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Politics and Society > Lecture of the series on Shinrin-yoku: "The culture of flower in Japanese aesthetics"

Lecture of the series on Shinrin-yoku: "The culture of flower in Japanese aesthetics"

Conferencia del ciclo sobre Shinrin-yoku:

A flower, a tree or a path full of Autumn leaves can approach people to a poetic, artistic or mystic experience. Within this context, we present the lecture series “Shinrin-yoku – Forest Baths: Other Looks”, that will contribute a vision from the Asian perspective of images of nature when we walk with it.

Shinrin-yoku, whose literal translation would be “forest bath”, is a Japanese tradition that involves walking around the forest to reach a mental relaxation while we breath the volatile substances in wood and essential oils that are natura anti-microbials.

The Forest Agency of Japan, which recognises the benefits on the activity of relaxation, tension and/or stress, already suggested in 1982 adding forest baths to a healthy lifestyle. The most media feature of Shinrin-yoku might be its benefits regarding health but these forest baths are much more. Shinrin-yoku also includes influences of other aspects of Japanese culture such as Shintoism.

Delivered by:
Javier Carrasco, Drawing Department of University of Sevilla


The rest of lectures of the series are the following:
Lecture of the series on Shinrin-yoku: "The vitalist conception of nature in Shintoism" – 28th of September
Lecture of the series on Shinrin-yoku "To enter the picture and walk poems around: nature in Chinese tradition" – 30th of November

2017/10/26 19:00 h
Thursday 26th of October 2017 from 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Casa Asia Headquarters 
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
Sant Manuel Pavilion
c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
Free admission with limited capacity.
Series coorganised by UPF and Casa Asia and coordinated by Shinrin-yoku
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