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Where are We?

Casa Asia's consortium moves to the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) building in Barcelona, in Bolivia street, 56 of [email protected] technological district. Last 1st of November the public concession regime came into force issued by CNMC, owner of the building where Casa Asia's new headquarters is located.

Casa Asia's consortium is a public diplomacy organism integrated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Europen Union and Cooperation, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona and Madrid City Councils, with the mission to contribute to better knowledge and to increase relations with the societies of Asia and the Pacific in institutional, economic, cultural and educational fields.

With this move, Casa Asia's headquarters will be located at [email protected] technological district, a reference in the process of urban transformation of Barcelona and strategic technological, academic, cultural and innovation polo in the city.

The institution's desire when it establishes its new headquarters in the area of Glóries is to share and take part in innovative dynamics of institutions, companies and educational entities already located in this area and to present before its Asian equivalents the growing dynamism of [email protected] district.

The CNMC building is the third headquarters in Casa Asia's career that for the first time opened its doors to the Palau del Baró de Quadras (2003-2013), and then moved to one of the pavilions of Sant Pau's Modernist Venue (2013-2018). CNMC's headquarters in Barcelona includes an office building and an annexed unit called Can Tiana. The office building currently hosts, as well as CNMC's headquarters in Barcelona, Catalunya's Office for EFE Agency.

Casa Asia's new headquarters will take up the second floor of the CNMC building, space assigned for Casa Asia's staff offices and an area in Can Tiana's unit open to the public and with an independent entrance.

The area is open to the public, with direct access from the street and it will include an information point (InfoAsia), a Media Library (Centre of documentation specialised in Asia-Pacific) and classrooms for courses on Asian languages and diverse disciplines programmed throughout the year once the renovation works are over. Also, Casa Asia will use other spaces of the venue and of other buildings of [email protected] district for its calendar of events.

Contact. Telephone and e-mail Directory

Infoasia. T. 93 368 08 36 / [email protected]

Media library. 93 368 07 38 / [email protected]
Culture and Exhibitions. T. 93 368 48 96 / [email protected]

Communication. T. 93 368 03 27 / [email protected]

General Management. Secretary. T. 93 368 07 33/ [email protected]

Secretaría general. Secretaría. T. 93 368 03 43/ [email protected]

management. Administration. T. 93 368 08 38 / [email protected]

Economy and Business. T. 93 368 07 36. [email protected]

Politics, Society and Educational Programmes. T. 93 368 03 35 / [email protected]

Bamboo School. T. 93 217 07 05 / [email protected]

Programme Diversity and Interculturality. T. 93 368 03 22/ [email protected]

Centro Casa Asia Madrid. T. 91 360 01 94. [email protected]

Casa Asia Headquarters

Can Tiana Venue
Calle Bolivia, 56
08018 Barcelona
Tel: 93 368 08 36
Fax : 93 368 03 33

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Casa Asia Center - Madrid


Palacio Cañete
Calle Mayor, 69
28013 Madrid
Tel: 91 389 61 00

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