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Film Series "Retrospective: Shyam Benegal"

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Casa Asia, in collaboration with Imagine India International Film Festival, presents a retrospective of the Indian film director and scriptwriter's production Shyam Benegal (1934, Tirumalagiri, Hyderabad), screening 8 of his most recognised films.

Benegal, together with other authors of his generation of previous to his such as Satyajit Rai (1921-1992), Adoor Gopalakrishnan (1941-) or Mrinal Sen (1923-), makes political films from an innovative and gender perspective. Far from what has become the popular industry of productions known as Bollywood, his films are built from useful realism and naturalism to transmit what happens in the society he lives in. His capacity to communicate makes viewers raise awareness of the sociopolitical environment of an extremely complex society, which frames every productios. Recognised author, on a national and international level, has received many awards and recognition among which we highlight Padma Shri in 1976, Padma Bhushan in 1991, Dadasaheb Phalke Award (the most important award given to Indian films), in 2007 and finally the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi. On an international level, his participation has been highlighted, representing India at the Oscars with his film “Ankur” or receiving a nomination for the Golden Palm for his film “Nishant”. The first part of this retrospective will be screened on the 7th of October until the 28th of October and its extension will take place after the closing of the Asian Film Festival (Barcelona, 12th of November).


Saturday, 7th of October 2017, 8.00pm 
ANKUR, Dir. Shyam Benegal | India | 1974 | 130’ | VOSE Laxmi lives in extreme poverty in a small Indian village together with her husband Kishtaya, who is deaf and dumb. Husband and wife work for a rich land owner. The son of this owner, Surya, cancels his studies to go back home to take care of the farm, and to formalise his marriage with Saroj, a girl who sees herself forced to get married when she is still very young. The film stands out for its absolute clarinity when showing the rural lifestyle and its details, as well as the cruelty and brutality the caste system involves. Also, it presents a study of human relations, showing its strengths and weaknesses. Ankur has won around 50 awards, national and international. In 1974 it was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 24th edition of the International Film Festival of Berlin.

Saturday, 14th of October 2017, 8.00pm 
NISHANT, Dir. Shyam Benegal | India | 1975 | 140’ | VOSE Vishwam is the youngest brother of the powerful and influential landlord of the village. He won't do anything for the wellbeing and protection of his family and he will always use law in his own benefit. One day a new teacher arrives in the village with his wife and son. One night, te woman is kidnapped by Vishwam's brothers in front of the whole village without any sound. The teacher can only turn to the priest. The film won on this occasion the National Film Award for the Best Feature Film in Hindi. It was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or in Cannes (1976) and invited to several international festivals such as London in 1976 or Melbourne and Chicago, both in 1977.

Saturday, 21st of October 2017, 8.00pm 
BHUMIKA, Dir. Shyam Benegal | India | 1977 | 140’ | VOSE From a poor family, Urvashi is encouraged by her mother Shanta to accept a relationship with a much older man, Keshav Dalvi. He shelters her in his house and encourages her to explore her talent as an artist. After becoming a famous singer and actress, Urvashi and Keshav get married given the pressure and emotional blackmail of Keshav, who reminds her all the time what it was him who sheltered them when they had nowhere to go. But Uvashi soon feels unhappy and unable to feel comfortable in her married life because her husband becomes more and more jealous. Bhumika was awarded with two National Film Awards (India). In 1978, it was invited to the film festival of Carthage and received a Golden Plaque at the Chicago Film Festival. In 1986 it was invited to the Image Festival of Algeria.

Satruday, 28th of October 2017, 8.00pm 
MAMMO, Dir. Shyam Benegal | India | 1994 | 130’ | VOSE Depressed by the abandonment of his father, young Riyaz leads a miserable life in Bombay, with his grandmother Fayyuzi. Suddenly they receive the unexpected visit of Fayyuzi's sister, Mammo. She had married a man from Lahore and after several years of happiness she was alone after her husband's death and she decides to go back to India. This middle class family, with absence of men, struggles to achieve the simplest things. A moving story that captivates viewers through a simple look at the life and experiences it offers, fixed on the period after the division of India and Pakistan. Every character has a story to tell and the films shows their reflections on ther own individual reality, past and present.

2017/10/07 > 2017/10/28
From the 7th and 28th of October. Saturdays at 8.00pm
Girona Cinema
c/ Girona, 175
Price: 3.5 Euros
Price for ticket holders and members of Girona Cinema: 2 Euros
Casa Asia, Embassy of India, Imagine India and Girona Cinema
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