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Course of Korean Language and its Socioeconomic Environment

Course of Korean Language and its Socioeconomic Environment

Curso de lengua coreana y su entorno socioeconómico 700

The course combines general communication purposes as well as cultural topics that will help students manage themselves in the context of society. It will also make it easier to understand society, institutions, business organisations, allowing a better adaptation in order to work in Korean environments.

This course is addressed to people without prior knowledge of Korean language.


Communicational and sociocultural contents

- To inform of oneself and of others

- To ask for and give simple information on everyday activities

- To identify oneself, to identify and ask for identification

- To ask for and give simple information about people, timetables, dates and places

- To express time, amount and duration.

- To express taste and preferences on food and leisure activities

- To express agreement and disagreement

- To express a physical state: hunger, thirst, sleepiness, cold and heat

- To suggest doing something


Grammar content

- Phonetics and spelling

- Sentence structure- Los verbos (modo formal e informal)

- Counters, references and connectors

- Interrogative and demonstrative pronouns.


Lexic contents

- Greeting and goodbye formulas

- Nationality

- Numbers, dates

- Everyday activity verbs

- Colours

- Food and drink


Socioeconomic content

- Economic-social features of traditional Korea

- Transformation of society and economy in the 20th century

- Business organisation

- How to do business in Korea

- Korea beyond its borders


Students will have, depending on availability, the service of the classroom library with bibliographic material complementary to the course.

2018/10/05 > 2018/12/14

From the 5th of October to the 14th of December 2018, every Friday from 5.00pm to 8.00pm. On Friday 12th of October and Friday 7th of December there will be no classes.
Total duration of the course and number and length of sessions: 27 hours, 9 sessions of 3 hours

Can Jaumandreu
Carrer Perú, 52
177 euros (materials not included)
Casa Asia
Hwang Seung Ok, expert teacher in teaching Korean to foreigners.


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