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Traditional Puppets of the Isle of Java and their creation: "Shadows that tell stories"

Títeres tradicionales de la isla de Java y de creación propia:

It consists of a traditional puppet show of the Isle of Java that invites to deepen into Indonesian stories and landscapes. Through different shadow techniques, Damian and Clementina will tel us three traditional stories of the islands of this country.


A gecko cannot sleep because of the flashing light glow worms shine. A heroe who will save the destiny of a village with his magic turban. A meeting between the sun and two sisters where the hours of light will be adapted to harvest fields.

Performers: Damián Bojorque and Clementina Kura-kura
Scenography and lighting designer: Damián Bojorque
Art, dramaturgy and direction: Clementina Kura-Kura
Technical assistence of sound and lighting: Susanna Bologna

Gecko is one of the main characters of stories presented at this show, one of the biggest dragon species from Asia. In the European tradition extended all over the West, it's another animal (which also begins with a G) who is wearing the boots.

The company joins different traditions to tell stories and stage shows full of meaning and "new meanings".

The company is made up of the Catalan puppeteer and visual artist, Clementina Kurakura, and the Argentinian director, actor and playwright, Damián Bojorque. Damián has been devoted to theatre for more than 10 years, performing for other directors, premiering his shows and publishing his texts in several anthologies. Clementina has devoted a good part of her life to the world of education, always combining it with several artistic projects. Three years ago he turned to puppets completely.

From two parts of the world, South America and Europe, the two artists found another one, in Asia, with the purpose to create and work with the most characterstic artistic element of this continent: shadows. Since then they have created and acted together, exploring the traditional shadow techniques, as well as adding their own innovations. Since the middle of 2016, they established themselves in Barcelona to share their stories and those of Indonesia with the Catalan public.

2019/02/09 > 2019/02/24
Saturdays and Sundays, from the 9th to the 24th of February, from 5.00pm to 6.00pm
Sala Fènix
c. de Riereta, 31

Between 5 and 8 Euros.

Ticket purchase.

Recommended age: over 4 years old.

Length: 45 minutes.

El Gecko con Botas Company, in collaboration with Barcelona City Council, Generalitat de Catalunya, Raval Sur and Casa Asia.
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