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Faro Global - Programa Internacional de Becas

To develop, on the basis of practical experience in companies in Europe, Asia, USA and Canada, sufficient capacities and professional skills to complement the professional training given in universities, as well as other skills such as linguistic proficiency and the knowledge of different sociocultural realities to aid access to the job market in an international environment.

Information of the Grant

Place of the Grant
All of them
Country of Interest/Study
India, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan
Grants Abroad
Area of Knowledge
Any Area
Start-Date of the Call
End-Date of the Call
Duration of the Grant
7 months

The economic edowment of the grant will vary according to the geographic area where the work practice will be carried out and it is divided in the following groups:

A monthly payment in concept of accommodation and food expenses, which will be paid after every month within the first five days of the following month.

Regarding the accommodation in the destination country, the intern will be in charge of finding it, in spite of having and their disposal the guide of the management team which will also ask for the company to collaborate.

- 625 Gross Euros for work practice in Europe.

- Between 700 to 1300 Gross Euros in Asia (depending on the Asian country where the practice is developed):

-1300 Euros in United Arab Emirates, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahréin, Brunei and Israel
-1000 Euros in India, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Kuwait and Oman
-700 Euros in the rest of countries

1100 Gross Euros in the USA and Canada.

A return trip that must be carried out, according to the rules of the programme, and as far as possible, in the cheapest transport.

Information and Application

Academic Requirements

- To be a student of the last years of any degree given at Spanish public universities or private universities recognized by the Ministry of Education or to be carrying out PFC. Whether it is a diploma, BA, Engineering Degree, Architecture, or degree, at least 70% of the credits or subjects must have been reached.

- Not to have priorly enjoyed a Leonardo grant in any of its forms.

- Not to have enjoyed an international mobility work practice grant subsidized with public funds.

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Additional Information

To administer 1050 grants using an agile system which is easy to manage and which allows accessing specific information with regard to any of those involved at anytime and to use the support of the experience and knowledge of the personnel involved in the actual management of the programme.

To create suitable information and publicising mechanisms to extend the project internationally. In order to do so, active participation will be encouraged by the universities where the grant recipients are based, as well as publicising between intermediate entities, groups of companies, business associations or companies in order to obtain the best offers which lend both quality and continuity to the project.

To strengthen the professional perspectives of our grant recipients and, at the same time, promote more efficient and fluid cooperation between countries and cultures, thus providing companies with human resources with a suitable qualitative level in relation to their strategic requirements.

To create a virtual information and management space in Internet, thus favouring the implantation of new technologies and deploying a management and information tool which is as agile as possible.


Faro Global

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Calling Entity
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