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Asia Geek: “I’m not Japanese… but I love Manga!”

Asia Geek: “I’m not Japanese… but I love Manga!” - IMG2

In order to display the power and good situation of comics and manga made by Spanish creators, this new Asia Geek encounter, brings together some of the main illustrators of the current panorama.

We will also have the presence of Carles Santamaría, Director of the Manga Fair, who will introduce the session and advance some of the novelties of the Comic Fair, which he also directs and will take place in Barcelona from the 14th to the 17th of April.

The artistics expressions such as comics do not only flow from the United States to the world, but they have many origins and directions. Japanese comics or manga base part of their success in the fact of being a hybrid product, result of the artistic Japanese tradition and the influence of North American comics in the 60s. In the 21st century, this product that arrives from Japan is reinvented by young European creators when they conjugate all the passion they feels for manga with their own artistic abilities and create a new creation that seems to have sure success.

Delivered by:
Enrique Fernández, comic and manga creator.

He is autodidactic. He has worked in animation -mainly as a storyboarder- for films such as "El Cid" and "Nocturna". In comics he has made the albums: "Libertadores", "El mago de Oz", "La mère des victoires" (not published in Spain), and "La isla sin sonrisa", awarded with the silver medal of the International Manga Award given by the Japanese Government.

Irene Roga, creadora de cómic y manga.

She began her professional career in 2001 with her comic "Rósenthal", published in the magazine Yaoi Zone. She won the 1st comic contest of the Manga Fair of Jerez de la Frontera in 2003 and the 1st award in the 13th comic contest Ciudad de dos Hermanas in 2007. Since 2008 she has been completely devoted to comics and illustrations, publishing in "La Parada Magazine" and subsequently in the magazine "B'S Log" of Planeta de Agostini. She made the poster of the 1st Manga Fair of Sevilla, taken part in books such as "Cómo dibujar manga" of Monsa publishing house and is about to publish her work "La Canción de Ariadna" with Glénat publishing house.

Aurora García and Diana Fernández, members of the Kôsen Studio

Their first works in Spain were born in 1998 in magazines such as DokanMinamiShirase or YaoiZone. Their first series was Garou-chan, published by Amaniaco. In 2006 they drawed for the USA the only copies of Saihôshi and Stallion for the publishing house Yaoi Press, and Daemonium, for TOKYOPOP. Their illustrations have been published in two artbooks: ShadoWings (Chan, 2002) and Reflections (Yaoi Press, 2007). Their most recent work is Lêttera, published by Ediciones Glénat. They are also writing the continuation of Saihôshi as a novel, called Saihôshi Redemption. At the Expomanga Awards 2007, they were awarded as best writers, best illustrators and best manga for Saihôshi.

2011/04/07 19:00 h
Thursday, 7th of April 2011, at 7pm
Casa Asia · Tagore Auditorium
Av. Diagonal, 373

Free admission with limited capacity.
Casa Asia
Presentation hosted by:
Carles Santamaría, Director of the Manga Fair and the Comic Fair
Javier Castañeda, Director of Technology and Cybercultures of Casa Asia
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