03/13 19:10 La exposición “1986-2014. España en Europa”, se compone de fotografías, vídeos y textos con el objetivo de reflexionar y sensibilizar a la ciudadanía ante la importancia de las próximas elecciones al parlamento europeo. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/037/030/original/expo-espana_europa_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/37030.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Concert: “Hannaneh (حنانه), a Persian Musical Journey” 2014/03/04 13:23 Casa Asia, together with the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Iran and RBA Foundation, organized a concert of traditional Persian music with the band Hannaneh (حنانه), from Teheran. The Iranian group Hannaneh is made up of 5 musicians and it was created in 1991 by the composer Kamran Hemmatpour. They have been awarded with many prizes as a group and as individual musicians, among which we highlight the first award of the Mouludí Festival and of the Festival of San Lorenzo in Milan and the award to the Band of the Year in 1997 in Teheran. Individually we highlight the award to the Best Percussionist at the Taiwan Festival in 2012 for Mahdi Ayoughi Pourtafti and the first award of the Fajr Music Festival in Iran for Hasan Khodaeinia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/036/697/original/VTS_02_1.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/36697.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Resumen del IV Encuentro de Mujeres Asiáticas y Españolas 2014/02/03 12:22 Fomentar la profesionalización de la mujer, la sostenibilidad, una mayor implicación de las comunidades locales y de la administración. Éstos son los puntos clave en los que han coincidido todos los participantes del IV Encuentro de Mujeres Asiáticas y Españolas, organizado por Casa Asia con el patrocinio de la AECID, y que en esta edición ha tenido como tema central el potencial del turismo par ala igualdad de género en el Sudeste Asiático. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/036/148/original/encuentro_mujeres_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/36148.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
"Mundo. Una geografía poética", por Manuel Montobbio 2014/01/29 15:47 In his book "Mundo. Una geografía poética" Manuel Montobbio gathers much of his poetry, ordained as a geography. His poems draw a vital route where travels and experiences for Asian cities and landscapes are also included. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/036/085/original/montobbio_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/36085.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Ceremonia de entrega de condecoraciones de Isabel la Católica y del Mérito Civil a seis personalidades del mundo económico 2014/01/08 18:06 Los distinguidos con la Orden de Isabel la Católica han sido Javier Monzón de Cáceres, presidente de INDRA, Salvador Alemany i Mas, presidente de Abertis, Jorge Calvet Spinatsch, presidente de Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica S.A., Juan Lladó Arburúa, vicepresidente y consejero delegado de Técnicas Reunidas S.A. y Antonio Montes Pérez del Real, director general de Alianza Sumaq y director del Instituto de Empresa. Asimismo, la Orden del Mérito Civil se ha entregado a Josep Manuel Basáñez i Villaluenga, vicepresidente de las Cámaras de Comercio de Barcelona, quien ha dirigido unas palabras en representación del grupo de condecorados. “La economía de un país se hace fuerte si sale fuera de sus fronteras. Por eso las empresas deben retomar el compromiso y continuar con el trabajo desde fuera para poder ayudar a los de dentro”, ha afirmado. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/035/734/original/margallodef_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/35734.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Naomi Chakwin (ADB) 2013/12/11 10:53 Dr. Naomi Chakwin, high representative of the Asian Development Bank in Europe, offered as part of the Economic Council of Casa Asia, a talk on trends and prospects for economic growth in the countries of Asia-Pacific. The Asian Development Bank is the largest multilateral Asian financial institution composed of a total of 67 member countries, including Spain.
Book Launch: "El lugar más feliz del mundo", by David Jiménez 2013/12/05 16:04 Highlighted as the "Spanish Kapuscinski", David Jiménez gathers in this book the definitive manual on reporting journalism, an exceptional radiography on the human condition and a life history of 15 years searching for a destination that is often closer than expected.
Asia Festival 2013 2013/10/22 11:16 The Asia Festival 2013 took place from 20 to 24 September and was held in traditional and scenarios, such as Espai Francesca Bonnemaison or Ateneu Barcelonès, to which were added new locations, such as the outdoor stage of the Passeig San Joan, CaixaFòrum or Montjuïc Castle.
Lecture: “E-Commerce and Online Marketing in China” 2013/06/18 13:09 Casa Asia organized the last 5th of June, in association with Spain China Council Foundation, a session about "E-Commerce and Online Marketing in China" in Madrid and Barcelona to discuss the characteristics of the ecosytem that makes up the Chinese electronic market and how to identify the principal barriers that Spanish companies come across when they want to sell in China online. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/032/905/original/E-Marketing_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/32905.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
2013 Meeting of Asian Studies 2013/06/11 11:47 Casa Asia held the 2013 Meeting of Asian Studies, where more than thirty experts and scholars of Asian studies in Spain were brought together, as well as government representatives within the field of education. The meeting aims to provide a platform to debate issues affecting Asian studies in Spain, to present new degrees and to get to know about the progress made and the challenges that may exist in their implementation. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/032/788/original/estudis_asiatics_2_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/32788.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
III International Congress on Asian Tourism 2013/05/31 10:04 With the purpose to identify measures that the Spanish tourist sector must adopt as a receiving market, key issues have been approached such as the positioning of our destinations in Asian markets, connectivity with Asia, Asian customer service or the purchasing power of Asian tourists, among others. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/032/587/original/post_congres_def_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/32587.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Barcelona Kathak Project 2013/04/22 13:09 For the first time in Barcelona and Spain, you can enjoy a show directed by a master of international fame as Fasih ur Rehman, National Dance Award Tamgha E Imtiaz from Pakistan. The show is performed by local artists and dancers, accompanied by Sajid Ali, Pakistani renowned professional dancer.
III International Congress on Asian Tourism 2013/03/19 16:29 The International Congress on Asian Tourism holds its third edition under the title: Asia, the Great Outbound Market and New Technologies as Promotion and Loyalty Building Tools. The congress, which is structured in five roundtables, two plenary sessions and an opening lecture, will analyze the current situation and future perspectives of Asian markets as a tourist outbound and how new information and communication technologies must be used in order to attract Asian tourism. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/031/747/original/congres_def_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/31747.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Luis Monreal, General Manager of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture 2013/03/11 17:06 Interview with Luis Monreal, General Manager of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, on the occasion of the exhibition "Historic Cities" and the inaugural conference in which he participated. In collaboration with Agency Support Architecture Barcelona (AAAB). /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/031/573/original/Luis_Monreal_versio_n_final_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/31573.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Xulio Rios author of 'China pide paso. De Hu Jintao a Xi Jinping' 2013/03/06 11:03 After the XVIII Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the new direction of China is crucial worldwide. Hu Jintao's decade (2002-2012) in front of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) laid the groundwork for change that ventures crucial to confirm the emergence of China and its viability as a separate project in the global order. On the occasion of the publication of the book China pide paso. De Hu Jintao a Xi Jinping, which will analyze the unknowns of the decade that begins after the accession to power of Xi Jinping, web interviewed the author. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/031/516/original/Wulio_Ri_os_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/31516.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Sherman Ong, filmmaker 2013/03/01 13:42

Interview with Sherman Ong, filmmaker from Malaysia who lives in Singapore and has vast experience in the field of visual arts, photography, video and film, and has received several international awards. Casa Asia has organised a film series of his work.

Concert "Unit Asia" 2013/02/06 16:26

Unit Asia, Asia Fusion Jazz is Asia's current jazz band. Their fusion not only concerns their mixture of musical genres (jazz, pop or rock), but also the diversity in the band's roots, as it is formed by three musicians from Japan, one from Malaysia and one from Thailand.



Happy Chinese New Year! 2013/02/05 10:22

The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China and is celebrated by more than 1,300 million people worldwide. In Spain, Chinese communities living in different cities will participate in the festivities which begin on February 10, 2013 (the year 4711).

Entrevista a Sudhir Kakar, coautor de "La India. Retrato de una sociedad" 2013/01/31 14:01

En el sólido estudio La India. Retrato de una sociedad, Sudhir Kakar, considerado por Le Nouvel Observateur uno de los 25 pensadores de mayor relevancia del mundo, y la antropóloga Katharina Kakar investigan la naturaleza de la «indianidad», esa unidad que subyace en la gran diversidad de la India, más allá de las diferencias étnicas o sociales.

Interview with Zong Wa, Member of CEAIE 2013/01/25 14:02 Interview with Zong Wa, Deputy General Director of the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). CEAIE is the largest international education agency of China. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/030/868/original/Educaci_n_China_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/30868.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Ivan Tselichtchev, author of the book China versus the West 2013/01/11 13:18 Ivan Tselichtchev is teacher at the Niigata University of Management, Japan. Graduate by the University of Moscow, in 1979 he became part of the main think tank of Russia, the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. In 1983 he achieved his PhD. He is author of five books, co-author of many other and he has published more than 200 articles about international and Asian economy.
Interview with Zhang Yingying, co-author of "No más cuentos chinos" 2012/12/21 14:49 No más cuentos chinos, written by Zhang Yingying and Ignacio Olivares, collected the ten most popular topics on Chinese culture and economy in an attempt to avoid misunderstandings and deepen the knowledge of its corporate culture. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/030/561/original/cuentos_chinos.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/30561.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Josep Manel Brañas, specialist in Korea 2012/12/20 18:41 Interview with Josep Manel Brañas, emeritus Professor of the Department of Applied Economics of the University Autonomous of Barcelona (UAB) and specialist in Korea
ASEAN DAY: "ASEAN, the New Border for the International Expansion of Companies" 2012/12/14 13:11

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded on the 8th of August 1967 with the purpose to turn the region into a stable and prosperous area and with an equitable and sustainable economic development. This conference made the current development of the economy of ASEAN countries known, as well as the opportunities offered by the region for Spanish companies.



Interview with Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Spain 2012/11/30 09:24 Interview with Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Spain, owing to the Conference "Indonesia: Consolidated Democracy and Engine of Economic Growth in Asia"
Interview with Andrew Wilder, expert in Afghanistan (USIP) 2012/11/22 18:16 Interview with Andrew Wilder, director of the Afghanistan and Pakistan Programmes of the United States Institute of Peace, that focus on the Afghan political transition process, which has to be developed, in collaboration with the international community, in order to grant the background of credible elections to elect a legitimate government that provides peace and stability.
III Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women: Globalization and local realities 2012/11/20 16:45 Last November 19th and 20th the Third Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women was held, organized by Casa Asia. The subject of "Change and modernization of enterprises in a global world: Spain and Asia” was addressed in various sessions focused on the support and promotion of talent and entrepreneurial spirit of creative women that have started business projects with an international projection.
Exhibition: “Synchronising Threads and Rhizome”, by Chiharu Shiota 2012/10/31 11:35

Casa Asia presents the first exhibition by Chiharu Shiota (Osaka, 1972) in Barcelona, with a proposal regarding several installations, drawings and videos, which are integrated in a unique project at its headquarters.

Song: The Belle grove Affair by Tom Fahy
Creative Commons. Noncomercial value

Interview with Manuel Montobbio, author of the book "Tiempo diplomático" 2012/10/24 14:30 Entrevista with Manuel Montobbio, diplomat and author of the book Tiempo Diplomático. As if it were a journey, this work invites to experience a diplomatic destination in its different stages and it offers an approach to the tasks of a diplomat and to diplomats through his professional life. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/029/444/original/entrevista_montobbio.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/29444.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
EMeeting with the Writer and Journalist Maha Akhtar 2012/10/17 16:13 Maha Akhtar worked for 15 years in a «CBS News» and currently collaborates with DeparturesFood and Wine and Travel & Leisure and with The New York Times. At the age of 42 she he discovered that she was the granddaughter of the Maharajah of Kapurtala and of his Spanish wife, the singer and dancer from Málaga Anita Delgado. She decided to write two works based on her story: The Maharani's Hidden Granddaughter, first and The Lost Princess, later. She has just published Honey and Almonds, her first novel.
Mo Yan, Premio Nobel de literatura 2012/10/11 18:10 En el año 2008 Casa Asia tuvo el placer de invitarle y poder escucharlo en la mesa redonda: "El universo femenino de Mo Yan". En el encuentro en Casa Asia afirmó tras la publicación de su libro Las baladas del ajo que en sus novelas existe un homenaje al universo femenino y que mientras alaba a las mujeres, critica la sociedad machista. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/029/099/original/Sequence_1.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/29099.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Dr. C. Raja Mohan 2012/10/10 12:42 In this interview C. Raja Mohan analyses the recent evolution of the Indian relations with the United States, China, Europe, Russia and Japan, as well as the importance of the "non-aligned" principle. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/028/961/original/Entrevista_Raja_Mohan.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/28961.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
11th edition of Asia Festival 2012/10/01 11:35 Once again, the public from Barcelona had the chance to enjoy the different artistic disciplines from the Asian continent for free at the 11th edition of the Asia Festival, between the 21st and the 24th of September 2012.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs meets with business people with interests in Asia 2012/09/20 13:09 The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo chaired the 1st Business Encounter about Economic Relations with Asia-Pacific last 19th of September in Casa Asia, in support of the companies that have interests and investment projects in the region.
Asia Festival 2012 2012/09/14 09:20 For four days, from the 21st to the 24th of September, Barcelona becomes a space of intercultural dialogue and of meeting with Asia, in a celebration that is within the Mercè Festival and BAM with several artistics from the Asian continent. Plaça de la Catedral, plaça dels Àngels, plaça Joan Coromines, Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison, Ateneu Barcelonès, Casa Asia and the Sala Teatre of CCCB will be the main stages of this edition.
Roundtable "China and Europe: When Politics and Economy are entangled" 2012/07/19 11:37 Nowadays Europe cannot be thought in abstract, but immersed in international relations that affect its dynamics and goals in various fields. The external view on Europe has also changed since the end of the Cold War when Europe, when it was viewed with optimism as a role model, until today, which is the focus of much criticism.
Session: "Labour Market and Job Opportunities in China and India" 2012/07/17 10:56 At this session, the people responsible for prestigious business schools attached to the annual scholarship programme La Caixa-Casa Asia, and some of their MBA graduates inform us of the tendencies of the labour market and the most demanded labour profiles in China and India.
Session: "Investment Opportunities in Australia" 2012/07/16 11:12

The purpose of this conference was to identify the main investment oppotunities offered by Australia; to explain the conditions of the entrance process, financing formulas, possible tenders and other key legal, administrative and fiscal aspects for the investment of Spanish companies, as well as to present the strategic plan of New South Wales regarding infrastructures.

Mesa redonda: "Perspectivas de futuro, oportunidades y retos de la economía india durante los próximos años" 2012/07/05 08:50 La India es una potencia económica consolidada, la tercera de Asia y uno de los países más dinámicos del planeta. Las bases de su economía son sólidas y vaticinan un éxito prolongado para el futuro. Dejando atrás un 2011 de dura crisis económica global, sus previsiones de crecimiento mantienen el pulso reafirmando el país como uno de los motores de desarrollo y de la futura recuperación económica mundial. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/027/773/original/2012_05_31_Econom_a_India_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/27773.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Stephen Siu Yu Lau, architect 2012/06/29 11:12 Interview with Stephen Siu Yu Lau, architect by the University of Hong Kong (HKU, 1979) and Master by the London University (1981). Director of the Faculty of Architecture HKU, directs the PhD Programme since 2005 and since 2000 he is Honorary Director of the Centre of Architecture Studies and Urban Design of China and Hong Kong. Expert in environment and sustainability: design of green buildings, low emission of carbon and sustainable cities; output and assessment; urban regeneration and cultural sustainability. Since 2010 he is supervisor of OMA Asia. He actively takes part in national and international investigation programmes.
Event: "Sufism, the Interior Dimension of Islam" 2012/06/20 16:23 Owing to the publication of the book Sufisme (Fragmenta, 2012) and the CD Ushâq. Música sufí (2012), Casa Asia, the Institute of Sufi Studies of Barcelona and Fragmenta Editorial organized this event that compiled musical activities, as well as a roundtable that maked the basic concepts of Sufism known.
Roundtable: "Dialogue among the Chefs Carme Ruscalleda and Sanjeev Kapoor" 2012/06/20 09:50

Is there a universal language in the kitchen? How much information does gastronomy give us of a place? Is it possible to have a good biriyani in Barcelona, or are the environmental factors –often intangible– inherent in a specific cuisine (cultural, climatic, biological, etc.) determinant in the flavour and experience of every meal? Which are the current tendencies of haute cuisine? Is there a gastronomic tourism?

Encounter "Asian Communities: Immigration, Sport and Social Cohesion" 2012/06/07 16:25 Within the framework of the programme of Asian Communities and in collaboration with GRITIM of the University Pompeu Fabra, Casa Asia presented this encounter where, through personal experiences of several members of Asian communities, the role of sport as a tool for social cohesion was analysed.
Lecture "The Political Transition in Burma/Myanmar: Great Challenges, Great Opportunities" 2012/05/29 14:45

For a year and a half, Burma/Myanmar has been the scenario of a process of political opening that has awakened hop among the Burmese population. However, even if the progress has been clear, there are still doubts about the final result of this new orientation and about the real changes the current government, inheritor of the former military junta, is prepared to make.


Lecture: "The Japanese Garden" 2012/05/22 19:00 Masatoshi Takebe, one of the best known landscape gardeners of Japan, gave a lecture at Casa Asia about Japanese gardens, owing to the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the creation of plaça de l'Arbre of Riudoms, work by the architect who is also Japanese, Hiroya Tanaka.
Interview with Jean-François Huchet 2012/05/17 18:28

Interview with Jean-François Huchet, Professor of Economics at the School of Chinese Studies, about the new leading team that will succeed Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao in the party elections in Autumn 2012, and possible changes in the content of the economic and political programme.


Presentation of the Ramuni Paniker Trust Foundation 2012/05/10 16:12 Ramuni Paniker Trust is a non-profit-making foundation that, on the one hand, supports students from economically needy families from South India so they can be trained in professional and superior education and, on the other hand, collaborates in the promotion and economic aid to initiatives of cultural, artistic, educational and research activities that favour a better mutual knowledge among people from South India and Spain.
Ramuni Paniker Trust Foundation 2012/05/02 19:35

The Ramuni Paniker Trust Foundation, named after the philosopher's father and thinker Raimon Panikkar, is a non-profit-making foundation that aims to become a dialogue space to promote an exchange network between people, groups and institutions of south India and Spain. To carry it out, it includes a scholarship programme for students of economically needy families from south India so they can be trained professionally and receive high education.


Lecture "Health and Migration: perspectives from Asia and Europe" 2012/04/25 11:19 Which initiatives and policies currently exist with regard to this issue in Asia and Europe? And what are the difficulties faced by migrants with regard to access to public health? Which areas need more action and research for cooperation between Asia and Europe? These and other questions were addressed in this public talk organized by Casa Asia and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF).
Exhibition: "Leaves swim" by Shimabuku 2012/04/18 19:06

Interview with the artist Shimabuku in Casa Asia owing to his visit to Barcelona for the opening of the exhibition "Leaves swim", which includes his last works, in the gallery NoguerasBlanchard.


Japan, one year later 2012/04/12 18:19

Casa Asia, with the support of the Japan Foundation, organised a special activity programme owing to the first anniversary of the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that devastated the Northeastern coast of Japan on the 11th of March 2011.


Study Presentation: "El papel de España en los lazos económicos entre Asia y Latinoamérica. Grandes empresas, pymes y la ciudad de Barcelona como puentes entre las dos zonas" 2012/04/03 11:08 Casa Asia and the INSEAD Business School in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council, Garrigues and the University Pompeu Fabra, present this study of business cases. The purpose of this study is to contribute that in difficult situations in the local environment, Spanish companies are able to be placed among the main emergent areas that have become the salvation of many Western companies.
Lecture "Mother India: A Trip to the Deepest Part of India" 2012/03/28 17:35 How do tribes from Orissa defend their rights before multinationals? What story does a temple dancer (devadasi) from Mumbai tell us? How does an onyrical love story from Varanasi develop? And how to rifles roar in Cashmere? At this lecture we will travel to the deepest and most sensual part of India, where thousands of people struggle for their dignity and freedom.
¡Happy Nowruz! 2012/03/20 09:57

On the 20th of March 2012 the new year is celebrated in many countries of the western region of Asia. Persian origin, Nowruz is celebrated by more than 400 million people from Central Asia, great part of the Southern Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and the Chinese region of Xinjiang. The main purpose of the celebration is to welcome spring with a renovation will, cleaning and harmony among people. This feeling is very strong and during the wars a ceasefire was organised to celebrate Nowruz with a banquet.


Entrevista al arquitecto chino Ma Yansong 2012/03/15 11:08

Entrevista a uno de los arquitectos chinos más reconocidos internacionalmente, Ma Yansong, en su visita a España. Casa Asia acogió las entrevistas durante la estancia del arquitecto a raiz de dos conferencias organizadas por la revista Future Arquitecturas en Las Escuelas de Arquitectura de LaSalle de la Universidad Ramon Llull de Barcelona y de la Universidad Europea de Madrid UEM.

Japan, one year later 2012/03/06 13:16

Casa Asia, with the support of the Japan Foundation, organises a special activity programme owing to the first anniversary of the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that devastated the Northeastern coast of Japan on the 11th of March 2011. Among programmed activities an international symposium for journalists and IT professionals, roundtables, a family session and a documentary series will be held. All the information at:


New Urban Cultures, 2011 2012/02/28 11:53

Casa Asia presented in New Delhi the programme "New Urban Cultures ", after the successful editions held in Tokyo (2009) and Seoul (2010). This edition, organised by Casa Asia jointly with the Ministry of Culture and in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes, was made up of tendencies and different characters and strengthened the relations between Indian and Spanish well known artists and creators. It was also a way to display the gastronomy, fashion, videogames, sport, music, design and cinema currently made in Spain.


Institutional Video of Casa Asia 2012/02/24 12:34 Institutional video of Casa Asia with some of its main activities. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/002/963/original/2012_02_24_Corporatiu_2012_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/2963.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Shitala's Dream: Journey to the World of Religions" 2012/02/22 18:39 What is there behind the Buddha cult? What level does the Shaman reach? Why do ancient myths, archetypes, symbols and rites last? What is there behind veils or certain food taboos? What is religion? Where is religion going? These are some of the questions Agustín Pániker will raise at a lecture where we will get to know about practices and meanings of religious phenomenon from all over the world and of Asian traditions particularly.
Poetry Recital and Bengali Music: "The Waterwall" 2012/02/15 17:37 Through this recital of contemporary Bengali poetry and of musical pieces written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore we will deepen into the culture and society of Bengala. The poems, recited in Spanish and Bengali, belong to the publicationLa pared de agua. Antología de poesía bengalí contemporánea (Olifante editions), which gathers a selection of the best poems of 41 Bengali poets.
Exhibition "Citystories and Global Cities" 2012/02/13 10:11

This exhibition brings together works designed by artists, writers, filmmakers and journalists with a speech on the diasporic and multicultural city, the difficult conditions of life of its inhabitants and the rapid changes experienced in the past two decades because of its rapid economic and population growth.


Forum Theatre Session 2012/02/06 11:03 Within the social drama course developed in collaboration with The Xixa Theatre for the last two months, the Forum Theatre session will end with this intercultural initiative led by young people from different backgrounds.
Interview with Michael Denison, Director of Research at Control Risks 2012/02/02 16:19

Central Asia has acquired international relevance in the last two decades due to the richness of natural and energetic resources of its land.

Countries such as China or India establish strategies to manage to consolidate certain resources in order to maintain some economic growth rates that challenge the global crisis.

In this interview, Michael Denison, Director of Research at Control Risks (London), approaches the international situation of the region, its relationship with Spain and its economic future.


Casa Asia Award 2011 2012/02/02 13:34

Casa Asia Award 2011 was granted to the NGO Sisters in Islam for its strong commitment to promoting the rights of women in the Muslim world. The award was presented by the Government's former Vice President Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, in a ceremony hosted by the journalist Rosa Maria Calaf and the General Director of Casa Asia, Juan Jose Herrera de la Muela.

Asia Festival 2011 2012/01/31 12:24

The festival has counted around 17.000 people at  the 2011 edition. Generally, a public of all ages interested in discovering the richness and diversity of Asian cultures has shown great interest in their participation in all of the performances and activities. After 10 years of life, the festival has remained faithful in its purpose of approaching citizens the cultural and artistic diversity, as well as the lifestyle of Asian countries. For this, it has been consolidated as a unique platform in all the country devoted to contemporary and traditional stage arts of the region of Asia and the Pacific.

Conference: "Chinese Views of the EU: Disaggregating Chinese Perceptions of the EU and the Implications for the EU’s China Policy" 2012/01/30 12:51 As China grows in global power and influence, it is critically important for the European Union to forge aclose and cooperative relationship with it. Equally China needs good relations with the EU, which forms itslargest single market. At times of financial crisis, both sides need each other even more. The EU andChina are committed to what they call a comprehensive strategic partnership but EU-China ties have notalways been smooth. Too often, Chinese and Europeans misunderstand each other.
Interview with Adrien Fauve - Current Affairs: Kazakhstan 2012/01/27 13:07

On the 16th of December 2011 the city of Zhanaozen, southeast Kazakhstan, was the scenario of confrontations between the police and workers of the oil sector that were in a demonstration to demand an improvement of their work and salary conditions. The demonstrations had been going on for months but the information did not reach national and international media until the confrontation with the police began. This is the first time in 10 years that this kind of incident occurs in Kazakhstan. The researcher at SciencesPo (Paris) Adrien Fauve has closely followed the events of Zhanaozen and answers about the reach of the riots.

III Asia Geek: Digital Life and Urban Trends in China, Japan, India and Korea 2012/01/26 16:33 Emergent technologies mostly come from Asia. Sophisticated versions of geminoids come from Japan. India surprises us with the cheapest tablets in the world. Phenomenon such as Weibo –the Chinese twitter- is very successful among its more than 500 million surfers and in Korea they already work on specific experiences of prototypes of intelligent or ubiquitous cities. They are examples of the infinity of tendencies that the digital life recreates in some of the main Asia metropolis, such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul or Bangalore- which was explored in the 3rd edition of Asia Geek by Asian technology, tendencies and digital life experts. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/022/381/original/20112610asia_geek.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/22381.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
The East-West Dialogue discusses a New Global Governance Agenda 2012/01/16 17:19 Casa Asia and the Barcelona City Council have organised the East-West Dialogue once again. After eight years of intense debates regarding conflicts, challenges and objectives established by international relations and people's rights, this edition is structured around the reflection about the role governance should have analysing its meaning and its strategic role in economy, finantial crisis, globalisation, social movements and the international governance system. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/021/973/original/DI_LOGO_2011_5_min_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/21973.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Professor C. C. Chan "Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Networks: Development Perspectives in Asia" 2012/01/12 11:44 The lack of sustainable mobility, especially in large cities, is one of the main environmental problems administrations have to face. The car sector is turning to electric cars as a solution before the environmental challenge and as the key of the economic recovery of the sector. Certain Asian countries, led by China, Japan and South Korea, plan to become leaders in the technological development and commercial establishment of electric cars, for which measures of urban adaptation and strong incentives are carried out for their marketing. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/021/844/original/2011_11__professor_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/21844.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Meeting with writer Qiu Xiaolong. The China of the Chief Inspector Chen Cao 2011/12/21 11:44 As part of the series "Dialogues on Asian Black Novels and Detective Fiction", Casa Asia and Confucius Institute Foundation in Barcelona organises the meeting with the poet and translator of into Chinese of American classics. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/021/372/original/2011_11_14_Escriptor_Qui_Xiaolong_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/21372.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
"Japan Beyond 03/11: Challenges and opportunities for the reinvention of Japanese corporations" 2011/12/15 11:39 The events that hit Japan on March the 11th have shown the strict interdependence of world’s economies in aspects as fundamental as the damage to supply chains or energy-related policies. At the same time, the seriousness of those events represents a stimulus for business leaders to debate how to transform the crisis into an opportunity for improvement and innovation. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/021/126/original/2011_11_15_22M_s_enll_22_Jap_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/21126.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview Zhang Yiwu (University of Pekin) 2011/12/01 16:45 The purpose of the session «It’s China Time» is the spreading of the latest tendencies that, since the Olympic Games of 2008 and the Universal Exhibition of 2010, have changed cities of China such as Beijing and Shanghai in two of the main large cities of the planet. From here tendencies that go all around the world can be found, thanks to the international spreading they affect the urban networks of other cities creating new landscapes, new metaphors and new urban cultures. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/020/818/original/Zhang_Yiwu.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/20818.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
The Second Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women raises new challenges for gender equality focused on migration 2011/11/28 13:58 The Second Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women, organized by the Asian and Spanish Women's Network, approached the diversity of Asia, a key continent shaping the world of the XXI century, and the impetus of its women. The Meeting addressed the challenges of equality in Asia from various perspectives: the challenges of entering the labour market, the struggle against gender violence, creating policies against inequality and social exclusion, the demand for women's public presence, and others. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/020/614/original/trobada_dones_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/20614.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Documentary “Las barreras” 2011/11/28 12:42 140,000 asian women live in Spain, asian immigrant women who have lived in the emigration process vulnerabilities: Muslim feminists seeking equality without renouncing their faith, asian women defending their access to productive economy or asian women caregivers living in Europe that have become the breadwinner of the family, with the consequent social stigma in their local cultures. This is the video that was projected during the act of the Second Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/020/608/original/V_MINUTO_CASA_ASIA_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/20608.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Casa Asia supports the commemoration of International Day for the elimination of gender violence on November 25 2011/11/25 13:08 At the recent Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women celebrada el passat November 7 at Casa Àsia, there was a discussion entitled "The economic and social impact of gender violence in the local and migrant" moderated by Toni Marin, director of the program "Matí a 4 bandes" on Radio 4, during which Bandana Rana, regional coordinator of South Asia gender Equality Campaign (Nepal), and Miguel Lorente, Government Delegate for the violence, noted "The commitment to eliminate gender violence is increasing: through a growing and active commitment." /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/020/587/original/2011_11_25_G_nere_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/20587.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Book launch: "Com espigues de blat amb vents de l'est" 2011/11/24 19:02 The volume that is presented, Com espigues de blat amb vents del’est, would like to be a short approach to the poetry made in two of the main languages of the Asian subcontinent: Hindi and English. Sameer Ramal, expert of the literatures currently produced in India and Catalonia, has made the selection and translation of the poems from Hindi into Catalan; Dolors Udina has approached us the poems in English. The work's result is this book: only a sample, but enough to stand out the high poetic level of this refined country. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/020/572/original/espigues_def.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/20572.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asian Stories in family 2011/11/16 17:08 The audience that attended the 25th of September into the Asia Festival participated in a workshop to create animated shorts, by Animaldia. As a group, individual or family, this workshop invited to recreate several stories in the context of the conference "One day in Asia." /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/020/277/original/festival_asia2_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/20277.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Opening of the 2011-2012 school year of the Bamboo School 2011/11/11 09:54 The Bamboo School, intercultural and inclusive educational programme of Casa Asia, begins its eighth year and has carried out more than 4000 workshops with a participation of 700 educational centres with more than 10000 children and young people. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/020/010/original/2011_11_08_escola_bamb_inauguraci_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/20010.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
II Encuentro de Mujeres Asiáticas y Españolas 2011/11/07 13:13

Jean D’Cunha, Asesora Global en Género y Migración de UNIFEM (ONU Mujeres) apoya la celebración del II Encuentro de Mujeres Asiáticas y Españolas, destacando la importancia de la colaboración entre ONU Mujeres y la Red de Mujeres Asiáticas y Españolas  no solo para promover la igualdad de género en todos los niveles, sino también para lograr el empoderamiento económico de las mujeres.

II Meeting of Asian and Spanish Women 2011/11/04 09:06 Maria José Juanes, Coordinator of the Asian and Spanish Women Network of Casa Asia and Judith Astelarra, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona discussed in this conversation / debate the challenges women face in the 21st Century and the points at common between Spanish and Asian women. Do not miss the II Meeting of Asian and Women next Monday, November 7! More information: /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/019/611/original/2011_11_03_dones_asi_tiques-espanyoles_angl_s_YT.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/19611.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition "Japan: Kingdom of Characters" 2011/11/02 09:40 In the latest years, the Japanese manga and anime culture has awakened interest all around the world. Casa Asia and the Japan Foundation, joining this phenomenon, have organised «Japan: Kingdom of Characters», a travelling exhibition that identifies the characters of manga and anime with one of the main aspects of this culture. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/019/515/original/2011_10_28_Jap_-_mascotes_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/19515.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
8th East-West Dialogue: Open registrations 2011/10/21 09:49 Casa Asia and the Barcelona City Council once again host the East-West Dialogue. This eighth edition is devoted to reflecting on the current situation of the world, the role played by institutions and political leaders and the rules of the game where a government system is established in a moment of economic crisis and political and social opposition. Consult the complete programme and register at We are waiting for you! /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/019/174/original/Di_logo_2011prova_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/19174.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Sitges 2011: Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Cataluña 2011/10/20 17:48 Sitges2011, Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Cataluña, es el primer festival de cine fantástico del mundo y constituye, al mismo tiempo, la manifestación cultural con más impacto mediático de Cataluña. Casa Asia colabora con la sección Casa Asia y el Premio Casa Asia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/019/162/original/sitges_2011.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/19162.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Japan Cult Cinema IV Manga-Eiga: del manga al cine 2011/10/17 17:40 Japan Cult Cinema IV Manga-Eiga: del manga al cine es un ciclo de cine japonés. El manga (el cómic japonés) ha sido una importante fuente de inspiración para cierta producción cinematográfica dentro y fuera de Japón, del mismo modo que se han hecho numerosas adaptaciones de historias en blanco y negro procedentes de toda clase de viñetas. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/018/937/original/japan_16-92.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/18937.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture "PostFukushima Japan: Learnt Lessons and Recovery Perspectives" 2011/10/07 11:51 Six months after the tragedy the Japanese people went through, Dr. Takatoshi Ito will offer a lecture about the impact of this crisis, the current challenges the government must face, Japanese companies and society, and the possible future scenarios. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/018/499/original/2011_09_27_Takatoshi_Ito_WEB.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/18499.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Festival 2011: Street Action on the Ramblas of Barcelona Pe'z group 2011/09/22 13:04 Acting on the Rambla in Barcelona Pe'z fusion jazz band: The Samurai Jazz Band. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/017/850/original/PE_zweb.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/17850.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Sorum en el Festival Asia 2011 2011/09/20 13:05 Os presentamos una de las canciones de Sorum que se ha escuchado durante el Festival Asia! Sorum es un grupo mayoritariamente formado por mujeres creado en 2009 como formación independiente. Interpreta temas populares de la música coreana, con instrumentos tradicionales y una estética moderna, que ha tenido mucho éxito entre el público y la crítica. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/017/709/original/FA_MAHUI_Fest.Asia_.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/17709.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Turan en el Festival Asia 2011 2011/09/19 18:47 Check out one of the songs Turan played during the Asia Festival! The band Turan was created in 2008 on the initiative of the Kurmangazy Kazakhstan National Music School. An original event that recreates the sound of ancient instruments in order to find new ways of performing folk music through a contemporary staging. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/017/682/original/turan_Fest.Asia_.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/17682.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
ASIA con FUSIÓN 2011/09/08 13:41 Un año más, Casa Asia, junto con la Fundación Japón Madrid, quiere poner el acento asiático a la noche madrileña a través de varias actuaciones que acercarán al público local las novedades y la tradición de las artes escénicas en Asia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/017/223/original/PROMO_PE_Z_DEFINITIU.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/17223.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
FESTIVAL ASIA 2011 (PROMO) 2011/09/03 14:42 The Asia Festival has reached its tenth year and will celebrate with a wide range of high quality productions from abroad and the presence of the Asian communities in Catalonia. From 16th to 25th September, Barcelona will again become a showcase for the cultural richness and diversity of Asia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/017/109/original/PROMO_FESTIVAL_ASIA_2011_DEFINITU.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/17109.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
VI Spain-China Forum 2011/07/20 15:13 Women and their incorporation into managing work positions as a symbol of economic active was the main topic approached by the Sectorial Committee of Gender Equality within the 6th Spain-China Forum, organised by the Spain-China Board Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Barcelona City Council and Casa Asia through the Network of Spanish and Asian Women. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/016/107/original/2011_07_04_F_rum_Espany_D14.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/16107.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
The Asia Festival turns to Central Asia on the tenth anniversary 2011/07/19 10:08 On its 10th anniversary, from the 16th to the 25th of September, the festival organised by Casa Asia will turn its look to Central Asia and show the diversity of Asian cultures through a multidisciplinary programme for all the public and made up of 30 proposals: from shows from different countries such as China, Japan, India, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, to artistic initiatives of Asian communities resident in Barcelona and Catalonia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/015/999/original/Festival_Asia_2011.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/15999.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Taller: "Poesia d'aigua, tinta i sorra" 2011/07/12 16:11 Taller creativo en dos sesiones que propone una aproximación al espíritu zen a partir de la experimentación con expresiones artísticas de la cultura japonesa. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/015/774/original/2011_05_13_Poesia-haikus.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/15774.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Kabaddi competition 2011/07/01 11:13 First kabaddi competition in Barcelona organized by Chardi Kala Kabaddi Club. Kabaddi is a sport practiced in several countries in South Asia. Its origins go back to a very old game played in the traditional harvest festival of Punjab. It is a strategy sport where each team sends a "raider" to catch players in the penalty area using speed and fighting skills. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/015/115/original/Torneig_de_Kabaddi.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/15115.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Security in East Asia and Japan-EU relations" 2011/06/28 11:16 At this lecture we will learn about the challenges regarding security established by East Asia, existing policies and their importance in relations between Japan and the European Union by Narushige Michishita. The influence of the alliance of Japan with the United States, as well as the Japanese relationships with South Korea and China in this field, will complete the visio of the topic. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/014/962/original/2011_05_11_La_seguridad_en_Asia_Oriental_y_las_relaciones_Jap_n-UE.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/14962.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Conference "Hong Kong: Business Opportunities and Access to the Chinese Market" 2011/06/28 10:33 Hong Kong is one of the main doors to Mainland China for international companies and is considered by The Economist magazine as one of the 5 best places in the world to do business. Its status as a Special Administrative Region confers Hong Kong a series of legal and economic advantages that Spanish companies should take into account when designing their strategy for China and Asia in general. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/014/929/original/2011_05_24_Jornada_Hong_Kong_-_oportunidades_de_negocio_y_formas_de_acceso_a_China.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/14929.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture "Current Non Violent Movements: Gandhi's Legacy" 2011/06/22 10:51 The Iranian philosopher and intellectual, Ramin Jahanbegloo, will approach non violence as a means to build the foundations of a new cosmopolitics in a period when humanity is confronting religious fundamentalism, racial, ethnic prejudices and national interest conflicts. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/014/743/original/2011_06_15_Ramin_Jahanbegloo.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/14743.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Casa Asia Film Week 2011/06/21 09:50 From the 24th of May the tickets will be put on sale of the new contest of Asian cinema of Barcelona: Casa Asia Film Week. The festival will be held between the 6th and the 8th of June at Casa Asia Headquarters (with free activities and screenings) and between the 9th and 12th at Girona Cinemas, and will present a varied cinematographic programme, with a total of 30 films, 11 of which compete at the official section. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/014/662/original/CAFW_noticia.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/14662.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Literary Evening: "Pasión por Murakami" 2011/06/06 12:57 Owing to the publication in Catalan of the novel 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami, we will organize a literary evening for all the fans of the Japanese writer, recently awarded with the XXIII Premi Internacional Catalunya. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/014/200/original/2011_05_17_Pasion_por_Murakami.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/14200.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition: "Move on Asia" 2011/06/06 11:06 «Move on Asia» is a project that covers a decade of Asian videoart, between 2001 and 2010, from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/014/191/original/2011_05_12_expo-moveonasia.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/14191.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Concert of Shib Das Chakraborty 2011/06/06 10:47 Indian classical music is one of the most original and defining cultural aspects of this millennial country. Very rich in concepts and unequalled in rhythmic and melodic nuances, Indian music, based on a modal system, is very different to what we are used to in the West, where harmony has traditionally been the central core. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/014/179/original/2011_05_16_Concierto_de_Shib_Das_Chakraborty.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/14179.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Casa Asia Film Week 2011/05/31 10:59 From the 24th of May the tickets will be put on sale of the new contest of Asian cinema of Barcelona: Casa Asia Film Week. The festival will be held between the 6th and the 8th of June at Casa Asia Headquarters (with free activities and screenings) and between the 9th and 12th at Girona Cinemas, and will present a varied cinematographic programme, with a total of 30 films, 11 of which compete at the official section. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/966/original/PROMO_FINAL_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13966.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Geek: “I’m not Japanese… but I love Manga!” 2011/05/24 10:00 In order to display the power and good situation of comics and manga made by Spanish creators, this new Asia Geek encounter, brings together some of the main illustrators of the current panorama. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/501/original/2011_04_07__I_m_not_Japanese_but_I_love_Manga_.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13501.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Concert: "An Evening of Philippine Songs" 2011/05/23 09:55 Philippines is a country with a mixture of cultures that reflects its historical past at the same time it has originated a very peculiar identity. The great diversity of its folkloric music shows the richness of the influence of Spanish and oriental rhythms. With this concert, we propose a musical journey that will help us know more about these Asian islands. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/405/original/2011_05_11_Una_noche_de_canciones_filipinas.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13405.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Gitanidad: An Indian way of seeing the world?" 2011/05/20 09:41 Sergio Rodríguez, author of the book Gitanidad, will present at this lecture a new thesis about what being a gypsy actually means. The lecturer states that the gypsy people have an Indian way of standing in the world that turnes them into a fragment of the East in middle of the West. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/360/original/2011_05_10_Gitanidad.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13360.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Geek: "Think geek, think big!" 2011/05/19 10:20 This new session of Asia Geek offers the story in first person of a young Dídak Lee, son of Chinese immigrants, who thanks to his attraction for technology and his enterprising spirit, achieves his dream of becoming part of Barça. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/341/original/Think_geek_think_big.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13341.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: “Getting the City Back to the People” 2011/05/18 13:20 A lecture by the Indian architect Debashish Nayak and the Director of CHETNA (Centre for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness) Indu Capoor, where they will talk about sustainable development and cultural heritage of the historical city of Ahmedabad. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/299/original/2011_04_29_Getting_the_City_Back_to_the_People.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13299.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
InfoAsia 2011/05/16 17:26 /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/137/original/infoasia-Apple_ProRes_422_HQ_.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13137.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Roundtable: "Keys for Excellence in 21st Century China" 2011/05/13 11:44 Innovation will be one of the main growing factors of China during the next decades. Within the field of science, education, companies or culture we already have many examples of this process of transformation from an economy of low work costs towards an economy of knowledge based on innovation. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/050/original/2011_05_04_Claves_para_la_excelencia_en_la_China_del_siglo_XXI_mp4.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13050.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Busan-Barcelona-Busan 2011/05/13 10:57 Why Busan in Barcelona? In 1983, both cities signed a twinning agreement by virtue of the analogies between them. 28 years later, the Deputy Mayor of Busan, Baek Seung Taek, realiza una visita a Barcelona con la intención de prolongar este acuerdo con la presentación de Busan al público. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/047/original/2011_04_29_Busan-Barcelona-Busanweb3.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13047.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Professional Opportunities in Asia" 2011/05/04 18:11 The economic stagnation situation of western powers, together with the progressive relocation of multinational companies towards other more competitive regions, make the qualified employment demand in the Asian continent to have progressively increase in the last years. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/012/732/original/Sequence_1-Apple_ProRes_422.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/12732.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "The Akha at the crossroads" 2011/04/27 16:50 At this lecture, we will get to know about the current situation, lifestyles and future challenges of the Akha: an ethnic minority that lives between the north of Thailand, Burma, Laos and south China that despite its cultural richness is among the most unprivileged and marginated groups of society. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/012/324/original/Akha-Apple_ProRes_422.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/12324.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Homenaje a Raimon Panikkar 2011/04/13 12:06 El pasado 24 de febrero, el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Casa Asia, La Fundación Vivarium-Raimon Panikkar y Fragmenta Editorial, celebraron un acto de homenaje al filósofo Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010), en reconocimiento a su trayectoria y relevancia intelectual. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/011/751/original/Homenatge_Panikkar-Apple_ProRes_422.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/11751.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Cricket: Seguimiento de la final del Mundial 2011 en Barcelona 2011/04/12 12:22 Resumen de los momentos de la final del Mundial seguida por personas indias residentes en Barcelona. Además se explica el origen del cricket y cómo ha llegado hasta Barcelona. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/011/724/original/mundial_cricket-Apple_ProRes_422_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/11724.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Jornada solidaria: "Mil grullas para Japón" 2011/03/31 12:13 El pasado 26 de marzo tuvo lugar en las sede de Casa Asia en Barcelona y en el Centro Casa Asia – Madrid una jornada solidaria en apoyo a las víctimas del terremoto y el posterior tsunami de Japón del 11 de marzo. La jornada, con el lema de “Mil grullas para Japón”, pretendía reunir aquellos ciudadanos que desearan solidarizarse con el país a través de la práctica del origami, el arte de la papiroflexia japonesa. En el pueblo nipón, las grullas de papel representan el deseo de curación, y esconden la creencia de que si una persona dobla mil grullas y pide un deseo, éste se cumplirá. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/011/205/original/mil_Grullas-Apple_ProRes_422_OK.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/11205.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
2011 Nouruz Festival 2011/03/30 19:56 Casa Asia, together with the embassies of the countries of the region and the cultural associations of Central Asia, would like to make one of the most ancient festivals known, as well as to offer the display of the cultural diversity of Asia. Known as Nooruz, Navruz, Nauryz, Navroj... depending on where it is celebrated, it is a Persian origin New Year festival that coincides with the Spring equinox. Its roots can be found in the countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) and great part of the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and Chinese Xinjiang. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/011/127/original/nouruz-Apple_ProRes_422_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/11127.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Presentation of the Study: "Analysis of the Potential of the Ports of the Spanish Mediterranean as China's entrance to Europe" 2011/03/29 09:54 Presentation of the study about the ports of the Mediterranean edited by Casa Asia, in collaboration with the Port of Barcelona, given by Jacinto Soler, one of the two authors of the study. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/010/932/original/estudi_ports-Apple_ProRes_422_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/10932.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Geek "Mobile Asia: Art, Culture and Mobile Society" 2011/03/24 10:05 The unstoppable development of intelligent telephones and last generation tablets, joined to more and more sophisticated applications, allow to sense the outline of a future mobile society. Mobile telephones have a growing importance in society and they are added as an active agent, in processes of artistic creation, like in the new channels of dissemination throughout the globe. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/010/482/original/asia_movil-Apple_ProRes_422_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/10482.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and writer. 2011/03/17 10:10 Owing to the publication of Mi visión del islam occidental (Kairós, 2010), its author, the intellectual Tariq Ramadan, will offers us in this lecture his reflections and opinions regarding Islam in the West, as well as the challenges and opportunities he analyses. Professor Ramadan will approach issues such as women in Islam, the concept of “multiple identities”, the relation between religion and culture, European Islam, immigration, participation and “post-integration”. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/010/029/original/Entrevista_Tariq_Ramadan-web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/10029.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Special Report: Earthquake in Japan: Interview with Amadeo Jensana 2011/03/16 14:00 Special Report: Earthquake in Japan. Amadeo Jensana, Director of Economic Programmes and Cooperation of Casa Asia, analyses the situation of Japan after the earthquake. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/010/008/original/terremoto_japon_ajensana.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/10008.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Entrevista a Rafael Bueno, Director of Politics and Society of Casa Asia 2011/03/09 10:52 Interview with Rafael Bueno, Director of Politics and Society of Casa Asia, where he will approach different aspects regarding North Korea within the framework of the lecture "Future perspectives in North Korea". /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/009/552/original/Entrevista_Rafael_Bueno_OK_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/9552.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Hong Kong Film Festival in Barcelona 2011/02/24 18:29 Casa Asia, the Film Library of Catalonia and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office of Brussels present the 6th edition of the Hong Kong Film Festival, which will include the screening of 12 long films. Out of these, seven belong to the most outstanding productions of 2009, and the rest are part of a retrospective of action films (1984-2007), which makes up one of the most representative genres of Hong Kong films. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/009/165/original/hongkong_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/9165.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Book launch: "El secret del meu turbant" 2011/02/21 17:34 El secret del meu turbant tells Nadia Ghulam's true story, an Afghan girl who when she was only eight suffered serious injuries because of a bomb. When she left the hospital two years later, the Taliban regime settled in Afghanistan and she made a radical decision to support her ill parents and little sisters: To supplant her brother, killed in the civil war. The book, written by Nadia Ghulam and the journalist Agnès Rotger, won the 43rd Prudenci Bertrana Award. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/008/856/original/El_secret_del_meu_turbant-Apple_ProRes_422.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/8856.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Geek: "Digital China", by Isaac Mao 2011/02/16 11:50 Isaac Mao is a philosopher of “Sharism”, a social businessman, blogger, software architect and researcher in social teaching and technology. Currently, he is Director of the Social Brain Foundation (successor of the programme CNBlog co-founded by Mao), manager of the Tor Project, adviser of the Global Voices Online and executive adviser of many Internet, Web 2.0 and new media companies. He is also director of the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/008/646/original/Entrevista_Isaac_Mao-web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/8646.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Diálogos sobre Nuevas Culturas Urbanas 2011/02/16 11:41 In the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and Korea, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, represented by the Spanish Embassy in Korea, the Korea Foundation and Casa Asia have developed the cultural program “Spain. New Urban Cultures”. All the information is in the website: /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/009/354/original/Korea_2010_Def_XDcam.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/9354.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Celebration of the Chinese New Year in Barcelona 2011/02/15 11:41 Barcelona held from the 3rd to the 6th of February the Chinese New Year. The Moll de la Fusta hosted this important festival for the Chinese people for a few days, where attendants could enjoy their gastronomy, culture and tradition. Casa Asia presented in its stand an activity programme for all the public regarding the Chinese culture and language, in collaboration with the Institut Confuci Foundation of Barcelona. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/008/517/original/any_nou_xines_Copy-web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/8517.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Islam is not what you think" 2011/02/07 17:42 Currently, Islam is a topic about which a lot is said and read, but what is true is that it is still unknown. Owing to the publication of Islam is not what you think (Kairós, 2010), its author, Abdelmumin Aya, will tell us in this lecture how Islam has been explained throughout time, from the first dictionaries of Christian missionaries to current Arabic expression. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/008/025/original/El_Islam_no_es_lo_que_crees-Apple_ProRes_422_HQ_.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/8025.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Nadia Ghulam 2011/02/07 09:55 Interview with the writer of the book "El secret del meu turbant", that tells Nadia Ghulam's true story, an Afghan girl who when she was only eight suffered serious injuries because of a bomb. When she left the hospital two years later, the Taliban regime settled in Afghanistan and she made a radical decision to support her ill parents and little sisters: To supplant her brother, killed in the civil war. The book, written by Nadia Ghulam and the journalist Agnès Rotger, won the 43rd Prudenci Bertrana Award. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/959/original/entrevista_Subt_BONA_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7959.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Brahma Chellaney, Teacher of Strategic Studies at the Centre of Political Research in New Delhi 2011/02/02 14:08 Interview with Brahma Chellaney, within the framework of the Lecture: "India as a Major Actor in the Emerging Global Order", where he approaches the situation of the country's geo-strategic, social and economic issues. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/695/original/chellaney_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7695.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Documentary screening: "Los ojos de Ariana" 2011/01/27 10:25 Casa Asia presents the documentary Los ojos de Ariana by Ricardo Macián, within the framework of the exhibition devoted to Afghanistan, which will be open to the public until March 2011. This documentary is added to the stories that have built up the exhibition project based on The imaginary return by the writer Atiq Rahimi. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/416/original/ojos_ariana_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7416.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
International Conference: "Water and Development in Asia" 2011/01/27 09:43 The conference will aim to become a discussion forum about the management of hydric resources in Asia from a political, economic and social perspective and it will include the participation of internationally famous experts in sustainable urban management, of representatives of multilateral organizations devoted to international cooperation for development and of high representatives of several Asian cities. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/413/original/agua_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7413.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Arjun Thapan, Special adviser regarding infrastructures and water of the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2011/01/26 09:52 Interview with Arjun Thapan, Special adviser regarding infrastructures and water of the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at the conference Water and Development in Asia. The conference will aim to become a discussion forum about the management of hydric resources in Asia from a political, economic and social perspective and it will include the participation of internationally famous experts in sustainable urban management, of representatives of multilateral organizations devoted to international cooperation for development and of high representatives of several Asian cities. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/353/original/entrevista_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7353.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture "Indonesia: Business Opportunities" 2011/01/17 09:48 Thanks to the sustainability of the public finances of Indonesia, the strength of its business results, the low dependence on foreign supply and the economic policies addressed to attracting foreign investment, this country is consolidated as one of the most attractive economices and with the highest potential of Southeast Asia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/008/original/indonesia_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7008.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Amadeo Jensana, director de Programas Económicos y de Cooperación, analiza las perspectivas económicas en 2011 2011/01/16 11:57 El año 2011 ha empezado con dos hechos clave para la economía española. Por un lado la visita del viceprimer ministro chino, Li Keqiang, ha servido para cerrar contratos en el sector energético, financiero y alimentario. Y por otro lado, China y Japón han comprado bonos de deuda europea para rescatar el euro. ¿Qué ventajas tiene para España y Europa que Asia,la región con más perspectiva económica, ayude a nuestra economía? ¿Será China el nuevo "Mr.Marshall" para salir de la crisis? Amadeo Jensana, director de programas económicos y cooperación de Casa Asia, lo comenta en esta entrevista. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/203/original/jensana_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7203.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Roundtable "Second generation stories: The experience of children of Asian immigrants in our country" 2011/01/13 21:09 This event is organised within the framework of the Programme of Communities of Casa Asia and it includes the participation of the professor and researcher Rosa Aparicio, and of five young people from different countries and exponents of this Asian second generation in Barcelona. Rosa Aparicio is PhD in Politics and Sociology, teacher and researcher of the University Institute of Studies of Migrations at the University Pontificia Comillas and of the Institute Ortega y Gasset. She is also director of the magazine Migraciones and co-author of the study ILSEG (Longitudinal Investigation of Second Generation). /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/996/original/2010_12_14_Segona_Generacio.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6996.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Roundtable: "Another Afghanistan" 2011/01/13 17:25 The freelance photographer Guillermo Cervera and the journalist of La Vanugardia Plàcid Garcia-Planas have a very different perspective about Afghanistan. Where some people see marines, attacks, politicians, burqas and stereotypes, they see transvestites, boxers, thugs, skaters and kytes. They are some of the few western journalists who work in Kandahar –the spiritual capital of the Talibans– travelling alone, without being enlisted in any western army. They are only enlisted in the Afghan army. Why? “Because it is the army of the Afghans –they say–. Because everyone dislikes them. Because we should –we would desperately want to– give them the responsability of security in Afghanistan, so we can leave the country”. Guillermo and Plàcid will explain their experience in the streets of Kabul and the paths of Badgis, around the Taliban valley of Mashali Kamar, the Taliban valley of Arghandab and the markets of Kandahar. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/993/original/2010_12_02_Otro_Afganistan.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6993.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Tutorial de la Mediateca de Casa Àsia 2011/01/02 12:36 Tutorial per saber com cercar material al catàleg de la Mediateca de Casa Àsia /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/677/original/tutorial_catala_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7677.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Tutorial de la Mediateca de Casa Asia 2011/01/01 12:17 Tutorial para saber cómo buscar material en el catálogo de la Mediateca de Casa Asia /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/007/656/original/tutorial_castella_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/7656.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Performance: "Saju", by Sooyoung Lee 2010/12/23 11:07 Casa Asia, in collaboration with Hangar and SAS Geumcheon, presents the performance of the Korean artist Sooyoung Lee, who ends her stay in Barcelona with the presentation of a project in process that she will carry out at our headquarters. The proposal consists of installing an “Office of Good Fortune”, where the artist can predict the future to all those who would like to take part in the project. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/772/original/performance_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6772.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture “Elections of last 7th of November: A new future for Myanmar/Burma?” 2010/12/22 17:27 The elections of last 7th of November, the first since 1990, make a turn in the politics of the Military Junta that rules Myanmar/Burma. Despite everything, the electoral system designed by the regime offers few doubts about the desire of soldiers to guarantee a new political reality depending on interests. The absence of Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy in elections has complete the uncertainty of the future of a political opposition which is divided and weakened, in a country where political, economic and social problemas are built up. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/767/original/2010_11_17_Birmania.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6767.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Meeting with the Philippine writer Miguel Syjuco 2010/12/22 14:07 Ilustrado, won the Man Asian Literary Prize and the Palanca Awards, the most famous award of Philippines' arts. Acclaimed by the critics –«giddy and ambicious» (Publishers Weekly), «impressive, convincing from the beginning to the end. Its author, unlike Crispin, might win the Nobel Prize» (The Guardian)–, Ilustrado is a dazzling work that surprises, moves and amuses, while it introduces readers with sense of humour and lucidity in the reality of an archipelago relegated «to isolation and exoticism», which after the reading of this novel places itself in the centre of the best contemporary literature. The journalist Antonio Lozano and the writer Horacio Castellanos Mora talk to the author. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/739/original/ilustrado_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6739.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition Afghanistan 2010/12/20 13:40 This exhibition project displays the work of photographers that explore a country in a conflict with an uncertain solution for the last thirty years. The authors of the images have stayed in Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-e Sarif, Herat, Jalalabad and Kunduz, among other cities, in search for the unrepeated moment they have captured until it becomes history. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/592/original/expo_afganistan_bo_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6592.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Festival 2010 2010/12/16 10:56 The purpose of the Asia Festival is to approach the Asian culture to Catalonia. With the growing collaboration of Asian communities established in our country, the Festival is held every year since 2002 and it offers traditional and avant-garde shows from different Asian countries. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/535/original/Festival_Asia_2010_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6535.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Stereotypes and Prejudices of current Iran 2010/12/02 17:51 «Young people at the edge of a swimming pool, who use Internet with the same skills as Hafez's poetry; women with xador, who go on a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mashad and there they appreciate a successful divorce to Imam Reza; a Mullah who goes to the opposition and gives lessons of Humanity... This is how Iran works and its fascinating theatre, where everyone has different roles in several scenarios, but only one language, tarouf, a sophisticated form of hypocrisy and courtesy, according to which ‘welcome to by house’ is ‘walk on my eyes’.» (Fragment of Serge Michel's book Marche sur mesyeux. Portrait de l’Iran aujourd’hui). /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/006/193/original/2010_11_10_Estereotipos_Iran.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/6193.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
The six candidates to the elections of the Parliament of Catalonia at Casa Asia 2010/11/26 14:35 Casa Asia has offered its headquarters to Televisión Española in order to interview the six candidates of the political parties with representation in the Parlament of Catalonia. The morning program “Los desayunos de TVE” has interviewed every one of the six candidates to the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia throughout the week. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/869/original/eleccions_catalanes.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5869.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
VII East-West Dialogue (2010) 2010/11/22 20:23 Within the framework of the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Conference and the 10th anniversary of UN Resolution 1325, Casa Asia in its firm commitment to gender equality, empowerment of women, the Millenium Development Goals and Peace, focuses the 7th East-West Dialogue on Gender Equality and Development. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/413/original/Dialogo2010.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5413.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Casa Asia renews its website 2010/11/18 10:00 Casa Asia website makeover and introduces a new design today is more in line with the latest technological advances and current trends can be found on the web 2.0. A renewal form and substance with the aim of providing better service and greater citizen participation. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/004/726/original/DEFINITIVA_final1.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/4726.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Presentación del libro "El comercio con China: oportunidades empresariales, incertidumbres jurídicas" 2010/11/09 19:00 China ha emergido como uno de los principales actores en el comercio internacional del siglo XXI. En este contexto, el presente libro ofrece algunas de las claves necesarias para entender mejor el marco jurídico que las empresas extranjeras pueden encontrarse a la hora de hacer negocios en China: modelos de inversión, protección de la propiedad intelectual, mecanismos de resolución de controversias, aspectos fiscales de los negocios, son sólo algunos de los temas tratados en esta obra. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/312/original/2010_11_09_comercio_china.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5312.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Casa Asia Award 2010 2010/11/02 19:00 Casa Asia Award 2010, on its seventh edition, was given ex aequo to the International Project Dunhuang (China) and to the Philippine Senator Edgardo J. Angara. The jury decided to award, on the one hand, the project Dunhuang for its task of recovery, preservation and display of information and images of the manuscripts, paintings and fabrics found in the Chinese city Dunhuang and the Silk Route, by means of Internet and of the promotion of educational programmes and research. On the other hand, the jury also awarded the Philippine Senator Angara, for his committment with the strengthening of the relations between Spain and the Philippines. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/785/original/premio_CA_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5785.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition: "Beijing Time / La hora de China" 2010/10/30 19:45 The time in Beijing is the time in China according to the time zones of the country, but this «time» is also the clear sign of the appearance of China as a great world power. This exhibition project, curated by Fang Zhennig and Menene Gras, Director of Culture and Exhibitions of Casa Asia, brings together the recent work of 17 Chinese artists based in Beijing. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/630/original/2009_12_17_beijing_time_Expo.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/630.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Chinese community in Barcelon 2010/10/30 19:40 Documentary "Jo Visc a Barcelona" about the Chinese community in Barcelona created by Casa Asia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/570/original/comunidad_china_bcn.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/570.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
1st Twitt-Asia Meeting 2010/10/29 19:00 The 1st Twitt-Asia Meeting, promoted from the programme 'Asia Geek' of Casa Asia and right before the Manga Room, will gather well known experts of the nano-blogosphere to analyse the Twitter phenomenon. Moreover, we include Antonio Delgado, blogger and co-organiser of the 1st Twitt-Tokyo', which will share the experience of the meeting in Tokyo and will introduce the topic of social networks in Asia. Next, Hèctor García (Kirai), writer, blogger and head engineer of Twitter-Japan, will approach the world of Internet in Japan, about his everyday work in Twitter; about how Twitter is used by the Japanese and about its intensive use in Japan, where it is already one of the 10 sites of Internet most used in the country. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/198/original/twittasia_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5198.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
School of Bamboo, Madrid 2010/10/27 18:42 School of Bamboo, intercultural education project of Casa Asia was born in 2003-2004 with the aim of bringing the Asian and Pacific region to the school population. Our educational proposal has three general objectives: · Show the wealth of social, cultural and artistic heritage of Asia. · Make born and raised on the students interest in this continent and its people, as well as learn about the cultures of origin of their colleagues from Asia. · Living cultural diversity as positive and enriching. · Educate in intercultural skills. Our range of activities is aimed at students in nursery, primary, secondary, special education, adult education and informal education. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/004/519/original/Escuela_de_bambu_madrid.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/4519.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Iberoamerican Observatory of Asia-Pacific 2010/10/21 18:33 Casa Asia programme whose main objective is to facilitate understanding of Asia-Pacific Latin American nations, especially in the economic, business and academia. Has become the main tool to disseminate virtual information and analysis on the ever-growing Asia-Latin American ties through the web, which is updated daily, and its bimonthly newsletters. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/004/032/original/20090623economias_emergentes.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/4032.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Official Opening of the Confucius Institute of Barcelona 2010/10/18 12:19 Casa Asia Headquarters hosted last Thursday 15th of April the official opening of the Confucius Institute of Barcelona (ICB). The starting up of ICB, which aims at spreading the teaching of the Chinese language and culture in Catalonia, is the result of the agreement between the Main Headquarters of the Confucius Institute (Hanban) of China, the University Autonomous of Barcelona, the University of Barcelona and Casa Asia. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/003/366/original/2010_10_15_Confucio_institute.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/3366.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Comunidad China en Madrid 2010/10/15 14:11 /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/003/363/original/chinos_set_madrid1.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/3363.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Interview with Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thai film director 2010/10/07 12:54 Interview with Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thai film director, winner of the Gold Palme d'Or of 2010 and winner of the Critic Award of the 43rd edition of the Sitges Festival for the film "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives". The Casa Asia award was for Cold Fish, film by the Japanese director Sion Sono. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/123/original/entrevista_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5123.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
PLAN presenta el nuevo informe "Por ser niñas" 2010/09/20 19:00 PLAN has presented in Casa Asia its fourth report 'For Being A Girl' with the support of the film director Isabel Coixet and journalist Rosa Maria Calaf. In the event also participated PLAN gender expert, Edward Abbey, the girl and lecturer in PLAN Bangladesh, Rami Samapti Roy, and the Director of Casa Asia, Jesus Sanz. PLAN study shows how girls in big cities suffer more violence and are most vulnerable children by the simple fact of being women and children. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/288/original/porserninas_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5288.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "I live in Barcelona, and you?" 2010/08/07 19:45 The series «So far, so close: Asian communities in Spain» aims at making the reality of Asian immigration known in Spain and to create a public platform of intercultural encounter and debate in society with Asian communities that live in Spain. The first session of this series will approach the Chinese community in Barcelona. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/627/original/2010_03_18_vivo_barcelona.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/627.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition "Micrographies: The world through a mobile" 2010/08/07 19:45 /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/636/original/2009_11_03_micrografias.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/636.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
China Spain meeting of students 2010 2010/08/07 19:45 /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/639/original/2010_02_12_encuentro_estudiantes_china__espana.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/639.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Climate Change and Renewable Energies in Asia and Africa 2010/08/07 19:44 Casa Asia and Casa África, in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, the Obra Social Fundación "la Caixa", QuEST, ACS Foundation and Técnicas Reunidas, are organising the «International Conference on Climate Change and Renewable Energies in Asia and Africa» to be held on 26 and 27 November at the CaixaForum, Madrid. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/615/original/2010_01_22_pachauri.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/615.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Curso de teatro de sombras chinas 2010/08/07 19:44 Shadow theatre is born in Asia, between myths and legends. Always within the framework of the ritual and ceremony, as a link between what's sacred and profane, between gods and human beings through characters initiated in their knowledge. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/612/original/2010_03_03_sombras_chinas_madrid.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/612.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Indigenous Women in Cambodia" 2010/08/07 19:44 At this conference we will get to know the needs and challenges of indigenous Cambodian women, the project that Psicólogos sin Fronteras ONGD develops to improve their psycho-social wellbeing, as well as the results of the study they have carried out with the AECID financement about their situation regarding the Millenium Goals of UNO: gender equality, maternal health and children mortality. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/624/original/2009_08_09_mujeres_indigenas_camboya.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/624.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture "Thailand in Crisis: Is there a way out?" 2010/08/07 19:44 In this lecture the political crisis in Thailand, which has been prolongued for almost five years will be analysed. There social and political vindications will be converged with a struggle for power. This situation and uncertainties that are projected in the perspective of succession of the crown complicate the forecast of future scenarios. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/618/original/2010_06_21_tailandia_crisis.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/618.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
VI East-West Dialogue 2 (2009) 2010/08/07 19:43 ince 2004, the East-West Dialogue annually brings together a group of policy makers, including former heads of state and government, pre-eminent scholars, representatives of key non-governmental organizations and of civil society from the East and the West working together for a common cause, to examine today's most pressing global, regional and local challenges, exchange best practices and engage themselves to support action-oriented policies. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/609/original/2009_11_10_VI_DIALOGO_ORIENTE_OCCIDENTE_Parte_2_2.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/609.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Book launch: "Un liberal a la Xina" 2010/08/07 19:43 From a Catalan perspective, the book approaches the Chinese politics and the areas of Asia with important Chinese presence. The author, former President of the youth of the European Liberal Democrat Party, has had many interviews in the last years with political leaders, diplomats, academics and journalists. The work describes and reflects on the past, the present and the future of political relations in this part of the world. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/603/original/2010_06_28_un_liberal_xina.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/603.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
VI East-West Dialogue (2009) 2010/08/07 19:42 Since 2004, the East-West Dialogue annually brings together a group of policy makers, including former heads of state and government, pre-eminent scholars, representatives of key non-governmental organizations and of civil society from the East and the West working together for a common cause, to examine today's most pressing global, regional and local challenges, exchange best practices and engage themselves to support action-oriented policies. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/591/original/2009_11_10_VI_dialogo_oriente_occidente2.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/591.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
2009 Casa Asia Award 2010/08/07 19:42 Casa Asia Award 2009, in its sixth edition, has been awarded ex aequo to EFE Agency and the Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe. The jury has decided to award, on the one hand, EFE Agency for its vast professional trajectory, vocation for service and information task that its correspondents have developed in the region of Asia Pacific since 1963, and, on its behalf, to Miguel F. Rovira, Dean and current delegate of EFE in Manila, responsible for information in Southeast Asia, with more than 20 years of experience. On the other hand, the jury has also awarded the Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe, author of the opera and suite for orchestra Quirós, based on the topic of the Spanish navigator Pedro Fernández Quirós, for integrating in his brilliant musical career the approach among cultures and to highlight historical bonds between Spain and the Pacific. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/597/original/2009_12_11_premio_Casa_Asia_2009.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/597.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition "Textile Art of Thailand: Cultural Identity and Heritage" 2010/08/07 19:42 Casa Asia and the Siam Society present a collection of textile art of Thailand that display the precious cultural heritage of this country and the relation of this heritage with national identity. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/585/original/2009_10_23_telas_tailandia.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/585.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Encounter with Chinese writers: "Trip to Xibanya, Chinese writers account Spain" 2010/08/07 19:42 Casa Asia hosts the Chinese writers that make up the project of the State Society for International Exhibitions (SEEI) 'Trip to Xibanya, Chinese writers account Spain'. SEEI has invited a group of Chinese writers to go around Spain in October with the purpose to write a travel book about our country. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/588/original/2009_10_11_escritores_chinos_espana.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/588.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture "The changing order of castes in India: From the system to the structure" 2010/08/07 19:42 The Indian sociologist, Dipankar Gupta, internationally known for his innovative investigations about the structure and social change in India will offer us a critical and new vision of the caste system in India. In his last publications, The Caged Phoenix: Can India Fly?, he dismantles some of the myths about the new India and its so-called success history. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/594/original/2010_06_22_india_castas.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/594.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Puppet show "TRUST", by Soshiro Matsubara 2010/08/07 19:42 Casa Asia presents the puppet show TRUST, where a narrator builds the story of six characters that dialogue among themselves. He has given life to these puppets he handles and gives voice to, as if it was miniature theatre. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/600/original/2010_03_25_trust_marionetas.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/600.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Challenges for the Consolidation of Democracy in Indonesia" 2010/08/07 19:41 A decade ago Indonesia suffered a severe multi-dimensional crisis of political instability, poverty and social desintegration. Currently, after a series of institutional transformations, the country has become one of the most vigorous democracies of the region and in the third biggest democracy of the world. Indonesia is, in addition, an example of compatibility between democracy and Islam. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/582/original/2009_11_17_democracia_indonesia.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/582.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
5th Spain - Philippines Forum (2010) 2010/08/07 19:41 Next 22nd and 23rd of February Barcelona hosted the 5th edition of the Spain - Philippines Forum, organised by Casa Asia and the Santiago Foundation, in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council, the Catalonian Government (Generalitat) and the embassies of Philippines in Spain and Spain in the Philippines and thanks to the sponsorship of AECID. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/573/original/2010_02_22_tribuna_espana_filipinas_2010.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/573.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "The path towards democracy in Pakistan" 2010/08/07 19:41 Violence in the last years in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has reinforced the perception of being a frustrated State, hiding a hopeful phenomenon: The fruition of a Pakistani democracy, reflected for example in the adoption of the Parliament of important constitutional reforms. The lecturer, expert in international politics and security, will go through the path that the process of democratization is taking in this country. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/576/original/2010_05_06_democracia_en_pakistan.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/576.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Orient Summer School 2010/08/07 19:41 Study conference and intercultural debate between young Asian and Westerners held in the island Mallorca. The aim of the programme is to provide a space for shared living where participants can debate current issues which affect young people as citizens of a globalised and interdependent world. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/579/original/escuela_de_orient_2009.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/579.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Encounter with Xinran Xue: "Generación Mao" 2010/08/07 19:40 Within the framework of encounters with Asian writers, and on the occasion of the publication in Spanish of "Generación Mao" (Emecé 2009), Casa Asia hosts in Madrid and in Barcelona the Chinese journalist and writer Xinran Xue. This valuable and innovatory book, without precedents in the history of our civilization, gives voice to a silent generation and tells the secret story of 20th century China. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/567/original/2009_09_15_xin_ran_mao.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/567.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Launch of the book "Six Suspects" 2010/08/07 19:40 Casa Asia and the publishing house Anagrama launched the book Six suspects dby Vikas Swarup. Author who already wrote the novel Slumdog Millionaire, based on the Oscar winning film with the same name. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/561/original/2010_05_17_conferencia_6_sospechosos.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/561.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asian Film Series "Word in movement: Cinema and Literature in Asia" 2010/08/07 19:40 The controversy of literature, conceived as art, and cinema, qualified as show goes back to the origins of cinema. Somehow, these two disciplines have the same purpose: To tell stories and one of their basic elements are the same for both: Words. This series suggests a tour around Asian films based on great novels, or those whose content talks about the literary universe. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/564/original/2010_02_26_ciclo_animaspace.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/564.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
30th Peace Award for Ramin Jahanbegloo 2010/08/07 19:39 Since 1984, the Association for the United Nations in Spain, with the support of the Barcelona County Council, grants the Peace Award to a personality or institution highlighted for its task in favour of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the defence of the peace solution of conflicts and the promotion of the peace culture. In this 30th edition, Ramin Jahanbegloo (Teheran, 1961), philosopher, writer, and outstanding member of the Iranian intellectual movement has been awarded. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/552/original/2010_03_02_XXX_premio_paz.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/552.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
I Lecture Series: "'Asia Geek. Digital Life and Urban Tendencies in Japan, China and Korea" 2010/08/07 19:39 Casa Asia programmes its first lecture series that would like to consolidate a space where experts of reference in cyberculture and Asia, such as Kirai (Héctor García), Carolina Miyata, Simón Lee, Manel Ollé, Josep Coll or Kahlo (Marta Castro), will explain in first person the avant-garde tendencies and other manifestations associated to digital life. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/555/original/2009_09_07_asia_geek.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/555.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Innova 2010 2010/08/07 19:38 /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/543/original/2009_10_19_asia_innova_robotica.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/543.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Asia Festival 2010/08/07 19:38 /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/549/original/festival_asia_resum.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/549.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture "The Path of the Sword: The Spirit of the Samurai" 2010/08/07 19:38 The Japan Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Spain and Casa Asia, offers a lecture about Kendo given by Masami Matsunaga, Vice President of the International Federation of Kendo and of the National Japanese Federation of Kendo, who will talk about the history, forms and etiquettes of this sport practice, as well as its values in its educational and spiritual perspective. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/540/original/2010_01_25_kendo_conferencia.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/540.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Party of the Bangla Language 2010 2010/08/07 19:37 /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/000/537/original/2010_02_20_lengua_bangla.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/537.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Lecture: "Kyrgyzstan 2010" 2010/08/07 12:45 Within the framework of activities of the Observatory of Central Asia, Casa Asia organises the lecture "Kyrgyzstan 2010". The purpose is to make Kyrgyzstan known and the nature of the conflict that is currently destabilizing not only the country, but all the Central Asian region. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/013/399/original/Kirguistan.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/13399.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
School of Bamboo, Barcelona 2010/06/01 11:00 The School of Bamboo, the intercultural education project of Casa Asia was born in 2003-2004 with the purpose to approach the Asian continent and the region of the Pacific to the school population. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/364/original/escola_bambu_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5364.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Jornadas internacionales: "Microcréditos para el desarrollo. Asia y África" (parte 2) 2010/05/20 16:24 Casa Asia y Casa Africa organizan, con la colaboración de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo y Microbank, estas jornadas sobre microfinanciación, desarrollo económico y erradicación de la pobreza en Asia y África, y sobre el papel que las instituciones de países europeos deberían jugar para la obtención de estos mismos objetivos. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/003/738/original/Microcreditos_para_el_desarrollo2_definitiu.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/3738.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Jornadas internacionales: "Microcréditos para el desarrollo. Asia y África" 2010/05/20 14:05 Casa Asia y Casa Africa organizan, con la colaboración de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo y Microbank, estas jornadas sobre microfinanciación, desarrollo económico y erradicación de la pobreza en Asia y África, y sobre el papel que las instituciones de países europeos deberían jugar para la obtención de estos mismos objetivos. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/003/729/original/Microcreditos_para_el_desarrollo_definitiu.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/3729.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
Exhibition "North Korea: The Weight of History" 2010/04/26 10:00 The history of this nation since its foundation in 1948, with the proclamation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, after the surrender of Japan coinciding with the end of the Second World War in 1945, and division of the country into North and South with the creation of two independent governments, is a history lesson that is worth remembering to understand the present. The aim of this exhibition is to raise public awareness of the evolution of this country, since 1954, following the cessation of hostilities, which erupted in June 1950 between the North and the South and whose result did not take place until three years later. The "weight" of history in this case refers to information provided by the facts and events connected with the 20th Century, useful to understand the conditions of the local context in the global scene that characterizes the society of information. The visual display, through graphic images, photography and audio, will allow the audience to be familiar with the present of an isolated country in the international system, but whose history should be shown in order to access the knowledge of its current reality. The exhibition will include unpublished documentary material in Spain in order to expand the informative and didactic contents of the project. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/005/201/original/expocorea_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/5201.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
II International Congress on Asian Tourism 2010/03/22 11:32 Summary of the conferences on 8 February. This day covered topics such as the experience in the hotel industry, experiences in the destinations, the role of new technologies and finally the challenges and future vision of tourism. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/010/329/original/congres_turismo_dia8_web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/10329.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
II International Congress on Asian Tourism 2010/03/22 10:30 Summary of conferences on 7 February. This day covered topics such as Asian tourism in the world and Europe, the MICE tourism, luxury tourism and shopping and sports tourism. /swf/player.swf?videourl=/media/asset_publics/resources/000/010/281/original/congres_turisme_dia7-web.mp4&fotourl=/keyframes/10281.jpg&barcolor=99C1FD&streaming=true
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