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The amount of these scholarships is NT$ 30.000 per month (625 Euros aproximately) for categories A and B, and NT$ 25.000 per month (520 Euros aproximately) for category C and the grant holder will enjoy the same amount of this category for the year before the study of Chinese language. The plane ticket and other expenses during the period of the scholarship, such as registration fee, accommodation, food, transport etc, will be covered by grand holders themselves and it is necessary to become affiliated to the social security, whose expense will be directly discounted from the grant.

Information and Application

Application Form and/or InformaciÛn
Necessary documents are: 1.Application form. 2.Photocopy of your ID card or passport. 3.BA for category A. Diplomat degree for category B. Title of Secondary Education for category C. Personal academic certification corresponding to the academic period. (All documents must be authenticated by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain. As it isn't Chinese or English, the Chinese or English sworn translation must be accompanied.) 4.Photocopy of the application of the centre where you are interested in studying in Taiwan. 5.Certificate of Chinese or English language. 6.CV. 7.Two recommendation letters.
Additional Information
The Ministry of Education and the National Science Council of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will give TWO scholarships (one of the Ministry of Education, one of the National Science Council) aimed at foreign students. Those interested can apply for the grants in any of the following categories: A. Scholarship for the PhD (maximum duration of 3 years). B. Scholarship for the Degree (maximum duration of 2 years) C. Scholarship for the Diploma (maximum duration of 4 years). Those who choose category C have the obligation to present the certificate of competence of Chinese language( before the 31st of July 2009 and with the possibility to postpone one month (31st of August 2009) to enjoy the grant. For this, those interested can apply for a previous year of study of Chinese language in the official teaching centres in Taiwan to have a better knowledge of the language.

Information of the Calling Entity

Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei . C/ Rosario Pino, nº 14-16, 18º D
91-571 84 26, 91-571 46 78
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