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Why do owls live at night?

Why do owls live at night?

Have you ever asked yourselves this question? Why don't owls go to sleep at the same hour that all other birds do?
This tale will explain tell why.

Once upon a time, there was an owl that worked as a dyer. All the other birds went to his tree to have their feathers dyed of incredible and beautiful colours. The pink flamingos and the orange ibis were good examples of how good he painted their feathers. The owl's work had everyone happy. Everyone? No, the raven laughed at them and boasted about his white plumage saying that he would never visit the owl beacause he didn't needed to. But deep inside, he desired the colors the owl painted.

Until some day, he couldn't stand it anymore and while posing in the branch of the tree of the owl he ordered:

- I want you to dye my feathers. But I want them to be of the most strange and unusual color, some color you've never used on another bird. I want to be unique.

The owl thought for quite a long time until he found the appropiate color. Black. When he finished dying the feathers he said:

- I did what you asked. Now you're unique. As you said, now you wear a different color than every other bird. I hope you enjoy it.

When the bird flew nearby the river and saw himself reflected he could not believe it. All his feathers were black, as if he had bathed in shoe-polish. But it was too late, we couldn't get it off and had to resign himself. And that is why from that moment on all ravens were black.

But the ravens never forgave the owl. If they saw any owl during the day, they jumped on him while pecking and scratching him. The owls, scared to death, had a meeting on top of a big cherry tree. There, they decided that they would hide during the day and they would come out at nigt, when ravens were asleep, to eat and live. With time they got used to it and they were never atacked again.



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