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El grito de la grulla

Samuel Alonso Omeñaca and Tino Gatagán (illustrator)

The action is developed in the city of Nagasaki during the Second World War. Junichiro and Noriaki are friends. At school their teacher teaches them to make paper cranes. Cranes, in Japan, symbolize life and good feelings. When someone makes one, their life is lengthened. Junichiro's father is a kamikaze pilot who dies during the war and Junichiro would like to be a pilot like him. Time passes unnoticed for friends, but one day the attomic bomb explodes in his city. Junichiro wakes up, wounded, in hospital, where hundreds of paper cranes cover the ceiling. The account includes, in addition, traditional stories and legends of symbolic content refering to cranes.

A dream for every night

Lisa Bresner, Frédérick Mansot (illustrations) and Dong Qiang (calligraphy)

Little Tang is a sand child because it can't dream. However, this night he will go on a fabulous tour around the Chinese City Wall, at the end of which he will find his dream for every night. Little Tang comes accross different guardians that guide him and teach him some worlds he must not forget. This way, the child will have the necessary keys to resolve the enigmas that the messages of the Emperor of the East will propose, who has disappeared. Through the trip that Little Tang carries out, particular aspects of the Chinese civilization are discovered, at the same time ideograms are learned. At the end of this book there is a small Chinese lexicon with the twenty ideograms that appear in the story and their meaning.

El cuiner del mandarí. Conte xinès

Ramon Girona

In this story you will find a ond of calm water that seems a mirror. And also a very powerful Mandarin who wants to empty it... But why? In order to find the stall that, according to Genxeng, prefers to be hidden that to become a plate for the Mandarin. Is it true of false? The cook Genxeng considers it silly... but everything is possible in the land of Mandarin...

L'ocell de la felicitat. Conte tibetà

Ramon Girona

Wangjia, a young shepherd, starts a very long trip to find the bird of happiness and achieve inhabitants of a village of Tibet to become happy again.

I is for India

Prodeepta Das

Synopsis: A visual tribute to the multicoloured diversity of India, a fascinating tour around certain customs, religions and forms of culture -ancient and modern- of the Asian country. From the ox cart to peacock, from namaskar to tea, in the following pages you will find a walk around India in its multicoloured diversity. The author pays attention not only to the frantic rhythm of cities, but also to the traditional cadence of the day by day of villages of this vibrant and unique subcontinent.


Rudyard Kipling

Kipling (Bombay 1865, London 1936) was one of the greatest and most prolific writers of the 20th century. Stories, novels, poems, essays, he hardly left a genre without working on it. With a strong personality that impregnates his writings, his great capacity to create magic and realistic worlds and stylistic unrivalled mastery, many of his works, such as "Kim" or "The Jungle Book", are already references of universal literature.

Spit in the Sand

Klaus Kordon

Munli is a young Indian girl who struggles for her independence and freedom in a country where women is subject to a centennial tradition. Thirteen years later, she runs away from her village because she will be married. First she joins some bandits, then she runs away to a city, where she begs to survive. There sge fubds a woman that teachers her an occupation and to read and write to help her leave her situation. It is the beginning of a new life. Reading recommended for children over 12.

Las Tres Gemelas y los siete Samuráis

Roser Capdevila

The bored Witch has sent the Three Twins to the story of the seven samurais, where the girls have discovered that some bandits want to attack the Imperial Palace. They tell the Emperor and, with courage and ingenuity, they will help the seven samurais capture the bandits.

C is for China

So Sungwan

The cultural richness and the natural beauty of China: ancestral and current customs, the rhythm of everyday life in rural areas and the noise of streets of cities are some of the images this book offers. A picturesque and interesting variety that approaches the children of the West to the reality of China.

Orino and Whales

Árnica Esterl and Marek Zawadzki (illustrator)

Here they are! Here are the whales! Can you see them in the horizon? Takumi, Orino's son, goes with his mother to see how whales go back to the bay. And while he looks at their games, Orino tells a story that will take him to the kingdom of dreams of great Iwa, the sea's mother. A story about the magic of the sea and whales in Japan.

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