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Why do owls only go out at night?


Haven't you ever wondered why owls sleep during the day and go out hunting during the night? This story tells you about this behaviour.

A long, long time ago, there was an own that worked as a dyer. All birds turned to him so he would dye his feathers in the most wild colours. The owl was so good in his work, that all birds were happy with him. All of them except the deer, which was so proud of his white immaculate plumage that he looked down on his work.

But one day, tired of so much whiteness, the deer approached the owl and said:
- Also dye my feathers, but with one colour, never seen in a bird.

The owl thought a lot before deciding what colour to use and finally he decided to use black.
- Now your feathers are a colour never seen before in the sky - said the owl before finishing his job.

When the crow realized that his feathers were totally black, as if he was covered with soot all over, it got very angry. But he couldn't do anything any more, so he had to resign. And since then, all crows are black.

But even though they resigned, they never lost the owl. Everytime they see it, they go all over it and if they could, they would kill it. This is why the owls decided to sleep during the day and hunt during the night, because crows are asleep and they are not in danger of being attacked.

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