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Conference "Asia in your suitcase: Uzbekistan"


At this encounter of the series “Asia in your suitcase”, where professionals with different perspectives talk about their adventures in Asia and the Pacific, Patricia Almarcegui, tireless traveller, writer and teacher of Compared Literature, will talk about her 2-month trip around Uzbekistan and surroundings that took her to write Una viajera por Asia Central. Lo que queda de mundo (Colección Periodismo narrado, Universidad de Barcelona).

Together with Patricia we will visit Uzbekistan, an almost unknown country, enclosed within the doors of a powerful desert and where the important Silk Road used to go through. A magic country where you can discover mosques, madrassah and beautiful cities that are humanity heritage, but also unknown wrecks and monuments, markets or families that offer a cup of tea, this is, people that think and live in a different way.

Patricia Almarcegui has devoted her last years to Orientalism research and travel literature, disciplines she has written more than 20 articles about, and she is also collaborator of the cultural supplement of ABC, El diario and La Vanguardia.

Welcome speech: 
Teresa Gutiérrez del Álamo, Programme Director of Casa Asia Centre-Madrid
Rakhmatulla Nurimbetov, first secretary of the embassy of Uzbekistan in Spain

Eric Onidi, country manager of Evaneos
Alexandra Jabibulina, local agent of Evaneos.

Lecture delivered by:
Patricia Almarcegui, traveller, writer and teacher of Compared Literature


2017/10/24 19:00 h
Tuesday 24th of October, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Casa Asia Centre-Madrid
Palacio de Cañete
c/ Mayor 69, 1ª planta
Free admission prior registration.
Casa Asia and Evaneos

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