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Film Series: “Iranian Cinema”

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Casa Asia presents at Girona Cinema of Barcelona seven films of the most recent Iranian cinema in collaboration with the Regional Ministry of Culture of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Farabi Foundation of Teheran. The titles that make up this programme have been made between 2014 and 2015, and their directors are part of the new generation of film-makers that add open local and domestic narratives, offering the public information that only films can transmit.

Without wanting to approach all the complexity of a polyedric society like the Iranian, films that are presented respond to an interest of their authors to communicate with the world beyond natural borders, which they achieve with the audience of other nationalities like ours.

The selection of these 7 productions proves that there is a living cinema that has a solid development and still holds a first line position in the international scenario, as it is proved in its unstoppable career for more than 30 years. At the last edition of Casa Asia Film Festival | CAFF (2016), two of the films in this series were awarded. These are TAJRISH…AN UNFINISHED STORY, directed by Pourya Azarbayjani, who received the Prize to the Best Script in the Panorama Section; and COLDNESS, directed by Bahram and Bahman Haj Abol Loo, who received the Prize to the Best Script by the Youth Jury, and the Jury of the Official Section awarded with the Prize to the Best Director.



Saturday, 18th of March 2017, 8.00pm

Presentation of the series and discussion by: 
Menene Gras Balaguer, Culture and Exhibition Director of Casa Asia
Alireza Esmaeili, Cultural Adviser of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

CEASE FIRE 2, Dir. Tahmineh Milani | 2014 | 102’ | VOSE
Taraneh and Khosro are a young couple trying to sort out their marriage problems with the help of a psychiatrist. They have a son and together they must face many problems given the lack of knowledge on how to give him a good education. In fact, they have suffered all their married life because they don't understand the true meaning of prosperity or how to achieve it. The director, Tahmineh Milani, is also a scriptwriter and producer. He began his career with the film Children of Divorce in 1989.

Saturday, 25th of March 2017, 8.00pm

TAJRISH…AN UNFINISHED STORY, Dir. Pourya Azarbayjani | 2015 | 85’ | VOSE
Soroor and Amir met 20 years ago. Since then she has become a widow and is now a single mum of a child and he has got married. However, the friendship has lasted all these years. Pourya Azarbayjani began his career as a director's assistant and, nowadays, he has produced and directed many short films. His first work as a director and producer is Unfinished Stories. With Tajrish…An Unfinished Story he won the award to the Best Script in the Panorama Section in last edition of the Asian film festival in Barcelona, Casa Asia Film Festival | CAFF.

Saturday, 1st of April 2017, 8.00pm

THE OTHER’S FATHER, Dir. Yadollah Samadi | 2015 | 100’ | VOSE
This film tells us the story of the life of Shahab, who at the age of 6 still hasn't learned to speak and the only communication he has is with his mother. Others laugh at him and treat him as is he was mentally handicapped, which he responds to fighting with them. This attitude causes less problems to his family and especially mother, who has to try to accept it somehow.

Saturday, 8th of April 2017, 8.00pm

AVA, Dir. Siamak Kashef Azar | 2014 | 80’ | VOSE
Davoud, a deaf 10 year old fighter, lives with his father in a village in north Iran. Despite arguing with his father, he decides to devote himself to fighting and competing to help his infertile sister. His purpose is to compete in the Competition of Deaf Fighters. Ava is the first long film by the director Siamak Kashef Azar, who has been awarded at national and international festivals for his short films.

Saturday 15th of April 2017, 8.00pm

SWEET TASTE OF IMAGINATION, Dir. Kamal Tabrizi | 2014 | 90’ | VOSE
Shirin tells us the story of how she met the man who is now proposing. He is Garoos, his teacher and she is a student. Soon Garoos will be in danger because he is facing an unethical situation. The structure of the story has the shape of Oriental popular stories, especially Iranian. However, this story is different due to its modern characters, scenarios and locations. Just like in stories, this film combines reality and imagination with an entertaining way of relating realities and objectives, especially those who approach the connection of human beings with nature.

Saturday 22nd of April 2017, 8.00pm

HAILSTONE & SUNLIGHT, Dir. Reza Karimi | 2015 | 90’ | VOSE
A young fighter called Yahia goes back to his city for a few days, but everything gets complicated when he has to make a decision. His woodworking teacher has died, leaving his wife and children debts. In a letter he begs Yahia to help them save their house. He doesn't really know what he wants: to stay or to go back. Reza Karimi has directed many long films, among which we highlight their first film Love + 2.

Saturday 29th of April 2017, 8.00pm

COLDNESS, Dir. Bahram y Bahman Haj Abol Loo | 2015 | 87’ | VOSE
Soyuq is about a family that has to change house for economic problems. Also, their 8 year old son pees on himself at school due to his stress. He constantly hides under his mother's chador, who decides to end this habit. Due to his fugitive father, his son has more and more problems. Coldness received the prize to the Best Script, given by the Youth Jury, as well as the Best Director for the Official Section at the past edition of the Asian Film Festival of Barcelona, Casa Asia Film Festival | CAFF.

2017/03/18 > 2017/04/29
From the 18th of March to the 29th of April 2017
Girona Cinema
/ Girona, 175

Ticket price: 3.5 Euros
Ticket price for Girona Cinema members: 2 Euros
Casa Asia and Girona Cinema, in collaboration with the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Farabi Foundation of Teheran.
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