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Ruy de Clavijo Grants 2012

Casa Asia abre la convocatoria para la presentación de solicitudes a las becas Ruy de Clavijo 2012. La presente convocatoria tiene por objeto la adjudicación de siete ayudas de 6.000 euros a proyectos de investigación y cooperación cultural con Asia y Pacífico.

Information of the Grant

Place of the Grant
All of them
Investigation and Education
Area of Knowledge
Any Area
Start-Date of the Call
End-Date of the Call
Duration of the Grant
12 meses
The grant consists of a fixed amount of 6.000 euros grant to cover the costs of the project, according to the criteria of the requester.

The amount of the grant shall be made effective in two payments of 3.000 euros each. The first one will be delivered by bank transfer in the first quarter of 2012, after handing over the first report of the project. The second part will be delivered by the end of the year, once final report had been submitted and approved by Casa Asia.

In case of breaching of conditions of the grant, the candidate must return the full amount of paid received, applying interests, prior to appropriate administrative procedure

The amounts to be reimbursed will be considered public law income and shall apply for collection as provided in the regulatory Law of Public Finance.

Information and Application

Academic Requirements
To be researchers, scholars, educators, artists, journalists, professionals or from other fields and institutions (foundations, associations, etc.) successfully proving their competence to carry out the project for this call.

Terms and Conditions of 2012 Call (Spanish and Catalan)
Terms and Conditions of 2012 Call (English)
Electronic Leaflet
Other Requirements
The age of the candidates cannot exceed 40 years.

To be Spanish national or have the nationality of a European Community country, a Latin American country or an Asia and Pacific country. Candidates from Asia and Pacific countries must submit joint applications with a Spanish citizen.

To submit a project which must be developed during the time specified by the fellowship (year 2012). The result of the project must have a clear or practical end, such as an exhibit, a cultural event, a book, etc., which Casa Asia may publicize. The material resulting from the project will bear display the logo of Casa Asia and will be kept in its media library. Should the project be published (in any form), five copies must be given to the Education Programs Department (Centro Casa Asia-Madrid, Carrera de San Jerónimo, 15 - 28014 Madrid). Any cultural activity resulting from the project will be supervised by Casa Asia. In all cases, the support of Casa Asia must be explicitly expressed.
Additional Information
Beneficiaries may be Spanish, members of the European Union and Latin American and Asian citizens.

Candidates must be researchers, academics, teachers, artists, journalists, professionals of other fields or institutions (foundations, associations, universities, etc.) successfully proving their competence to carry out the project for this call and whose age doesn’t exceed 40 years.

Applications will be accepted from April 25th to May 31th, 2011.


Information of the Calling Entity

Calling Entity
Casa Asia
Casa Asia Centre-Madrid, Carrera de San Jerónimo, 15, Madrid
91 369 02 52
91 429 11 73
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